Industrial Piercing Pain, Healing Time, Cost (with 75+ Ideas)

Industrial Piercings are the newest trend in what is possibly one of the oldest forms of body modification. Although the name may suggest a very technical or by-the-numbers piercing, Industrial piercing is far from the average person’s piercing.

Often referred to as the bar piercing, scaffolding piercing, or the construction piercing, industrial piercings are any two piercings connected with a single piece of jewelry. Industrial piercings sometimes specifically refer to the perforation of the upper ear cartilage. The piercing is unique in its appearance, as it almost looks like you have a tiny chin-up bar on your year.

One of the most important distinctions of the industrial piercing is that it is not limited to your upper ear cartilage and can go anywhere where you can connect two piercings.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about Industrial Piercings. From preparations before the piercings to choosing your professional to aftercare, and much more is available here. Interested? Well stick around as we first look at some unique and industrial piercing ideas

Industrial Piercing Ideas


Contrary to popular belief, Industrial piercings are not at all limited in their design and fact has a large variety of designs that can put other types of piercings to shame. Here are over ten different styles for your industrial piercings that are stunning.

Deathly Hallows Charm

Show your love for one of the best works of fiction this generation, with this Deathly Hallows charm on your barbell. One of the newest designs with Industrial piercings is the addition of hanging charms to their barbells. These not only add an amazing amount of customization to your piercings, but the addition of the charms make the overall piercing look a lot better.

Nothing quite says, “I love the Harry Potter Franchise” like the deathly hallow symbol as your piercing. Other than making you look stunning, the piercing can make for a great icebreaker or a great conversation starter, especially if the other person also has an unfathomable love for Harry Potter.

Simple Barbell Piercing

Nothing quite compares to a classic. Whether it be movies, songs, or even in this case jewelry, nothing quite comes close to the tried and true classics that have stood the test of time. The classic Silver barbell is the best choice to opt for when you cannot decide on what jewelry to get.

The silver barbell is also great if you are completely new to the industrial piercings and are looking to take the safe option. You can never go wrong with this simple barbell; whether it is for a formal or casual event, the silver barbell is great for any event.

Triple Barbell Piercing

Feeling a little extra daring? Well, then the Triple barbell might be the thing for you. The triple barbell industrial piercing is three different barbells running parallel to each other on the upper earlobe. These piercings strike the perfect balance between feminine and fierce, and they tend to look better with the other piercings on your ear.

Of course, you do not have to go to for simple or plain barbells, as you can also get other barbells that have both the color and shape that you want. You can replace these silver barbells with golden ones, or mix and match different bars to see which looks best. You can even wear more than one of your favorite barbells at the same time.

Gem Row Industrial Bar Bell

4.	Gem Row Industrial Bar Bell

One of the most popular types of jewelry is, without a doubt, the ones with gemstones on them. From rubies to diamonds, to sapphires, as long as a piece of jewelry has a gemstone in it, it is just that much more valuable. Also, these Industrial barbells are no different, with their massive variety of jewelry options. 

The Gem Row Industrial Barbell piercing has multiple tiny gemstones on it in a single row. This barbell resembles the classic and standard industrial piercing of a barbell, but with the addition of fancy gemstones to make the piercing look even more appealing.

Arrow Barbell Piercing

Arrow Barbell Piercing

While arrows are not often the choice for most feminine piercings, these arrows, in particular, are Cupid arrows, which inflict “wounds of love.” Regardless of whether or not you believe in the fable of cupids, nothing takes away from the elegance and beauty of this barbell. 

With the arrow piercing the upper ear lobe, it looks incredibly beautiful and is not too fancy for most occasions. This particular barbell is in gold, but you can surely find one of a different color and a different size. You can also get this arrow for your other industrial piercings such as the top-bottom piercing.

Three-Point Piercing

Three-Point Piercing

If you want to get a triple industrial piercing, you might find the three-point piercing might be what you want. This three-point piercing makes creative use of your triple industrial piercing, especially if barbells are not for you.

The three-point piercing is one of the unique piercings to get, even by industrial piercing standards. If you are looking to stand out at a party, or are looking for a conversation starter, then the three-point piercing is a no brainer for you.

Key Barbell

Take the metaphor “the key to my heart” to a completely new level with this Key Barbell. Keys hold and have always held, great symbolic for both freedom and confinement. Show off your immense symbolic knowledge with this beautiful key barbell.

The barbell comes in a beautiful golden color, along with a tiny gemstone in the heart at one corner of the key. The rest of the barbell takes the shape of a key, especially the ends of the barbell.

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal, piercing

While some may think that barbells are amazing and elevate the piercing itself, others find them to be a nuisance. Therefore, for those of you looking to get an industrial piercing but do not want to have to deal with barbells, then the jewelry like the twisted metal is just the thing for you.

The Twisted Metal, piercing not the game, is a piece of jewelry that, in a way wraps around your upper ear lobe and connects to the other piercing on your ear, much like a snake. The choice of jewelry itself is very different from other types of piercings and is sure to make you stand out in a crowd of people with industrial piercings.

The Hello Kitty Barbell

So, you are looking for something that feminine but cute rather than fierce. Well, it is safe to say that only one barbell fits that bill and it is this Hello Kitty Barbell. Let us face it, this barbell is way too cute to count out, and the addition of pink diamonds tends to make the piercing even more appealing.

Show your love for the cutest, and richest apparently, cat in the world with this Hello Kitty barbell. If you are lucky, the barbell can make for a great conversation starter. The barbell also comes in a variety of different colors, so feel free to make your choice. 

Bent Heart Barbell

The bent heart barbell is an amazing choice for your industrial piercing, thanks in part to its amazing heart shape. The barbell comes in a regular size and jet-black color, making it quite the gothic choice. That is not to say that there are no other colors, as you can easily find different colors for this barbell.

Show your love to your partner or friends with this amazing bent heart barbell. The color and the shape of the heart make this barbell a no brainer for anyone looking to cool and creative to wear as their piercing.

Batman Piercing

Batman is one of the most popular superheroes ever to grace pop culture. Spawning a multitude of comics, TV shows, Cartoons, games, and Movies, he stands as one of the best superheroes ever written, and ever made. So, of course, there is a piercing dedicated to him.

Batman fans rejoice, as you can now express your love for one of the greatest superheroes ever with a piercing as well. This piercing is especially a great conversation starter with people who share your love and enthusiasm for Batman.

Steam Punk Jewel

The steampunk jewel is a complicated piece of jewelry that goes through your entire ear. It starts with a two-point industrial piercing that connects to a bigger jewel, which branches out to two different parts of the ear, making it a great piece for the entire ear.

If you happen to be somewhat of a veteran in piercing and happen to have more than one in your ear, you will surely find this piercing incredibly beautiful.

Information on Industrial Piercings

If these diverse and unique piercing ideas have managed to spark your interest in industrial piercings, then is some crucial information about industrial piercings. This section will include choosing a piercer, what happens during a piercing, how much it hurts, how much does it cost, and aftercare procedures.

Choosing a Piercer

What is possibly the most important step during your journey of getting a piercing, finding the right piercer can make or break your entire experience? Finding the right shop or piercer, unfortunately, is not as easy as walking into a store for the same day piercing. You will have to do extensive research on the place where you are going and will have to look into reviews of the shop and other experiences that people have had at that place.

Of course, if you have a friend that has a piercing, or knows a lot about it, then you can also ask them about where they got it. But if you still decide to choose the place on your own, there are a few things that you will have to check first. Be sure to check the company’s sterility, portfolio, business license, cleanliness, and certifications. Also, be sure to do a comprehensive background check on the shop.


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What Happens During a Piercing

If this is your first time getting a piercing, or you did not go with a friend to watch them get a piercing, then you probably do not know what happens during the procedure. So, once you find the right shop for your piercing, the piercer will start the procedure.  

The piercer will start by washing their hands and possibly wearing gloves to protect themselves from germs and blood. They will only need the needle, jewelry, and a disinfectant that they will use to clean the surface; in your case, the upper earlobe. Then they will start marking the locations of the piercing and show them to you, remember to take your time when choosing the right place for your piercing.

Once you agree to the alignment, they will start making holes in your ear. After making the first hole, your piercer will start to insert the jewelry of your choice. So depending on what you choose, a barbell or a three (or more) -point piercing, this process may take a little longer. The piercing artist will clean the blood that will flow with every piercing. Once all the piercings are complete, your piercer will then finally add another layer of disinfectant to your ear and send you on your way.

How Much Does It Hurt?

While most people will assign an arbitrary number to the amount of pain you may feel, there is no real way of telling someone how much pain they may experience during a certain procedure. Since pain is very subjective, a person with a higher tolerance for pain and has experience with piercings will feel a lot less pain than someone who has a low tolerance for pain and has never been at the receiving end of a piercing.

You should also consider the fact that the industrial piercings have more than a single piercing, so depending on how many piercings you get, the pain that you feel will only increase. Some people might even experience more mental anguish rather than physical pain, as the simple thought of getting a piercing is more than enough to send most people off the edge.

Now it is very normal for people to feel very anxious before a piercing, and yes, even people who have received a piercing multiple times will find themselves feeling weary about the piercing; it is very normal. On the other hand, you can avoid this anxious feeling by thinking happy thoughts or thinking about how good the jewelry will look after the piercing as a lethally sharp needle is about to pierce through your ear.

It is understandably a very scary experience, but not as scary as you might think. By the time you start feeling pain, the first piercing is already complete, and your piercer is moving onto the second piercing. So among all else, at least it does not take very long. Depending on the piercings that you have to make, the entire procedure can last a maximum of ten minutes.

However, unfortunately, the pain does not end after the piercings, and a minute ache will persist for a few days. You will have to bear the soreness that comes with piercing, as you cannot even use ice on your piercings because they run the risk of infections.

How Much Does It Cost?

Among all things, the cost is sometimes the defining feature of a product or service that turn most people away, and Industrial Piercing is no different. Even if most people are willing to go through the pain of getting a piercing and the struggle of finding the right jewelry for you, the price of a piercing can be the sole reason for people not getting a piercing.

With the cost of the piercing playing such a massive role in the, it is a little infuriating that there is no set price for piercings. Depending on where you live, the experience of the piercer, and the size of the shop itself, all determine just how much you will pay for your piercing. A rough estimate for your price is between $30 and $90, depending on the factors above.

So if you were to go to a small shop in a town for a piercing, you would probably have to pay a little less or little more than $30 for a piercing whereas you would have to pay around $90 for a piercing in a city at a much bigger and much more famous shop.  Now that is not to say that the extra price is unjustified, as the shop in the city will have much more experience with piercing and might have better tools than the smaller shop in towns.


Once you get your piercing, it is time to let your wound heal. Aftercare for any piercing is, possibly, the most important part of a piercing, second only to the piercing itself. One of the first and best tips for aftercare is soaking your wounds in a sea salt solution.

Even your piercer will suggest you soak your piercings in sea salt solution twice a day for a few weeks. The sea salt solution plays a dual role in both helping your piercing heal and reducing the risk of infection. The sea salt solution also helps in reducing the bacteria that has already built up at the site of your piercing, making it an all-around great way to allows your piercing to heal.

Be sure to wash your hands before you get to clean your ears, as unwashed hands can lead to very serious infections. If you happen to use any hair products, be sure to keep them away from your ear as it can greatly reverse the healing process and bring you back to square one.

Moreover, if you have been hearing that most people who get an industrial piercing get infections, there is some truth to that. However, if you keep good care of your piercings and be sure to expose them to saltwater, you will not have to worry about infections.


1.     How Long Does It Take For The Industrial Piercing To Heal?

Healing time for industrial piercings can vary widely from person to person. If you are not reckless with your aftercare procedures and take care of your piercing, then you might heal up in just a month. That said, for most people, it can take an upwards of three months to heal, so you should keep an estimate of at least four months in your mind while getting your piercing.

2.     Should I Get Piercings In Both Ears At The Same Time?

No, you should not. Industrial piercings require a lot of care as well as attention, and a single industrial piercing can make you feel like a major responsibility. Other than the major responsibility, dual piercings can make sleeping very uncomfortable. With only one, you at least have more than one option in how you want to sleep, but with double you have no choice but to sleep straight without making your ear hurt.

3.     How Long Is The Procedure?

The procedure does not and should not take more than 15 to 20 minutes in the worst of cases. When working with a professional, the procedure might take 10 minutes at most.

4.     Cost of an Industrial Piercing

The cost of industrial piercing ranges from $30 to $90 depending on the shop you get it from, piercer who gives it to you, and how many piercings you want to get.

5.     How to Reduce Industrial Piercing Swelling

Using tea tree oil or coconut oil on swab has shown to be incredibly effective in reducing inflammation. Do not use ice cubes as they can lead infections.

6.     When Can I Change My Industrial Piercing?

As soon as your Industrial piercing heals properly, you can immediately change your piercing to a different barbell or choice of jewelry. But to be sure, ask your piercer when the best time for you to change the piercing is.