135 Bunny Tattoos Filled with Cuteness

Bunny tattoos, also called rabbit tattoos, have been quite popular for a couple of years. These tattoos are adorable and worth getting. Bunny tattoos have some of the most beautiful meanings attached to them, and some meanings reflect a person’s life. There are many variations of rabbit tattoos, and each of these has a symbolic meaning. If you plan on getting a cute bunny tattoo, then you must check out these cute bunny tattoos mentioned below. Along with the ideas, you will also come across different meanings.

The Meaning behind Bunny Tattoos


Bunny tattoos are one of the few adorable animal tattoos that have many meanings and interpretations. Bunnies are known to be obstacle breakers due to their cunning and fast personality. Hence, bunny tattoos remind you how you can get through any difficult phase with your wit and smartness. Bunny tattoos also symbolize wealth, purity, fertility, moon and lunar cycles, nature, and knowledge.

Many Christian believe that the foot of the bunny represents luck and prosperity. In the early days, people associated bunnies with evil witches and bad luck. They would kill a rabbit with special traits to get rid of black magic or omen. However, they would keep the rabbit’s foot as an amulet; people believed that the foot of the bunny brought luck.

Your bunny tattoo could also mark Easter’s celebrations as many families have the Easter hunt and different traditions that involve bunnies. So the tattoo could remind you of all the happy and joyous times you spend with family.

People with fun-loving families usually get a bunny tattoo as it symbolizes the love and harmony between the family members. Many people also perceive bunny tattoos to be a sign of a good physical relationship. Your bunny tattoo doesn’t need to mean something; many people get it inked just because of its adorable features and look.

Placement Ideas for Bunny Tattoos

Deciding a placement on your body for your bunny tattoo can be a bit of a task. There are more than a hundred of bunny tattoo designs that come in different shapes and sizes. The perfect placement for your bunny tattoo depends on the size of your tattoo design.

If you’re going for a small bunny tattoo, the perfect place for that would be your ankle, wrist, behind your ear, or shoulder. If you’re going for a medium-size or bigger one with lots of details, then it is best to get it on your arm, back, or calf.

Many people like to show off their adorable little bunny tattoos; hence they get it on a visible spot, such as the arm, wrist, or neck area. Once you’ve chosen the perfect bunny tattoo design, choosing the right placement won’t be such a task. No matter where you get your bunny tattoo tatted on, it will look adorable as ever.

Types of Bunny Tattoos

With so much variety in bunny tattoo designs, these tattoos come under different types. Below you will find the different types of bunny tattoos, which will help make your selection process easier by giving you an idea that might click.

  • Tribal Bunny Tattoos
  • Traditional Bunny Tattoos
  • Cartoon Bunny Tattoos
  • Watercolor Bunny Tattoos
  • Flora Bunny Tattoos
  • Dramatic Bunny Tattoos
  • Geometric Bunny Tattoos

135+ Bunny Tattoo Ideas

Black and White Traditional Bunny Tattoo

black rabbit tattoo

If you’re opting for a simple bunny tattoo, this black and white traditional bunny tattoo is a perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes a medium-sized bunny inked in black with different lines and shading to enhance the features of the bunny. It gives out a stern and masculine vibe. You can always change the size of the bunny if you want it a bit smaller. The ideal place for this type of tattoo would be your arm or calf.

Watercolor Bunny Tattoo

Watercolor Bunny Tattoo

The watercolor tattooing technique is one of the greatest inventions in the tattooing industry. If you want a unique bunny tattoo, you’ve got to try out this watercolor bunny tattoo. The tattoo includes a black ink outlined bunny in a standing position with some gray ink shading to enhance its features.

Around the bunny are a few triangular geometric shapes and splashes of watercolor that include sea blue and hints of yellow. You can add more colors for a more exciting look. This tattoo brings out a very artistic touch in the bunny, and it looks fantastic. You can perfectly slay this tattoo on your forearm.

Fierce Bunny Tattoo

If you want to add some dramatic touch to your bunny tattoo, consider getting this incredible fierce bunny tattoo. This tattoo includes a black and gray inked bunny wearing a vintage drummer boy coat. The shading and contouring carried out in this tattoo are out of this world as it brings out the realism and draws attention.

The background of the tattoo includes black and red ink shading to bring out the fierceness. This tattoo portrays the strong and fearless character of a person and motivates the wearer to be sharp and strong in all situations. You can pull off this tattoo on your arm.

Adorable Wreath Bunny Tattoo

If you’re searching for a feminine, cute bunny tattoo, you will fall in love with this adorable wreath bunny tattoo. This tattoo includes a black and white bunny face that appears in a sketch-like feature with a cute, adorable pose. Around the bunny is a trail of black outlined flowers that creates a mini heart around its face. Two small flowers appear on the side of the bunny as well.

This tattoo symbolizes the Goddess of the Nordic culture known as Freya. This Goddess is an excellent representation of love, s*x, and magic. If you feel like you can connect with this tattoo, you’ve got to get it right away and slay it on your back or collar bone.

Mystical Bunny Tattoo

If you want to throw some major Alice in Wonderland vibes and fascinated by the bunny in the story, try out this mystical bunny tattoo. This tattoo includes the famous fictional bunny character from Alice in Wonderland inked in different colors, holding a small clock in hand. The bunny appears as if it’s on the run, just like in the book and movie.

This tattoo symbolizes your mystical imagination as a person and also represents your time conscious personality and how you’re always on the run. So if you’re aiming to create some Disney vibes in your tattoo, this is the tattoo for you. While it will look adorable anywhere on the body, you can show it off on your arm.

Celtic Rabbit Tattoo

 Celtic Rabbit Tattoo.jpeg

If you want to go for a bunny tattoo that has an ancient connection with the Celtic tribe, then you should go for this Celtic bunny tattoo. This tattoo includes a black inked bunny made of different Celtic lines and curves. A rabbit was a significant symbol in the Celtic tribe as they considered it to be the liaison between fairies and humans.

It also represented a strong connection with nature. The Celtics believed that a rabbit was the primary source of communication to the Gods. This tattoo is quite thrilling and very unique in appearance. You can pull it off on your back, calf, or forearm.


What type of tattoo will last the longest?

If you want your tattoo to last longer, you should go for a black and white tattoo just like the traditional black and white bunny tattoo. Light colors like blue, light green and pink tend to fade away sooner. Dark colors like red and black are bold in appearance and are quite long-lasting compare to light colored ink.

Will my tattoo look bad as I start getting older?

No, not necessarily. This depends totally on how you age and how well the tattoo artists have completed your tattoo. You have to make sure to choose a skilled tattoo artist for the job. Hence, you have to carry out some research before getting your tattoo done.

Will my ankle tattoo hurt?

Yes, ankle tattoos are quite painful as that area includes many bones and barely any fat. Body areas that include more bones hurt more during tattooing as the needle tends to sting through your bones. However, the pain depends on your tolerance level and the skills of your tattoo artist. Any tattoo you get comes with a considerable amount of pain. In the end, the pain is worth it once the tattoo is complete.



Final Thoughts

With the help of these incredible bunny tattoo ideas, you can now choose the best bunny tattoo to get on your body. Each of these tattoo designs has a unique appearance, and many of these tend to reflect your personality. So don’t waste any more time and give these fantastic bunny tattoos a try.