125 Gorgeous Looking Mandala Tattoo Ideas & Meanings

Mandala tattoos are one of the most beautiful and elegant tattoos you will come across. These tattoos have unique designs that consist of overlapping circles and different shapes. This tattoo isn’t only gorgeous, but it also has a beautiful meaning attached to it that compels everyone to get it. With the rising trend, many mandala tattoos designs are becoming popular among tattoo enthusiasts, and each has a unique touch to it.

Many people believe that mandala tattoos look good on women only as it has a feminine touch to it; however, men also wear this tattoo, and it looks incredibly stunning on them. If you plan on getting a mandala tattoo, you must go through this article as you will discover some of the best mandala tattoo ideas along with their symbolic meaning. It will give you the best placement ideas of where you can get your mandala tatted.

Mandala Tattoos

The Meaning behind Mandala Tattoos

The mandala tattoo has many meanings related to religion, art, and architecture attached to it. For instance, it has a major association with religions like Christianity and Buddhism; hence many people tend to get it due to its religious symbolism.

The lotus mandala tattoo is a symbol of rising above the world we live in; it has a spiritual meaning. The Buddhists believe it helps you to connect with the spiritual universe. This is perfect for people who are looking to find some spirituality or divine guidance in their life. One of the Buddhas, known as Gautama Buddha, saw the lotus flower mandala as a sign that the soul can never be linked to bad things in life. It’s untouched, just like how a lotus doesn’t contact the mud and instead grows towards the sky.

Christians observe this tattoo as being whole, as it consists of circular designs. It also has a deep connection with the heavenly father. Christians believe that the mandala tattoo design symbolizes reality and truth, and the divinity is the source of all truths.

Many cultures, like the Native Americans, also seek a lot of symbolism from the mandala tattoo. It represents their beliefs, especially designs that consist of wheels and clocks in mandala tattoo. This tattoo reminds them to focus on the most important things in life.

Many people get Mandala tattoo as it represents connecting with their inner selves, and helps them spread peace around. You will find this tattoo common among yoga enthusiasts, or those who are into proper mediation. Your mandala tattoo doesn’t need to hold some meaning; you can get it just because of its unique and mesmerizing design.

However, tattoos become more special if you’re able you connect with them at some level. No matter what type of mandala tattoo you get, it will have a spiritual meaning and guide you to focus on acquiring your inner peace.Mandala Tattoos

Best Placements for Mandala Tattoos

Mandala tattoos offer you with so many different tattoo designs that suit almost every area of the body. The most common place to get a mandala tattoo would be on your arm or hand. These areas feature medium-sized mandala tattoos with some beautiful detailing. If you’re going for a bigger mandala tattoo design, you can opt for your back, chest, thighs, or stomach. These areas allow you to go all out with your mandala tattoo and give you the freedom to incorporate intricate designs and detailing.

If you want to go for an extraordinary tattoo and showcase it in a striking sexy way, you can choose to get it on your fingers, ankle, side neck, inside your ear, or on your spine. These are a few unique placements that require a lot of guts, as most of these placements cause a lot of pain during the tattooing process.

It is important to choose the right placement for your Mandala tattoo as it also plays a major role in making the appearance of the tattoo more prominent and unique. If you’re still unsure about the right placement, first choose the design from the many amazing ideas shared in this article. Once you chose the best mandala tattoo design for yourself, selecting the right placement will be a piece of cake.

Mandala Tattoo Ideas

Mandala Sunflower Tattoo

Mandala Sunflower Tattoo

This mandala sunflower tattoo is one of the most exciting and pleasant mandala tattoos you will come across. This tattoo involves a colored inked sunflower tatted in the middle of the mandala design, made of black ink with some gorgeous shading in black. This is one of the best combinations you will find in a tattoo, and it is perfect for you if you love nature.

The sunflower in this tattoo reminds you to uplift yourself and focus on your inner peace with the help of this mandala design. You can showcase this tattoo best on your forearm as it fits this area perfectly. So get this tattoo and remind yourself and others that you’re the sunflower in their lives and always going to spread peace and positivity.

Mandala Dream Catcher Tattoo

Mandala Dream Catcher Tattoo

If you’re looking for something unique and exquisite, you’ve got to try out this mandala dream catcher tattoo. This tattoo involves a black inked mandala consisting of different shapes, and below are some feathers and chains inked in black to showcase it like a dream catcher. Dream catcher tattoos are quite common, but they create a mesmerizing duo with the mandala.

The dream catcher featured in this tattoo represents blocking the negative vibes and thoughts and reminds you to focus on your spiritual calm. This tattoo makes you feel protected from harmful things, people, and relationships that could destroy your inner peace and beauty.

Mandala Watercolor Tattoo

Mandala Watercolor Tattoo

Want to add some interesting features to your body tag? You can try out this mandala watercolor tattoo. It includes a black inked mandala that is quite big in appearance, and in the background, the tattoo artist has used the watercolor tattoo technique by using splashes of purple, blue, and pink.

The watercolors in this tattoo make the mandala prominent and add a lovely touch to it. You can experiment with different watercolor combinations that suit your requirements. So get some amazing coloring in your tattoo with this creative technique, and best flaunt your colorful mandala on your arm, legs, or back.

Printed Mandala Design Tattoo

Printed Mandala Design Tattoo

This printed mandala design tattoo is the perfect choice for you if you want a detailed design to make a bold style statement. This tattoo includes the classic mandala floral tattoo, but the only thing different is that it includes a printed design that looks as if you have got a digital design printed on your hands. Thanks to the skills of the tattoo artists, he/she has portrayed some amazing shading and detailing using black ink.

This tattoo also has a slight dream catcher feature as it includes a few strings of jewels hanging below. This is the perfect mandala tattoo design for women and will look amazing on your side thigh or back.

The Mandala Wolf Tattoo

Mandala Wolf Tattoo

If you want an unusual or extraordinary mandala tattoo, this mandala wolf tattoo is the perfect choice for you. The mandala and the Wolf create an impeccable duo that compels you to incorporate it in your tattoo right away. This tattoo consists of black inked Wolf’s face, which comprises different mandala designs making up Wolf’s face.

The mandala wolf face brings out a very tribal and ancient feature to this tattoo. Many tribesmen wear it till today because of its unique appearance.

This tattoo symbolizes moving forward in life and how you’re focused on making yourself better. It also symbolizes your intelligence, positive energy, and how you make good use of your strength for the right things. There are so many places where you can showoff this tattoo, but it will look best on your legs or forearm. In this way, it will be visible to everyone, and you can also easily see it yourself.

Mandala Heart Tattoo

Mandala Heart Tattoo

You can also try out this simple yet stylish mandala heart tattoo and achieve a cute, adorable tattoo anywhere on your body. This is one of the most versatile tattoo designs in terms of placement, as you can get it tatted anywhere you want, like your arm, collar bone, neck, or other areas that suit you. This tattoo includes a black inked heart that consists of a mandala design.

The center of the heart has a mandala lotus flower design that makes the tattoo even prettier. You can get colored ink added to the tattoo if you want a more appealing look. This tattoo is perfect for you if you don’t want to go for an extravagant design but one that is unique in appearance.

Star Mandala Tattoo

Star Mandala Tattoo

This star mandala tattoo is another amazing mandala tattoo design. This tattoo is perfect for both men and women and leaves you with some cool body art. It includes a circular black and grey inked mandala design with a bold curvy star in the middle of the mandala inked in black. There are a lot of elements present in this tattoo, which makes it more dramatic and interesting.

This tattoo may take more time due to the details, but it will look amazing once you’ve got it. The best place to get this type of tattoo would be your shoulder as it provides ample space, or you can also go for the back.








How much does a Mandala tattoo cost?

The cost of getting a mandala tattoo depends on various factors, such as the design, size, skills of your tattoo artist, and your tattoo parlor. If you have booked an appointment with a big reputable tattoo shop, you might have to pay more than average. The average cost of a mandala tattoo is $100-$300. The smallest mandala tattoo, such as a finger mandala tattoos, would cost $100-$150, and a big mandala tattoo would go up to $300 or even more. Some tattoo artists charge on an hourly basis, which may also affect the average cost.

Does getting a colored mandala tattoo hurt more?

Almost every tattoo hurts no matter what type you get, but sometimes colored tattoo tends to hurt more because it takes longer to complete them. The longer the tattooing process, the more pain you will have to bear. This takes longer because there are many surfaces in the tattoo that have to be filled with colored ink. So if you’re going for a bigger mandala tattoo, prepare yourself mentally and physically, as it will take longer and will be more painful.

What’s the best spot to get your first tattoo?

If you’re getting a tattoo for the first time, it can be difficult to choose the right place. But keeping in mind the pain and comfort, you could get it on your wrist, shoulder, thigh, or arm. These are some of the most common tattoo placements for first-timers, and the pain isn’t that much compared to other spots.

Does the shading technique in the tattooing process hurt?

If your mandala tattoo design includes details, your tattoo artist will carry out shading to add some depth to your tattoo. Many people worry about the shading process because they think it’s painful; however, shading isn’t painful at all. You may feel like something is rushing through your skin, but it’s comparatively much more bearable than outlining the tattoo. Tattoo outlining hurts more, and it might get a bit difficult to handle, especially if it’s your first time getting a tattoo.


With the help of these stunning mandala tattoo ideas, you can now achieve the tattoo you’ve always dreamt of carrying. If you’re still a bit confused about settling down on one design, give yourself some more time and go through the ideas and meanings again. It is best to get a tattoo that you can relate to as it adds to the beauty of the tattoo. So don’t waste too much time and get the best mandala tattoo right now!