115 Breathtaking Magnolia Tattoo Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

Flower tattoos attract every individual, no matter what type of flower it is. For this reason, flower tattoos are one of the most common tattoos that people all around the world love to get. These tattoos consist of different types of flowers, from daisy to roses to sunflowers and water lilies to chrysanthemums. There are hundreds of thousands of flowers out there, but if you’re planning to get a unique flower tattoo, you must go for magnolia tattoos.

Magnolias are flower tattoos that look incredibly beautiful, with different colors popping out. Magnolia flowers come in different colors, but one of the most common ones is pink. These flowers are quite popular in southern America and China. Magnolia flowers are not only the most attractive flowers out there, but they also carry profound meanings. Many people look for meaning in their tattoo, and if you are one of them, magnolia tattoos hold many beautiful meanings you can relate to.

The beautiful colors, fine details, and the symbolism behind Magnolia tattoos are hard to ignore. With so many magnolia tattoo ideas out there, it can get a bit overwhelming when choosing one design for your tattoo. To help you out, mentioned below are some of the most popular magnolia tattoos that may be a perfect fit for your tattoo collection.


The Meaning behind Magnolia Tattoos


Magnolia tattoos are well-known for their eye-pleasing colors and diverse meanings, due to which many people love getting these tattoos. The meaning behind the magnolia tattoo varies according to the colors and region. These flowers are popular in China and southern America; hence the meanings differ.

Magnolias are one of the oldest flowers that have existed on this earth from the beginning of time. Due to its long existence, magnolias symbolize eternity, endurance, and longevity. So, if you want something in your life to stay for a long time, getting this tattoo is the best way to express that.

You can get whatever color magnolia tattoo you want, but each color holds a different meaning. Purple magnolia tattoos are one of the most common colors, and it represents good luck and health. White magnolia tattoos symbolize purity and perfection, while green magnolia tattoos are a sign of good luck and good fortune. You will also come across many pink magnolia tattoos; they give out a soothing feel and are mesmerizing to look at. Pink magnolia tattoos symbolize youth and innocence. All these meanings have positive vibes and attributes, which gives you more reason to get this right now!

Magnolia tattoos are quite big and have a bold appearance; hence they also represent magnificence and beauty as these flowers are heavenly to look at.

Chinese consider magnolia tattoos a sign of nobility, pioneer, and purity. They have been cultivating these flowers for over a thousand years. For Americans, magnolia tattoos are quite significant as these flowers are Louisiana and Mississippi’s official state flower.

These tattoos have a variety of meanings, which is why you shouldn’t skip on getting one. All you need is the right tattoo design, and you’re ready to get your magnolia tattoo.             However, your magnolia tattoo doesn’t necessarily need to have meaning. You can get it just for the sake of the beautiful design, but the meanings always outshine in the tattoo, even if you don’t think much about the meanings a tattoo conveys.

Ideal Placements for Magnolia Tattoos

Magnolia tattoos are quite flexible; hence, it is easier to get them tatted anywhere on your body. The placement heavily depends on the tattoo’s size and design, but also depends on your comfort. If you’re going for a big magnolia tattoo with a lot of details, you can consider getting it tatted on your back, shoulders, ribs cage, arms, legs, and thigh.

 Small magnolia tattoos look perfect on the wrists, neck, hands, feet, and collar bone. The best way to choose a Magnolia tattoo placement is to first choose a design from below. This will make your selection process so much easier and prevent you from regretting your decision later.

Magnolia Tattoo Ideas

Watercolor Magnolia Tattoo

Watercolor Magnolia Tattoo

The watercolor tattooing technique goes amazingly well with magnolia tattoos and makes the tattoo pop out more. If you’re planning to get something unique, you must go for this watercolor magnolia tattoo. This tattoo includes a small magnolia inked in pink and green; the details in this tattoo are quite subtle and perfect for you if you like discreet and small tattoos. This specific tattoo symbolizes your youth and innocence. People get this tattoo to remind themselves about their fun youth days, as it makes them feel they’re still as young as ever.

Skull Magnolia Tattoo

Skull Magnolia Tattoo

Do you want to add some exciting elements to your magnolia tattoo? You should go for this skull magnolia tattoo and achieve a sexy and flattering tattoo look. It includes a grey inked skull that looks quite realistic, and near the skull appears magnolia flowers on both sides inked in pink. The flowers have some sea blue ink detailing, adding to their beauty.

The skull and magnolia combined represent the duality of life with both good and bad days. It reminds us that it’s okay if life is not going your way, and it’s not just about good days. You have to experience a mixture of both and face the challenges life throws at you.

Magnolia Tree Tattoo

If you opt for a bigger and prominent tattoo, you must go for this magnolia tree tattoo. This tattoo takes a large space on your body; hence you must consider getting it tatted on your back or front body. This tattoo features a whole magnolia tree outlined in black with some minimal pink ink detailing. The linework in this tattoo is impressive and highlights the features of each magnolia flower. The tattoo artist has filled a few spaces with black ink to create some depth.

White Magnolia Tattoo

White Magnolia Tattoo

This white magnolia tattoo is the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for something angelic and discreet. This tattoo is one of a kind and will help you achieve some sexy body art. There are two white inked magnolias blooming in this tattoo with green and brown inked leaves and roots for a creative touch. This flower looks as real as ever, thanks to the fantastic tattooing skill. This tattoo symbolizes nobility and purity, two good reminders for people to live a good life.

Magnolia Tattoo ft. a Dagger

Magnolia Tattoo ft. a Dagger

You can also go for something out of the ordinary by trying out this magnolia dagger tattoo. This tattoo features a black and grey inked magnolia and, in the middle, goes through a black and grey inked dagger. This tattoo showcases how the daggers stab through the flower, which is some interesting imagery. This tattoo has quite an eye-opening meaning as it represents the duality of life.

The magnolia represents the delicacy of life, while the dagger symbolizes death. This tattoo depicts how our life has two sides and that it’s a must to balance both the good and the bad. This tattoo would suit both men and women, and you can show it off anywhere on your body.


What’s the difference between a magnolia tree and a magnolia bush tattoo?

There is no major difference between a magnolia tree and bush, as it’s the same flower. The only distinct feature is the number of stems as magnolia trees produce a single stem (trunk), while magnolia bushes include branched roots. It’s not necessary to showcase roots in your tattoo; however, you can if you want to make it evident that you have a magnolia tree or bush tatted. Plus, roots symbolize growth and strength, something you wouldn’t want to miss out on your tattoo.

How much will a magnolia tattoo cost?

Magnolia tattoos cost as much as any flower tattoo would cost. The price differs as it depends mainly on the size and design of the tattoo. A small magnolia tattoo could cost around $200-$300. In comparison, a big magnolia tattoo that takes more body space would cost $450-$600. The cost also depends on the tattoo parlor as some parlors charge hourly, especially the good ones. The hourly rating depends on the time it takes to get your tattoo done. The longer time it takes, the more you will have to pay.


Final Words

Magnolia tattoos are one of the most beautiful tattoos on this planet, and if you get the chance to get one tatted as your next body tag, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. Hopefully, the ideas and meaning mentioned above may have made your selection process much more comfortable. Make sure to go through each design before finalizing one. It can get a bit hard settling on one design as all of these magnolia tattoo ideas are amazing. In this case, consider your placement preference and budget. So hurry and book your tattoo appointment and achieve a fantastic floral tattoo look.