45+ Selena Gomez Tattoos (with Meanings) That Show Your Love for the Star

Hey there, Selenator.

Your love for Gomez is real if you binge watch Wizards and you’ve watched ‘Another Cinderella Story’ countless times. Teen sensation and Disney star, Selena Gomez, is an inspiration for most youngsters these days. Fans love to collect Selena Gomez t-shirts, posters and what not.

Here, we will explore some amazing tattoo ideas that are either inked on Selena herself or are related to her. These designs are fascinating and hold deep meanings, especially the ones that Selena herself has. She seems to love experimenting with ink! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss them.

 Keep scrolling and check out 45+ Selena Gomez tattoo ideas with their meanings. Express your admiration and love for the star.

selena gomez tattoos

Placement of the Tattoos

Of course, you will have to choose your tattoo placement to show your love for her. You are in luck in this area because Selena has got her tattoos in quite a few places. She has tattoo on her thigh, back, wrist, and quite a few other places on her body. The best thing is that every tattoo design and symbol has a deep meaning behind it. Pick the one you think best describes you or your experiences of life.

Music Note on Selena’s Wrist

This tattoo is Gomez’ first ever tattoo, which she got back in 2012.

This tiny tattoo is inked on her right hand’s wrist. It is minimalistic yet very cute. It is a music note, drawn in bold black ink. It catches a lot of attention when she waves or tucks her hair back in public. She chose just the right spot for such a design.

It is said that she chose her right hand because she uses it to write music and she constantly looks at the tattoo while writing, to remind herself that music is in her veins and it holds a very special place in her life.

This tattoo idea is great for music lovers who want a no-nonsense and a no- risk design. It is simple and would most definitely make a statement.


Sunshine Tattoo

This tattoo is also very minimalistic but is very important to her. It is just sunshine inked in black text on her foot. Her Granny used to sing ‘you are my sunshine, my only sunshine..’ to her when she was little and this simple tattoo reminds her of her granny. Sweet, no?

Is this your favorite childhood song too? If yes, now is your chance to get the word inked on your ankle or your wrist. 

Arabic Line on Her Back

This is Selena’s most popular tattoo. She makes a style statement by wearing gorgeous backless gowns and flaunts this tattoo like a queen.

This Arabic phrase is very finely inked on her back and looks beautiful. It translates to, ‘Love yourself first’. It is a very deep and solid meaning tattoo. It reflects the fact that she prioritizes loving herself first, which is extremely important.

 Selena struggled with depression and for a long time and she has become braver than ever now. This tattoo reminds her to take her daily dose of self love for a positive and happy life. Because if you love and treat yourself well, others will also treat you with nothing but kindness and positivity.

This body art design is pretty detailed and took about 45 to 50 minutes to complete. She got it done from the famous celebrity tattooist, Bang Bang McCurdy. 

The letter G behind Her Ear

This letter G tattoo stands for her little sister, Gracie. Seems like the two sisters share a very special bond. This initial tattoo idea is pretty cute and trendy. You can also get the initials of your loved one inked on your wrist and flaunt your affection for them.

Semi-colon on Her Wrist

This is another wrist tattoo design that Gomez pulls of like a lady. This tattoo has a very intensely deep meaning. It is inked to spread awareness. Many celebrities choose to get this tattoo done because of the cause attached to it. It is used in support of those who struggle with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts come to them on a daily basis. They are the real warriors.

Selena herself has gone through some very dark days and she can relate to them. Also, since the semi-colon indicates a pause in a sentence it also represents the fact that it is totally fine to take a break. It is okay to pause everything in life and just take a deep breath.

Om Symbol Tattoo on Her Hip

Om is a sacred symbol in Hinduism. Om is known to be the sound of the universe. It is relaxing and refreshing. That is why you hear your yoga instructor say ‘om’ early in the morning before beginning the exercise. It also indicates seeking mindfulness and inner peace. Selena Gomez rocks this tattoo in her swim suit. If you also want a meaningful tattoo, you should definitely consider getting this one.

Roman Numerals at the Back of Her Neck

This tattoo represents her mother’s date of birth. It is a tribute to her mom Amanda who was born in 1976. Isn’t this just too cute? It is a very heartfelt and deep idea to ink your birth giver’s birthday on your body. It will remind you that you are a part of her. It’s a very warm and lovely feeling.


Bible Phrase Above Her Thigh

This tattoo idea also shows that Gomez stays in touch with spirituality and seeks calmness and peace. She believes in God and his mighty power. This verse of the Holy Bible says, ‘God Strengthens me’. It shows that she knows that God has the ultimate power of making things better for her and making her strong. This tattoo idea is very positive and soothing. Are you someone who loves Gomez and also loves to meditate and stay connected with God? If yes, take inspiration from this tattoo idea.

Number 4 Tattoo

This tattoo is very cool. Selena Gomez got the number 4 tattooed on her elbow on one of her Best-friend’s birthday. Her  friend’s squad consists of 4 girls in total. All of them got matching tattoos.

It indicates the fact that all 4 of them are very close and love each other immensely. Selena mentioned in an instagram post that this tattoo is very close to her heart because her besties were with her during her hardships, standing by her side reminding her to be strong.

So, what do you think? Cute, isn’t it? Get matching tattoos with your galpals this summer and be prepared to make a statement.

Selena Gomez Song lyrics

Another brilliant Gomez inspired tattoo idea alert!

Famous Selena Gomez song, ‘Who Says’ has some very profound lyrics. She conveys a message to all the girls out there that they shouldn’t let anyone tell them they are not good enough. They are important and valuable.

‘Who says, you’re not perfect’

‘Who says, you’re not worth it’

Getting these lyrics inked on your body would remind you that you are perfect. People will try to bring you down, they will say mean stuff to you but that certainly does not mean that you are not good enough.

Also, interesting fact for you, Gomez herself admitted in an interview that this song is her favorite one.

Wizards Inspired Tattoo

You can get a Wizards of Waverly Place themed tattoo inked. A small wand with glitter splashing out of it would look very cool and eye catching. You can go with a simple black wand or even ask your tattooist to add a bit of color and make it appear even prettier.

Selena Gomez Figure

You can ask the tattoo artist to sketch a pictorial figure of Selena on your body. This design would be very intricate and detailed so it may take a long time to complete but the end result would be worth it. You can prove your love for your favorite star and show it off to your friends.

Choose an expert artist for such a design and discuss what you want very clearly with your tattooist.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us briefly address some of the most frequently asked questions now.

I am planning to get inked next week and I’m freaking out. Is it very painful?

Every individual has a different tolerance level towards pain. Some people are extremely sensitive to pain while others can bear it. It is true that the procedure can get painful, it is not all smooth and blissful. There are however some areas of your body that can bear the pain. Ideal least painful spots include your shoulders, thighs, forearm and back. However, it would be bothersome in the first few minutes, after that you will get used to it.

Some additional tips for lessening the tattoo pain is to remain hydrated and sober. Make sure that you are not drunk before sitting for the tattoo. Alcohol tends to make your blood thin which will make your skin bleed a lot.

How long will the session last?

The length of time depends on your tattoo design. If the design is large and cover a lot of skin area then it will take longer to complete. You have to remember that this is a delicate process because it requires piercing through your skin with a needle. It is best to patiently wait for best results.

How long will my tattoo hurt and sting?

Normally the pain lasts for about 7 days. However if the area of your tattoo is constantly stinging and you feel like an infection is starting to develop, then you may go see a doctor. Generally, getting an infection is rare. The area tends to heal in a week’s time. It may itch after the first week but you should not worry because mild itching is normal.

It is important to take extra care of your tattoo. Don’t take your band aid off till 6 to 7 hours. When you take it off wash the area with soapy water and don’t cover it with band aid again. Also, avoid swimming because chlorine tends to react with the tattoo ink and may cause bad infections.