125 Amazing Strawberry Tattoos Ideas you should know

Strawberries portray love, passion, temperament, and romance. Moreover, it symbolizes fertility and femininity. For this reason, tattoos in strawberry shape have become quite famous, especially among women due to their bright red color. Strawberry is one of the most delicious berries worldwide and is the choice of many men and women as a tattoo.

The strawberry fruit we are familiar with has developed from a crossbreeding of two wild strawberry species in the late 18th century. It depicts abundance, life, and virtue. If you are planning to get versatile and cute strawberry tattoos, consider the below-mentioned strawberry tattoo ideas.Strawberry Tattoo

The Meaning behind Strawberry Tattoos


Strawberry tattoos incorporate several meanings, as it symbolizes the feminine traits. People use it as an aphrodisiac that represents the symbol of love and seduction.

Strawberry is one of those tattoo designs that portray a wide range of meanings. These tattoos are also popular with both genders as it shows romantic sentiments. Therefore, soul mates get strawberry tattoos to show a connection that cuts across time. 

Further, they represent those who are in the way of love and get a single strawberry to symbolize as if they are on the hunt. But, moreover, they want to speak for that they are respected for love and are in the midway.

Strawberry tattoos, along with Fairy tattoos, are also in trend. They can enhance the imagery and meaning. In the old-held belief, the legends exist in the late backdate. Suppose one leaves a basket full of strawberries nearby crops. In that case, the fairies will come to get that and bless the farmers to get a bountiful harvest in the particular season.

However, the combination of fairy and strawberry tattoo is unique and expresses growth, abundance, and bounty. More specific strawberry tattoos change with the sensuality of their taste, aroma, and shape. On the contrary, less common meanings represent the tranquility of a place, dream, or a reminder that life is full of pleasure to enjoy.

Different people wear tattoos for various reasons. Some want to express it as a symbol of love, while others get these tattoos to cherish and honor special memories.Strawberry Tattoos

Placement of the Strawberry Tattoo

Getting the strawberry tattoo in different places changes the meaning significantly. For example, getting a strawberry tattoo inked on the wrist would get more visible to grab attention than placing it in a hidden place. 

Many people believe strawberry is somehow symbolic of love Goddess Venus, so a strawberry tattoo in the shape of a heart on the wrist expresses passion and hope. 

As mentioned, strawberry is one of those tattoo designs that represent a wide range of meanings. So whether you choose to get your tat of the strawberry because you are searching for your soul mate, you want it to depict virtue, hope or abundance, you are right either way.

For the best placement of the tattoo, you can choose a tiny strawberry tattoo and get it inked on your wrist, ankles, neck, or chest. For more eye-catching tattoos, you can select half of a strawberry tattoo and tat it on your shoulder. Finally, if you feel like going classical, pick up a strawberry tattoo with red berry, green leaves, and a white flower. Moreover, you can wear these beautiful strawberry tattoos on your shoulder, forearm, cheek, or foot. 

Ideas for Strawberry Tattoos

Consider these below-mentioned strawberry tattoo designs to get on your body. These ideas will undoubtedly help you to choose your ideal.                                      

  • Black and White Strawberry Tattoos
  • Angel Winged Strawberry Tattoo

·       Double Strawberry Tattoo

  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Tattoo
  • Strawberry Heart Tattoo
  • Traditional Style Strawberry Tattoo
  • Cartoon Strawberry Tattoos
  • Wild Strawberry Tattoos                                    

Black and White Strawberry Tattoos

Bright tattoos are certainly more attractive, but plain black and white tattoos also have a charming look. This simple black and white strawberry tattoo give a simple and cute look to your personality if you want a decent image and do not want anything fancy.

If you do not want to go for a stunning tattoo with sharp colors, it will get you compliments. You can surely try these black and white strawberry tattoos. These strawberry tattoos are famous worldwide, so there is less chance that they would lose popularity. Match the meaning and symbolism of the tattoo that suits your personality the best before you go to pick up the tattoo for you. 

Angel Winged Strawberry Tattoo

Angel winged strawberry tattoo is the ideal pick for you if you want something catchy and creative. Angel wings represent the idea of a healthy relationship with solid bonding and wonderful romance. The wings depict that the wearer enjoys the love relation and is waiting for more loving upcoming events with their partners. 

Moreover, the angel-winged strawberry tattoo portrays a sign of innocence. Not to mention, the love that embeds innocence is deep and genuine. 

Double Strawberry Tattoo

The double strawberry tattoo is ideal for confession of love and is an awesome love-themed tattoo. This tattoo design is the best pick for couples who are in love with each other. It is the symbol of love and romance for both partners.

Double strawberry tattoo is likely to be a unique art design for both males and females. Teenage people can also showcase their love for each other.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Tattoo

The strawberry with chocolate-dipped combination speaks about the solid and sensual appeal of the wearer. If you are obsessed with love or other emotional attachments in your life, you can pick this tattoo. All tattoos define different themes and meanings. 

The chocolate-dipped strawberry tattoo can be more suitable for kids or teenage girls. Some tattoos represent the darkness of one’s thoughts. However, chocolate dipped in strawberry tattoo shows hearted feelings and sweetness. 

Strawberry Heart Tattoo

It is an excellent idea to get a strawberry heart tattoo owing to its resemblance to the heart. It is a simple and cute design that you cannot get your eyes off. 

Strawberry heart Tattoos represent our innermost personality. You can expose your inner feelings of love and affection through a heart strawberry tattoo. However, your emotions utterly represent your real estate of being obedient to love.

Traditional Style Strawberry Tattoo

Traditional style tattoos are high quality as well as they are also available in removable stickers. Find the best glossy, matte, transparent variety in different sizes. These quality tattoo styles represent the best illustrations. Also, get tattoos of good water-resistant quality. 

It earns a lot of attention and symbolism. So get this strawberry tattoo to show your feelings to your loved ones. You can personalize these tattoos as per your requirements.

Cartoon Strawberry Tattoos

Surprisingly, an innocent and cute fruit, strawberry, has created a vast and permanent impact worldwide. Strawberry tattoos also have an excellent look in cartoon form. Teenage girls and kids are more likely to get the cartoon strawberry tattoo. 

Cartoon strawberry tattoos have attained much popularity, and there is a massive collection of various designs. Get awesome designs with multiple stunning shapes. The shading comes in a natural form and makes you look adorable. 

Wild Strawberry Tattoos

Wild strawberry tattoos are famous among males especially. These are the best representation of uniqueness, softness, and fierceness at the same time. The tattoo comes in a red, green, and white combination and gives a great look.                                                                         

You can get a bit of wildness, strength, and passion along with natural beauty symbolism. However, this wild tattoo portrays your personality the best if you have a little short temperament, sturdy, and fierce look.

Melting strawberry tattoo


The melting strawberry tattoo looks so natural as if it is melting originally. It gives a captivating look that you cannot take your eyes off it. The realism present in melting makes it an excellent pick for strawberry tattoo lovers. 

It symbolizes that the bearer is full of energy and resourceful. You can also get this tattoo with red berry color, green leaves, and white flowers that make it more colorful in melting shape. 

3D strawberry tattoo ideas

3D form strawberry tattooing is the advanced form and puts your eyes to an ultimate test. The 3D strawberry tattoos give realistic optical illusions with a lot of convincing styles.

In the latest trends and fashion, 3D strawberry tattoos are one of the epic ideas. However, 3D tattoos showcase stunning beauty and an authentic look. The eye-catching tattoo will look stunning on your shoulder, arm, neck, and wrist, and even o foot.

Strawberry with Leaves Tattoo 

The strawberry with leaves tattoo gives a fantastic look. It seems like the fall leaves are dropping and portrays the cold weather. Strawberry with leaves tattoo is more suitable for women, teenage girls as it expresses decentness. You can surprise your loved ones with this tattoo design.

Strawberry with Flowers Tattoo 

Strawberry with flowers tattoos gives a vibrant look. It is a meaningful way of expressing love, especially for women. Moreover, it is also an honorary tattoo that also denotes you are paying tribute to someone. The delicate floral design with an excellent combination of strawberries gives a more feminine look.

The beautiful blooms showcase more feminine qualities and are symbolic of the feminine gender. Furthermore, the blooming part of the flower expresses the opening of the heart.


How much will my strawberry tattoo cost?

A strawberry tattoo will cost you an average of $100-$150.If you select to tat a tiny strawberry tattoo with a less complicated design, it will cost you less. If your tattoo is brighter, large in size, and has more details, it may cost you around $200 to $500.

Does it hurt to have a strawberry tattoo?

It does hurt when you get a tattoo, but it does not get unbearable. It also depends upon how much tolerance level you have. Some of the individuals feel it as “a hot scratching feeling.” According to the scenario, if it hurts that much, people would never return again and again to have tattoo after tattoo.

Are Tattoos Safe?

Safety depends on some factors, including the material, charges, smartness, and experience of the artist. However, artists recommend safety precautions, and if you follow them, you will have a safe experience. On the other hand, if the chemical used is too hard, it may cause infection.

Is tattoo permanent?

Tattoos are permanent to an extent because the ink may fade away with time. For example, if you expose it to the sun most of the time or do not care for it, it can fade away. Moreover, if your skin is too much thin or it meets a lot of frictions like fingers, so it may look dim in color. You can pick the temporary options before you go for a permanent tattoo.

What should I focus on when designing my tattoo?

You should consider what kind of tattoo you want to wear and the best placement on your body part. Moreover, focus on what dimensions you would like more; the size should be appropriate for your particular body part, whether you want to make it colorful or black and white.

Final Thoughts

These gorgeous strawberry tattoo ideas will help you to go for the best pick. You can select the design that enhances your personality characteristics. Strawberry tattoos are helpful to get you a minimal look and a strong feeling of love, temptation, and romance. The mystical and creative tattoo designs are undoubtedly unmatchable. So, rush to the appointment today without overthinking. The outcome will undoubtedly amaze you!