95 Unicorn Tattoos That Are Absolutely Fantastic

Unicorn tattoos have been quite an interesting trend in the tattoo industry. Unicorn tattoos are something very unique and hold different meanings depending on the type of unicorn you’re getting tatted. If you’re looking for something unique plus magical, these unicorn tattoos will definitely allow you to earn that.

These tattoos have a feminine touch; however, some boys and men who also get large unicorn tattoos. Unicorns stand for unity and peace, so why is there such a commotion that it only suits females? Regardless of gender or age, you can surely get an amazing unicorn tattoo; take some inspiration from these stunning ideas below.

Starter Up


This is a small unicorn tattoo that shows a unicorn gearing up to fly. The tattoo includes an outline of the starter up unicorn; it signifies that you’re always ready to make your next best move. Starter up tattoo will motivate you always to take chances and risks. If you’re going for a small but meaningful tattoo, this is the best choice for you.

Celestial Unicorn

This celestial unicorn is the perfect way to achieve a glowing magical vibe. This tattoo includes a faded black outlined unicorn connected to an upside-down triangle. The background is very mystical as it has shades of blue and purple with some small white stars. This mystical tattoo will go perfectly well on your arm or shoulder.

Fierce Unicorn

This tattoo portrays a more serious and fierce version of a unicorn instead of a magical one. The ferocious tattoo includes a big dull blue unicorn with a serious face and a dramatic background with some fiery flames. Fierce unicorn tattoo is more appropriate for males, and the perfect place for it is on your calf. This tattoo signifies the strength and fierceness in you. Get ready to bring out the fire in you and try out this interesting tattoo.

The Famous Pegasus

Pegasus is a very famous unicorn that you must have seen in many Barbie movies and other fantasy fairy tales and cartoons. This tattoo includes Pegasus, who is a mystical purple winged horse, and many different pastels, which help create a starry like feature on Pegasus. The size of the tattoo is mostly small; however, you can adjust it according to your preference. The perfect place for the tattoo is on your wrist or ankle.

Geometric Unicorn

If you are fond of geometrical-shaped tattoos, this geometric unicorn tattoo is the perfect choice for you. The tattoo includes a black geometrical outline of a unicorn with some shaded parts in black lines. While it is a very simple tattoo, it portrays a unique and embellishing look.

Wreath Unicorn

This simple yet vivid unicorn tattoo includes a colorful outline of the unicorn with a floral-like wreath in the background. Wreath unicorn tattoo creates a nice finishing with a big pink bow in the middle. The colors you will find in this tattoo are shades of purples, blues, and pinks. If you’re looking for something girly, this tattoo radiates the perfect feminine vibes.

Jeweled Unicorn

This tattoo features a unique multi-shade unicorn covered with some green jewels. The blend of colors is what makes the unicorn look so mystical and unique. The shades used are green, blue, and purple. There’s a lot more to this tattoo than just the colors. You can spot an orange mandala and some mystical black leaves. The subtle use of white ink has given some depth to the face of the unicorn. If you like extraordinary and fancy tattoos, there is nothing more magnificent than this jeweled unicorn.

Cartoon Unicorn

I’m sure for many of us, the first time seeing a unicorn is mostly in cartoons or animated movies. There are different types of cartoon unicorns you can get tatted, for example, the unicorn from my little pony. These tattoos feature the exact dreamy look and effect that are associated with animated unicorns. There are small star shapes all around the unicorn to give it the perfect magical touch. Frequent colors that tattoo artists use in cartoon unicorns are shades of blue and purple; however, this depends on the type of unicorn you want.

Unicorn Finger Tattoo

You can also get unicorn tatted on your fingers. How about a colorful face of a unicorn tatted with some rainbows in the background? You could also simply just get the unicorns’ horn tatted on one of your fingers.  Finger tattoos are very stylish and are more visible. They are very common and becoming a moving trend, so keep up with the trend and get your choice of unicorn finger tattoo.

Warrior Unicorn

If you’re a fan of action-thriller movies and stories, you can get this warrior unicorn tatted on your shoulder or calf. This tattoo includes a big grey unicorn covered in a traditional armor suit. The warrior tattoo symbolizes the fighter in you. It also exhibits that you are always going to overcome the challenges that come across your way. So for some daily inspiration that keeps you going through the day, you should definitely get this unique tattoo.

Rainbow Stairway Vomit

Unicorns are known for magical rainbow stairways; you can also get a tattoo of this unicorn vomiting rainbow. The tattoo includes a big outline of a unicorn with big gloomy eyes, and there is a colorful rainbow that comes out of the mouth, making it look like it throws out rainbow stairways. This tattoo portrays how there is always something unique and positive in every individual, no matter how they might be or look like. The perfect spot for this tattoo is on your arm as it is more visible and gives the tattoo more space.

Rose Gold Mystical Experience

This tattoo includes nothing but magnificent details featuring a flying unicorn getting ready to fly away; on the side, there is a trail of some faded rose gold flowers. The wings have some exotic details, which also have a touch of rose gold. The unicorn has shades of black and grey but mostly grey. This tattoo is too beautiful not to get, so don’t overthink, and adorn this magnificent tattoo on your back.


What are the Basic Colors That I Can Have in My Unicorn Tattoo?

The color mostly depends on the type of unicorn tattoo you want as some tattoos demand a number of shades. But the basic colors that tattoo artists use in unicorn tattoos are shades of pinks, blues, purples, and sometimes, reds. The common colors like black, grey, and white are also used, especially in outlined unicorn tattoos.

I want to get a temporary unicorn tattoo, how long will it last?

Temporary tattoos mostly last for three days. However, this depends widely on your tattoo artist or the place from where you’re getting your tattoo done. Some tattoo parlors offer tattoos that are temporary but remain visible for a longer time. The minimum is three days, and it could even last longer if your tattoo is in a place where there is not much contact of water, for example, the calf and shoulders. The type of your skin also impacts the lifetime of a tattoo; if you have dry and creased skin, your tattoo will crack and crumble. In order to avoid this mess, moisturize your skin daily before getting the tattoo.

Is Getting a Unicorn Tattoo Expensive?

Tattoos are usually expensive; however, the cost depends on the size, design, details, colors, and tattoo parlor. Different parlors charge different prices; also, the more detailed your tattoo is, the higher the cost. But the minimum cost of a tattoo is $60-$80. This price only relates to medium-sized tattoos.

Can Men Get Unicorn Tattoos?

Absolutely yes, unicorn tattoos are suitable for both males and females. There are different designs specifically for men, such as the warrior unicorn and the fierce unicorn. Unicorns have always been a very girly feature; however, a unicorn signifies unity and peace. So, it doesn’t matter what your sex is; you can get any type of unicorn tattoo.

What is the Best Place for My Unicorn Tattoo?

The placement of unicorn tattoos depends on design and size. However, the most appropriate or ideal spots for unicorn tattoos include legs, arms, wrist, and neck. These areas allow you to show off your tattoo to everyone, and you can see it yourself properly.


Final Thoughts

Getting a tattoo such as a unicorn is not an easy decision, as there is a lot of thinking and planning that comes with it, especially if you’re very insecure. But don’t worry as unicorn tattoos suit anyone and everyone. Take some inspiration from these amazing ideas above, choose the best tattoo, and hop on to the best tattoo parlor.