45 Adorable and Eye-Catching Belly Button Tattoo Ideas

Tattooing has a long and rich history to it. The word Tattoo comes from the Tahitian word ‘tatu’, which means, ‘to mark something’. Polynesian people had markings on their entire bodies, even their eyelids. The earliest tattoos involved a shark’s teeth, a small hammer constructed from albatross bones, and dye extracted from hibiscus bark.

Unlike the initial years of tattooing that mainly consisted of markings, which would happen due to tribal rituals and prestige, tattooing is more of a fad these days. Individuals tend to decide the part of their bodies they want to get tattooed on a number of factors, including personal preference, latest fashion, styles, and body part.

Among many other places of the human body, belly button tattoos, and the areas around it, are quite popular among individuals. There are a number of reasons why one would want to get a belly button tattoo, such as they are less painful as compared to tattoo on other areas of the body.

There is no secret to the notion that this body part contains the most amounts of fat and flesh is the least painful area to get a tattoo, as opposed to areas with bones and cartilages. Moreover, individuals prefer to have their belly tattooed because they can easily hide and display their ink as per their own discretion.

Apart from personal preference, people like to get belly button tattoos to show off their perfectly flat abdomen that they work really hard to maintain. Moreover, belly button tattoos are ideal tattoos that you can easily conceal if you don’t want to show it off. For instance, tattoos aren’t a favorable option in the corporate world, so getting a tattoo on your stomach is the perfect way to fulfill your passion without having anyone find out.

Furthermore, people who are into piercings also happen to like belly button tattoos. There are numerous individuals who prefer to get a belly tattoo because it complements their piercing as well. As a result, they tend to draw more attention to themselves as compared to their piercing alone.

Indeed belly tattoos are a great way to draw more attention towards yourself. If you are considering getting a belly tattoo, regardless of your reasons, following are some of the most interesting tattoo designs to have this season:

Butterfly Stomach Tattoo


Butterflies hold distinct meaning for individuals. For some, they are an inspiration to transform into something extraordinary, while for others they symbolize freedom. Different designs of butterfly tattoos are especially common among females as they enhance their beauty, while men too opt for a relatively masculine style butterfly tattoo.

To give the belly button butterfly tattoo design a more feminine look, combine soft pastel colors with ornate floral. Meanwhile, men prefer to have it on their upper abdomen, designed with dark colors to look more intense. 

Gothic Rose Stomach Tattoo

Gothic rose tattoos are quite brilliant and alluring. They are complex, with dark colors. Moreover, they are quite popular among both, men and women. Women find it particularly interesting due to their size and designs. So, if you are a girl who really likes flowers and has an admiration for the dark Gothic art as well, getting a Gothic Rose stomach tattoo on your belly will be your best choice.

Eagle Belly Tattoo

Eagle Belly Tattoo

Eagle tattoos are a symbol of power and strength over other creatures. This is because eagles in reality as well hold a superior position over other birds. Individuals often prefer to have eagles tattoos on their bellies as they usually look better when they are etched on larger areas.

Outlaw Stomach Tattoo

Outlaw’s tattoos are meaningful to both men and women as they allow them to express their individuality through these markings. So, if you have a rebellious side and you have a habit to go against the grain, this outlaw stomach tattoo will suit you well. Complementing the tattoo design with a sparrow and/or gun adds a level of prominence to the message.

Floral Stomach Tattoo

Floral Stomach Tattoo

Flowers, such as rose, lotus, daffodils, cherry blossoms, and tulips have always been associated with women beauty and femininity. For this reason, traditional floral design tattoos are quite popular among women in particular. Many women look for designs that are subtle in nature and intricately designed.

Colored Floral and Phoenix Stomach Tattoo

Colored Floral and Phoenix Stomach Tattoo

On the other end, floral designed accompanied by the Phoenix is largely prominent among both men and women. The legend of the Phoenix in which the bird rises from the ashes inspires many people. For this reason, both men and women prefer to have their tattoo etched on their navel area, as they beleive that one does true justice to the magnificent creature when branded in a large area.  

Serpent Stomach Tattoo

A snake tattoo illustrates wisdom, swiftness, power, and regeneration. For this reason, they are part of the tattooing art for years and are a popular subject of contemporary art as well. Serpent stomach tattoos are an ideal example of the contemporary tattoo artists who are making works of art depicting larger than life snakes. 

Heart on Wings Stomach Tattoo


A belly tattoo with hearts and wings is a classic representation of love, passion, and heavenly peace. This style of tattoo also expresses pleasure and lovely feelings to oneself and others around. Individuals tend to personalize the style by adding a quote to it that is in connection with their intimate life.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal Tattoo

A tattoo that depicts a cultural heritage is fairly in demand. Be it men or women, having a tribal tattoo placed on their stomach is a great idea. Apart from the mysterious look that comes with the placement, the tattoos tend to stand out when etched on the abdominal area.

Shining Belly Button Tattoo

The shape of the sun is one of one of the most beloved styles in the belly button area because of its circular and symmetrical structure. Women prefer to have this tattoo around their navel to associate their ability to give birth with the expression that life without sun cannot exist. Men, on the other hand, tend to get sun tattoos in a tribal manner, cherishing the center of the solar system.


For many people, tattoos play a much more important role than a mere hobby. For instance, tattoos are a common choice among individuals who wish to hide their scars. So, people who bear marks after pregnancy and weight loss tend to get tattoos to cover their marks and boost their self-confidence.

On the other hand, some individuals prefer to cherish their scars by complementing them with other tattoos instead of concealing them. However, one should be well aware of the various types of complications that can arise with belly button tattoos.

For instance, women who get pregnant after getting a belly button tattoo should be mindful of the notion that their tattoo will change as their bodies do. Among other things, the most significant part that changes during pregnancy is the stomach area. The tattoo on the stomach can look less attractive because of these significant changes.

Apart from women, even men tend to lose the sharpness of their stomach tattoos when they let themselves go. For this reason, both men and women should take special care of their physique, especially after getting a belly tattoo.

Most women tend to have their bellies tattooed after undergoing their pregnancies, meanwhile, men tend to keep themselves fit to cherish their markings in the best way as possible. Indeed, having a belly tattoo is the most desired way individuals tend to grab more attention and they repel the same attention by covering their tattoos when they feel like it.

Moreover, due to the risk of getting belly tattoo spoiled, individuals, particularly females who have a higher chance of getting pregnant in the future, prefer to get a henna tattoo. Henna tattoos are an ideal choice for individuals who want to embellish themselves, without destroying their marks due to weight gain, loss or pregnancy.

In addition, henna tattoos tend to give more versatility to the individuals who opt for them. This is because they are temporary and they tend to fade away with the passage of time. So, individuals can enjoy the luxury of changing the designs on their stomach with the changes in their bodies.

The stomach area provides you with a large area so you can enjoy any style you like. However, keep in mind to have all the intricate details in mind that you would like to have. Moreover, make sure you discuss those details thoroughly with your tattoo artist and get a sample before you get the tattoo.