Rook Piercing: Pain, Price & Aftercare Tips (with 55 Examples)

Despite gaining popularity over the years, there is much that people do not know about piercing and the aftercare. There are various things that your piercer wants you to know before you decide to equip yourself with a stylish fashion statement.

For most people getting a piercing is a spur-of-the-moment decision while they are out with friends. But, for others, it can be quite a thought out decision. Piercings, especially the unconventional time are often considered to be extensions of one’s personality.

People especially teenagers can get fascinated with their favorite celebrities “signature” piercing and end up trying to do it themselves. This certainly ends in disaster, the right thing to do before getting a piercing is research. Do your research about the type of piercing you want to get and how it will heal faster etc. before you commit to getting one.  

Rook Piercing


A rook piercing is located near the inner ridge of the ear cartilage in the center which is parallel to the outer rim of the ear. The rook is two spaces above your tragus with the daith in between. Rook piercings depend on the anatomy of your ear. Some people have a very thin ridge of the cartilage which is certainly little difficult to pierce, while larger ridges are easier to pierce. Larger ridges usually require more cutting into the flesh than narrow ridges.

Rook piercings are also seen as a treatment for migraines and headaches. Rook piercings are often seen as a method of prevention between migraine attacks and severe headaches. There are hardly a few patients who will enter the clinic while in pain. This is seen as alternative medicine. While modern science may not have the cure for a migraine, rook piercing is seen as an effective treatment. An acupuncturist will usually perform this type of rook piercing and you should get a medical examination before you get this as a treatment.

Will It Hurt And How Much?

It is only natural to assume that a piercing, be it any kind is going to hurt. Most people have reservations about getting a rook piercing because they believe it will hurt more than other areas.

Rook piercing shows how far the body modification industry has come. Rook piercing is performed in a vertical format. This allows both sides of the barbell to be on display. Once this piercing has fully healed, you can experiment with a variety of jewelry for this piercing.

Rook piercings are no exception to the “pain” that most traditional piercings. Sure, they are not as light on the pain as lobe piercing by the pain caused by rook piercings is certainly far less than that of a septum piercing.

Is The Rook Piercing Pain Bearable?

Most people who have gotten a piercing in other parts of the cartilage rate rook piercing quite low on the pain scale. The initial pierce causes a sharp sensation which later on dulls to a throbbing in the pierced area.  The initial pain can be a lot more than that of a lobe piercing, but it eventually dulls down.

What To Expect At The Clinic

The first step is to pick out your “starter jewelry” when you can inquire about rook piercing from your attendant. After this, you will be taken to the room where the procedure is conducted. First, the attendant will clean a needle and the area to be pierced. You will be done in no time, all you will feel is a sting. After this is done, get a proper aftercare instruction guide and recommendation from the attendant.

When Will The Pain Stop

Once you have experienced the sharp stinging pain, it will dull into a throbbing in 25 to 30 minutes. This throbbing feeling and dull pain will stay for at least a couple of days. There is nothing to be worried about as this “pain” will become almost unnoticeable. You will experience a little tenderness in the area, which is normal. Avoid sleeping on the side with the rook piercing as this can cause the pain to flare up.

There are several aftercare products on the market, and for further information regarding this you can check out Your piercer is likely to advise a natural pierce care spray made with all natural ingredients that work or your skin type. Using this product immediately after the piercing will certainly speed up the healing process.  It also reduces soreness quite a bit.

Other Factors

Many other factors can affect how you feel after the piercing. This includes the health of your ear and how well rested you are before this procedure is performed. Other factors such as the tool with which this piercing is performed are certainly your own choice. Whether you want a gun piercing or a needle piercing depends on you.

A needle piercing is much preferable for rook piercing as the chances of damaging the cartilage are less. Moreover, the place you get this service at is also essential. If the piercer is experienced, the job will be done painlessly and quickly. But if you make the wrong choice there are chances that your piercing will get infected before you know.

The cleanliness of the tools is also a contributing factor. A sterile and clean environment will protect the wound from contracting any infections. The aftercare is also targeted at keeping the pierced part as sterile as possible.

It is necessary that you go in with a positive mindset; if you anticipate the pain, you are sure to feel it more.

How To Deal With The Pain?

There are several ways you can influence how much pain you feel and how quickly you recover from the wound. This begins with preventative measures that you take before you get the rook piercing. You should be prepared for the piercing session or visit the clinic with a friend to see what you will be undergoing.

You can ask your piercing specialist about the relaxation techniques while you get this piercing. You can also take a friend or family member with you to take your mind off the procedure at hand.

How well you have researched the procedure certainly determines your reaction to it. It is a given that if you have researched, it will help you will take all the right steps leading to this procedure and after this.

With a piercing, you are bound to feel like you do when you get injected at the doctors. This can cause some people to feel dizzy and if you are one of those people, try to eat a little before your appointment.

Scheduling an appointment is another crucial step as you will take all the preventative measures before you enter the piercing booth. Keeping your breathing calm can also help during the procedure. Breathing techniques for relaxation certainly come in handy.

Make sure there is no drug in your system. Avoid alcohol or any other relaxation medication. In most clinics, they do not allow individuals who are under the influence of drugs.

Your piercer will likely use a good numbing cream before he/she begins the process. Try and do your homework on the best numbing cream on the market with plenty of good reviews. You can also carry your numbing cream with you and apply a little before the procedure to reduce the pain.

Few Other Pointers

Avoid Piercing Guns

If you enter the piercing booth and your attendant has a piercing gun, turn back. This is the right time to turn back because you won’t be able to form the consequences. Guns use a stud to price the flesh, and this is not as sharp as a needle. It displaces the tissue instead of making a clean cut through it. Guns are not for rook piercings.

Clingy Metal Jewelry

Metal does not get stuck to your skin; if you feel the need to move around your jewelry piece, then it is better to get a larger one.  A larger piece of jewelry will give your skin enough space to swell. This is not a one size fits all condition as your ear may swell differently than others. Do not move the jewelry around the piercing as this can reopen the wound and cause it to get infected

All Irritations Are Not Infections

If your ear is swollen and you are feeling the need to scratch, your ear it is not infected. Most people use the term infection so loosely that they are visiting their doctor for absolutely no reason. Rook piercing infections are in fact quite rare, and if you have gotten the procedure from a valid place, there is hardly any chance of your ear getting affected.

The Price

Do not compromise on the quality just to save a few dollars. The prices are what they are. Getting a proper procedure requires you to spend a little, and that should be fine as long as this does not go wrong.

rook piercing


For any further information visit Getting the piercing from the right place and preparing for it will certainly make it easier. If you are getting this for medical purposes, consult your doctor first to determine whether you are suffering from a migraine.