75 Helix Piercing Ideas That Look Great + Pain, Aftercare & Things To Know

What Is Helix Piercing?


Helix piercing is the placement of studs on the above curved region of the ear, for instance, if you get three or four piercing in the same area then it’s known as twice or thrice helix piercing.

The other fascinating helix piercing is the elongated helix piercing, which is the area where the ear’s upper loop ends and connects you to the head. The middle nook shaped junction is an inner helix or anti-helix piercing.

Upper ear piercing is a completely different and much more captivating experience than having a lower ear piercing. The reason being, it has a stronger, in other words empowering vibe, also, according to a survey people with upper ears piercing (helix piercing) look and sound more confident than people with lower ear piercings.

Moreover, if you’re feeling reluctant of getting a piercing in general and you’re confused whether to get your nose, belly or lip pierced, then hold that thought right there. Instead, opt for a helix piercing.

There is zero hassle to worry about the design, as we have a list of ideas that can give an insight into the most trendy and achievable helix piercings.

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Helix Piercing Ideas

Charming Golden Helix Piercing

They say the gold enhances the beauty and going all gold with your helix piercing while including pointy studs, triangle gold earrings, and gold rings for piercing on the above curved region of the ear. This look would come out as majestic. In addition, you appear affluent, which is one factor that everyone wishes to conquer or possess.

You can pair gold studs with a lot of stuff. The first option can be a simple gold stud paired with a single ring beside it. Second, you can opt for a gold ring, with a gold star as a tassel. In addition, a gold earring paired with a diamond or any birthstone that you feel deeply connected with, as the helix piercing has a sentimental value for many people than others.

Flowers All Over

Some people are addicted to floral things, and if you are one of them, then getting flower earrings pierced all over the upper cartilage of the ear, might do justice with your likings.

There are several ways to get flower earrings helix pierced. The first thing is to decide the type of earring.

Whether you would like it as a single flower stud that too silver, gold, black or any other color.

Alternatively, you would like a floral ring that has almost three flowers attached at the front, and that too simple or embellished with jewels or colored, etc.

Also, if you feel like going overboard with the floral ear look, then opt for magnified flower studs, dark colored and shiny, so not even one eye misses the chance to look at it.

Round Embellished With Jewels Stud

According to an unpopular opinion, the lesser, the better!

You must be wondering, what does this mean?

Let us inform you of the vibe that a highly embellished helix piercing would give, which is not very pleasing to the eye, also the wearer. This is why we suggest if you are looking for a subtle helix piercing design then, it’s preferable to opt for a single partially u-shape stud for the upper cartilage of the ear.

This kind of helix piercing would look elegant and much more stylish as compared to multiple studs piercing. In addition, it would be highly flexible with the changing trends and traditions, as no other trend can replace a single stud covering the whole upper region of the ear, it is already a style statement on its own.

Examples for a single oval stud for helix piercing

  • A silver twig
  • Embellished slightly curved crown
  • Stars on a curved string
  • Black and white beads piercing on the upper cartilage
  • White pearls embellished side by side


Single Ornament

There are two possibilities with a single ornament helix piercing. First, you can get a big ornament pierced, so you get an imminent amount of attention and compliments, the condition is to wear an ornament which attractive and the color and the design suits your personality.

The second possibility from a single ornament helix piercing is opposite of the first one. In this one, the size should be small, tiniest possible, so only you would know that you have a helix piercing and draw zero attention towards it.

Most people who believe they need no one to see their piercing, they usually opt for the second option, also tend to choose skin color embellishments, so the piercing blends with the skin and not create a problem for the wearer.

In addition, a single ornament piercing looks quite graceful and precise in appearance, which is usually what almost everyone seeks, as simple attracts the eye.

Wrap It like a Snake

Most people get their ear to pierce when they are up for a big change, in and out.

Getting a snake wrapped up around the upper cartilage of the ear into two rings is a symbol of transformation, rebirth, and healing, just like the snake’s nature of changing itself, it sheds off its skin and heals its wound with a  newer skin.

This helix piercing design has motivated many young and middle age individuals to not give up or stop, rather look out for a change and find a new person in themselves that they have been hiding all these past few years.

The snake wrap looks majestic mainly in shiny and dark colors. For example, dark grey with black lines, also gold would give a royal vibe to the wearer and positive energy to deal with life.

Broad Ring

Bold and thick earrings is a forever thing.

This type of helix piercing is mainly popular with a younger age group, which ranges from 22 to 27. In addition, the best part is, it is suitable for both men and women, with zero color restrictions, and pairing boundaries.

Most people prefer it on the above curved region of the ear, but it looks pretty on the partially lower cartilage too. In addition, the thick ring helix piercing is opposite of the elegant or graceful piercing. Instead, it is more leaned towards powerful, strong, and determined. In a nutshell, it sends empowering vibes to others.

You can wear a broad or thick earring in various colors and designs. Some can be matte black; others can be gull golden with a smooth surface.  In addition, the recent trend showed people wearing thick white rings, as it makes them feel pure and stress-free.

Starry Night

Stars are a symbol of struggle, hope, dream, and much more factors that drive the inner energy crazy to achieve more and more.

They say a star is only born in the dark. One of the many reasons why people started getting star studs as helix piercing, they wanted others to know that they were going through a bad time, struggling with almost every other thing, but the stars still find their way back to the place they deserve and shine brighter than before even if still going through the dark times.

This is one of the helix piercing which usually turns into double and triple helix piercing, that is the extent to which the star studs on the upper cartilage captivate the sight of the wearer and the viewer.

It is with no disagreements that star studs would look best in silver and diamonds, but if you want to stand out if the group and feel like a real star, the playing with your imagination are important.

Some innovative ideas for star stud’s colors can be ruby red, royal blue, sparkling pink, or even bottle green and much more. However, opting for a light color with a shiny texture would justify your piercing decision.


Fearless Trident Helix Piercing

Some of us are extreme risk-takers, craving for adventures that only a few could accomplish, and believe it or not a trident stud helix piercing is the most painful to watch and bear.

A trident piercing into the upper cartilage of the ear starts from the lower ear region and then end at the upper ear region, it is like the trident is a stick in between the ear loop.

It is a long procedure, but the after looks are threatening and highly daring. Unfortunately, most piercers do not recommend this as helix piercing; they believe it is harder to take care of, because it is difficult to clean the wounds and the skin beneath the trident bar.

There are not much designs associated with a trident stud, but dull silver and shiny golden is what people usually prefer.

In addition, the accidental risk is greater, so before you jump into the design because you feel you are fearless, remember to take all safety precautions and pre-search for all the hacks if something odd happens.

Otherwise, trident helix piercing is a symbol of valiant, lion-hearted, and daring.

Spiral Helix Piercing

If you want to go overboard with the helix piercing and look extra, then getting spiral helix piercing might do the whole job for you.

A spiral helix piercing is a piercing consisting of almost four or more rings that cover the whole upper cartilage of the ear. The best spiral combination until yet has been the three diamond rings pierced one after the other and looked alluring to any person who tried and didn’t try it. So if you have made up your mind to get a spiral helix piercing then opt for the diamond ring glamorous look, you will not regret.

Besides the triple diamond ring design, there are other spiral helix piercing ideas mentioned below.

  • Shiny silver rings pierced together
  • Gold rings or dull-golden rings
  • Bronze rings
  • Rings embellished with jewels


Crown Piercing

A king or queen without a crown is just as ordinary as you and me. If you are someone who thinks you are a queen or king in real life, you have the exact attitude and traits, then where is your crown?

We are kidding, getting crown pierced will not turn you into a king or queen in real, but you would at least have evidence that you have got a crown.

Many individuals, pair up their small shiny studs with an embellished crown stud, it looks strikingly imperial and feels supportive to the ear, as the surface area is huge, so the crown grips as much upper cartilage skin as it can, thus fewer chances of pain due to pressure equally divided.

Black Beads

Even if you call orange the new black, it will not be. Black is a color that you can replace with anything, that is why it never changes color even if mixed with a trillion colors, it remains a dark black or a lighter tone of black.

Just like its distinctive property, black beads can be the new rising fashion of the helix piercing. In addition, why can’t it be?

It is light on the skin, super easy to get a piercing above the curved region of the ear, which is why it cause zero wounds. In addition, it looks stunning on the ear, and if you have blonde hair, then it will be prominent to others in all the right ways possible.

There are various ways to execute the black bead helix piercing; you can use either pair these black bead studs with silver ear chains, or with the emerald stone placed after every black bead. Also, if you want to include only black beads, then try to pierce at least three on the upper cartilage of your ear, so the texture looks fine and terrific to every crossing sight.

Why we only focused on the “black” as a shade of the bead?

The reason being,  it symbolizes power, strength, authority, and seriousness. All these are highly crucial factors and need maximum attention.helix-piercing

Heartiest Helix Piercing

Is love in the air?

Are you at a stage of life where you are always thinking about that special one, it is said, what you feel, occurs on your face, and it is with zero doubts that if you’re felling something like this, then you might love getting heart studs all over the upper cartilage of your ear.

Especially the gold ones, they look the most elegant of them all. In addition, they feature colored stones, mostly ruby and sapphire.

You can either get a big heart shape stud Helix pierced or get three to four miniature hearts pierced as a triple Helix piercing.

However, remember the more the studs, the greater the chance of getting bruised.

Miniature Seashells

Are you one of those who love going to beaches and collecting a lot of shells?

You feel a weird connection with these seashells, the let us tell you it’s symbolic meaning, which is a resurrection, good fortune, and rebirth or even transformation.

Mini seashell studs are available at every other accessories outlet. Moreover, it has a deep, meaningful message, or just like any other, you can get it pierced on your upper cartilage of the ear as a sign of good fortune. At least, It would keep you hopeful for good, even it has nothing to do with the shell, it’s all you, but it’s human nature what we constantly think, it’s how our life revolves.

Miniature seashell helix piercing is quite popular in Southern Asia. In addition, many people in such regions pierce shells to get the beachy vibe wherever they go.

There are numerous color options, such as multicolored shell, blue shell, white shells, even black shell looks intriguing.

In addition, if a getting a beachy vibe is the whole point for some individuals, then it is advised to get a twice or thrice helix piercing with jellyfish stud pierced, with different shells around it. This design would look funky and gives a happy vibe for sure.


Bottom Line

Helix piercing is not an easy procedure, but the results are super ravishing, makes you feel good about yourself. Something that is enlightening your inner self, and motivating you to do well and appreciate yourself, for such a practice, a little pain is worth enduring.

However, before you jump into the procedure, hover over all the designs online and what the piercer offers. In addition, stay calm and composed, as trembling and freaking out might cause unwanted wounds, and the healing takes almost two or more weeks.

Lastly, prepare a first aid bag for yourself, get the kind of creams and lotions that you would need to apply on the piercing wound beforehand, so you don’t have to hassle afterward.

Most importantly, enjoy the moment.

Happy Piercing!