Cartilage Piercings Pain, Healing Time, Facts & 75+ Exciting Ideas

Over the years, a swift change of trends and innovative cartilage piercing designs encouraged people to shift from tattoos to the piercing industry.

One of the most enriching and soul-pleaser piercing has been the cartilage piercing, where people with different taste can play with their imaginations and creative ideas, and surprisingly get the same satisfactory feeling as others.

The funny part is, every person has a different shape of ear cartilage, but the designs are so flexible and adjusting that you don’t even have to think twice when pinpointing the piercing design you prefer the most.

But before that it’s important to know all about cartilage piercing, it’s a procedure, after effects and the pre-set safety precautions that you should take before even sitting for the piercing.

What Is Cartilage Piercing?


Cartilage piercing is an easy concept.Many of us have probably studied about “cartilage” as a science student. However, if you’re still unaware of the term, then we’ve got you covered.

Cartilage is a connective tissue, which is harder than the skin and softer than a bone. It is usually found in the ear and nose. When a needle passes through the cartilage of the ear, it is known as “cartilage piercing.”

Cartilage piercing is not just there to enhance your looks, or give out fashionista and elegant vibes.Instead, there is also a type of cartilage piercing called daith piercing that treats migraine, and also reduces minor but constant headaches astonishingly

Cartilage piercing is an easy and fast procedure, but the healing takes plenty of time, as the region where the piercing takes place is a connective tissue area, the blood flow is minimal, and so the healing time is slower than usual.

Types of Cartilage Piercing

  1. Helix piercing
  2. Superior lobe piercing
  3. Conventional lobe piercing
  4. Rook piercing
  5. Daith piercing
  6. Industrial piercing
  7. Tragus and anti-tragus piercing
  8. Snug piercing

Cartilage Piercing That You Should Consider

Silver Hook Pierced to a Rook

Rook is a circling connective tissue, which covers the inner conch area, and located at a significant distance from the tragus of the ear. It is highly visible and has a large surface area for multiple rings and studs to be pierced. The attraction is immense and captivating in every way possible.

There are several items that can be pierced to the rook, but the most popular ones until now are the mini silver hook bars that sweep through the rook and look like the lower hook is peaking through the ear. Most of the rook piercing studs are hollow so they can easily cover the prolonged soft bone and look great on the ear too.

Some people also opt for black studs, as they look sassy, plus inner conch are mainly embellished with colorful studs.This way, black compliments the whole ear piercing, making it look alluring and highly tempting.


Radical Industrial Piercing

Industrial piercing might sound boring and rough fromits name, but in reality, it is the most radical and nervy piercing ever.

In the beginning era of industrial piercing, people thought two holes and one barbell inserted through it made up the industrial piercing. Well, this is only the typical industrial piercing description.Today, industrial piercing is much more innovative and captivating than it was before.

The variety of industrial piercing ideas has motivated many individuals to drop the fear of two holes and instead focus on the good part, which is the splendid designs.Some of famous designs include the multi-colored barbell where the bar is fully embellished with different jewels, all shiny and vibrant to the eye.

Moreover, other designs include:

  • Matte silver bar with a delicate chain connected flowing gracefully and connected with the standard lobe. This piercing design is edgy and erotic at the same time.
  • Huge Batman or a Superman fan? Then this industrial piercing style is meant for you. in this case, the gold barbell is simple, and a batman or superman symbol is placed just in the center of the bar, so when the barbell passes through the two holes the symbol is placed right in the center of your upper helix. This piercing design is famous for teen girls and boys. Also, many early-age adults opted for such piercing and had the most positive feedback that one could expect.
  • It is not necessary to have a single long barbell for an industrial piercing; you can also opt for two barbells to be pierced in the two holes, in case one barbell taking the upper helix scares you.
  • Other industrial piercing ideas include the snake-like barbell crawling across the two holes. Also, a one-way or two-way arrow pushed along the two holes.

Industrial piercing is the most visible piercing on the ear, which is why the design should be so attractive and matching with your personality that every eye that passes by can’t resist looking at it again and again.

Partial Sailor Wheel Industrial Piercing

You must have seen the sailor wheel. No, we’re not telling you that the whole wheel can be fitted in the ear, but we are saying that if only three handles of the wheel are separately taken as a stud, it looks great as an industrial piercing.

Also, this trend at first looked inappropriate, but gradually people started getting this type of piercing. They liked the message associated with it i.e. my life is in my control and whatever I do is a choice and not a mistake.

Only a few individuals could cope with the strong vibe, because of which the partial sailor wheel industrial piercing was rare, valuable and presumed highly daring.

Gold Ring Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is made on the tissue in front of the ear canal; it has a small surface area because of which only small studs and rings can be worn on the tragus.

One of the most trendy and classy tragus piercing designs includes the piercing of thin gold ring into the tragus of the ear.It has been popular for its charming vibes and the tendency to go well with anything you wear or even feel. Also, the gold ring tragus piercing is not only suitable for girls but worth piercing for boys too. Moreover, there is zero age barrier to such design and type of ring/stud.


Dragonfly Elongated Helix Piercing

Forward or elongated helix piercing is the region where the upper region of the ear is connected with the face, the region nearest to the face is where most people opt to get fancy studs pierced, some ideas are mentioned as follows.

  • Miniature golden dragonfly piercing, it is more than a piercing or stud for many. As the dragonfly is a symbol of mental and emotional change, it is usually worn by people who are at a stage of self-realization and on their way for a big change.
  • Three diamond studs in a row. The size is from largest to smallest.
  • Two gold rings pierced on the forward helix
  • Sky blue and white pearls
  • Multiple heart studs piercing

Miniature Jewel Inner Conch Piercing

Inner couch has the most surface area and is also the less painful part to be pierced.

Think about it; if the whole ear region surrounding the ear canal is embellished with valuable shiny jewels, the majestic vibe will be super compelling to anyone who views the royal look.

Jewels have a great impact on the wearer; it gives them an adrenaline rush throughout. Also, you can pair incredible combinations of valuable stones, pearls, and other jewels to feel good and do good.

The choices for miniature jewel inner conch piercing include:

  • Go all ruby on the conch piercing
  • A combination of diamond and sapphire studs
  • Black pearl all over
  • White peal with silver beads
  • Gold studs surrounded with tiny white shells

Being aware of your likings and disliking is crucial and highly needed in such scenarios.

All At Once Cartilage Piercing

Some people go overboard with the cartilage piercing, and they see it as the final chance to get one and end up getting all kinds of cartilage piercing at once.

It does look like clutter or in exact words a complete fuss on the ear, which is an effect not everyone can think of pursuing. Not to mention, you have to be quite daring to have your entire cartilage bone pierced.

Unfortunately, there are exceptions in everything. Same is the case with “all at once” cartilage piercing.When most of us were cringing at the thought of getting or even looking at a bunch of piercings on the ear at once, someone from the north changed the perception by getting nine diamond studs piercing at once. She pulled off the look so well and seemed ravishing to the extent that no one could resist the urge to give it a try as well.

Since then it has been one of the trending cartilage piercing designs.

Two Ring Rook Piercing

Two rings pierced on the rook is common and mostly suggested by many piercers.

Logically, every newbie would be afraid to get a piercing that hurts too much the first time. If you are one of them, we’ll advise you to get a rook piercing first after the standard lobe piercing.You would want to do that because the rook piercing is comparatively less painful than others and looks fascinating as well.

The simplest of studs are the ring ones. They are easy to wear and go well with every outfit. They don’t have any symbolic meaning to them, so you don’t have to worry about people asking you weird questions.

The most trending rings are the gold and silver ones. The black ring got outdated because of its constant cleaning need and the dull vibe.

Bow Pierced on The Antitragus

The bow has to be the cutest little embellishment ever.

Anti-tragus is located just above the standard lobe, which is why most people opt for small studs to be pierced on the anti-tragus. It compliments any big earrings worn at the standard lobe. Also, when suggesting a bow stud, it is advised to get its most miniature size, that too in either golden or silver shade.So, it is visible on the ear when any huge stud or earring is worn on the standard lobe or even upper lobe.

All Pearl Cartilage Piercing

Pearl is an all-time trendy jewel, so if you’re looking for a stud that you can wear for the longest time, then it’s not difficult to choose, opt for an all pearl cartilage piercing.

You can get three pearls pierced together on the helix, and one on the standard lobe and the upper lobe — the color code depends on what color you usually wear or the color you love wearing. Most people go for an all black pearl piercing, while others choose a multi-colored or white pearl cartilage piercing.

Star Shaped Studs Pierced All Over the Ear

Don’t we all love to stare at the stars and see which is what?

Only a star from inside can opt for a starry look.

All-star studs piercing looks and feels enchanting, the shiny textures and coverage give a magnetic persona.

The star studs can be of any color, paired with anything and everything, some examples are listed below:

  • Silver star studs with black beads
  • Golden star studs with red sea shell
  • Bronze star studs paired up with moon studs.
  • Purple star studs with diamond embellishments
  • Matte black star studs

Safety Measures

Before you jump onto getting any of the two or three cartilage piercing, there are certain factors and precautions that you should immediately consider. Since you won’t have enough energy after the piercing but the bruises need instant application of medicine, there is zero time to wait..

Things to buy before the piercing appointment:

  • A hair tie or hair band. If you have long and frizzy hair, then it will be difficult for the piercer to mark the spot on your ear, or insert the needle at the right mark if your hair keeps covering it.
  • Sea salt
  • Cotton balls
  • Q-tips
  • Piercing after-care spray

Also, don’t have alcohol before your piercing session.You might need it to wear off the goosebumps you get before the appointment, but any experienced and sensible piercer won’t conduct the piercing until you’re completely sober and still. Otherwise, the needle can cause damage to your ear or nose where most of the cartilage piercing is attempted.

Guide for Cleaning and Healing the Wounds

After the piercing appointment, the pain will be bearable in the piercing region because it will stay numb for almost 4 hours after the piercing. But soon you’ll feel the area tingling at first and then immense pain. In such cases, staying calm is the first step.

The next step is to warm 2 cups of water and add one teaspoon of sea salt and stir it until completely dissolved. Then take a cotton ball and dipit in salty water and then apply it on your ear, to clean and apply salt water more specific to the wound, get a Q-tips, dipit in the cup and then apply it on the wound.

The exchange of cotton balls and Q-tip should be constant to avoid bacteria multiplication.


Bottom Line

Remind yourself of the time when you saw one of your friends with a cartilage piercing, and you couldn’t resist the urge of getting one yourself, but the fear of needles stopped you from doing it. However, if you want to look phenomenal, you have to take the risk and go against your fears. Achieving self-satisfaction and looking alluring is inter-related with coming out of your comfort zone. The rest depends on you.

Also, choose the right piercer, sometimes the most popular ones aren’t the best for you. An experienced and cooperative piercer is important, as he/she has all the responsibility, and you won’t want you to ear in the hands of a person who doesn’t value their work and their potential customers.

Be vigilant during the procedure, but talk less, so you don’t distract the piercer.

Also, there is a technique which most dentist tell their patients: whenever you feel the pain while the dentist is treating the cavity, exercise your legs, putting one up and the other down and counting with the movement.This way, you distract your mind and prevent any sudden body movements that might end up causing a bruise.

Enjoy each moment;you will always remember it.

Happy Piercing!