115 Mayan Tattoo Ideas for Celebrating a New Culture

If you have seen enough of the timeless tattoos and thinking about getting something different, you have come to the right place! Whether you want to ink your skin for a decorative purpose or to express your beliefs and culture, even a single tattoo on your skin says a lot about you. Once considered a taboo in America, tattoos have undergone a significant transformation in recent years.

All the myths and misconceptions regarding tattoos have been debunked in the most parts of the U.S. You will be surprised to know that approximately 40% of American between the ages of 22 and 40 adorn tattoos on their skin.

 Mostly used as a form of expressions, some tattoos inspire a startled gasp. With that said, there is no doubt that America has a complicated history with them.

Nevertheless, how different cultures and societies view tattoos across the globe is truly incredible. In some cultures, tattoos are a symbol of purity whereas in other societies they have other meanings. It’s not only about the symbolism, but the way tattoos are inked in different cultures is just amazing.

Coming back to the point where we started, if you’re looking for exceptional tattoos that have unique depiction, you must get Mayan cultural tags!

A Glimpse of the Mayan Civilization


When it comes to the Mayan culture, it’s no wonder that much of the history is engulfed in mystery. At present, historians believe that Mayans first began to settle in the Yucatan between 1800 BC and 2600 BC.

You will be amazed to know that Yucatan is today’s Mexico. With the centuries, the Mayan culture and religion developed and evolved. Dating back to approximately 3,000 years, the symbols Mayans used have been associated with mystery and wonder for a long time.

One of the interesting facts we come across is that Mayan civilization is the only ancient civilization that developed its own writing system. Aside from their hieroglyphs, Mayans had strong mystical beliefs that you can see in their artistic illustrations.

Embrace Mayan Tattoos to Stand Out

As a perfect blend of incredible art and ancient illustrations, Mayan tattoos have very distinct meanings and depictions. Getting a Mayan tattoo will make you feel like that you have gone back to thousands of years.

Believe or not, no matter if it’s your first tattoo or an additional one, no matter how many tattoos you have until now, you will love the experience.

You can’t deny that Mayan tattoos are one of the amazing yet incredible tattoos you will ever get. Whether you want to demonstrate the ancient history or show your affection for an ancient culture, Mayan tattoos are the best option.

As a unique combo of creativity and craftsmanship, Mayan tattoo represents stunning images that will certainly capture the attention of people around you. If you are thinking to mark your skin with this jaw-dropping tattoo, but can’t decide which design to choose, no need to struggle anymore.

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Check out these Mayan tattoos and ink your skin with your favorite one. 

Get a Mayan Sun

While there is a plethora of Mayan tattoo designs, none can beat the symbol of the sun! Usually inked with black shadings and intricate details, Mayan sun tag is undoubtedly a jaw-dropping design that will mesmerize everyone around you. When it comes to symbolism, this startling illustration depicts divinity, productivity, and enlightenment. Well, you will be surprised to know that the Mayan civilization was the only one to extensively focus on the sun.

Mayan people used to worship the sun and believed that it lightened their world. Commonly known as the Ahau symbol, the sun was considered the light of knowledge back then. Shrouded in bold black geometrical patterns, the Mayan sun tattoo will enhance your unique personality.

 Now that you have come across the astonishing Mayan tattoo, are you thinking to ink your skin with this sun symbol? No need to rush! We are listing down several breathtaking Mayan tags.

Wear a Jaguar Symbol

Dating back to the Mayan civilization, people believed that jaguar ruled the night. In the daytime, jaguar prowled across the sky whereas in the night it returned to the underworld. If you can relate to this mysterious belief, the Mayan jaguar tattoo is a perfect tag for you to wear.

 In case you’re curious about the meaning, the Mayan jaguar tattoo represents strength, divinity, and leadership.

In addition, Jaguar represents a deep connection between the earth and man. Engulfed in black color hues, you will need to choose the right placement spot for this tattoo. As this Mayan jaguar contains intricate details, you will have to choose the firm part of your skin and not the sensitive one.

Ink your Skin with Mayan Eagle

If you want something that depicts your inner wisdom, the Mayan eagle tattoo is what you need. In Mayan culture, the eagle is thought to be a creature that paved the way for a higher existence. Moreover, eagles in the Mayan civilization represent contemplative thought, which can be reflected in their symbols and illustrations.

Besides that, wearing a Mayan eagle tattoo will also represent freedom, power, and the ability to fly over others and protect the earth.

Adorn the Mayan’s Earth Symbol

While coming across the significant history of the Mayan culture, we discovered that most illustrations of Mayan civilization largely depict the sun and earth symbols. Considering that, it’s reasonable to say that the earth had a great influence on the Mayan culture.

When it comes to symbolism, the Mayan earth tattoo will represent a deep connection that earth has with a larger force. In simple words, the Mayan earth symbol signifies a hope of good times. Wearing such a tattoo will represent you as a strong being, who can overcome every difficulty in life with no trouble.

Inscribe with Mayan Bat

As many cultures might still consider that the symbol of a bat is associated with evil and dark times, the Mayans symbolized it with good meanings. They drew the line between good and evil and used to worship the bat for both its light and dark qualities. That being said, wearing the Mayan bat tattoo will depict values including intuition, rebirth, power, and illusion.

Embrace Mayan Calendar

It’s no secret that the Mayan calendar has recently become infamous for the predictions of the end of the world. Aside from its meanings and symbolism, one thing that no one can deny is its artistic value. Especially when illustrated as a tattoo, this intricate piece of art will certainly take your tattoo to the next level.

 “Legends of the Hidden Temple”

Are you looking for a large yet intricate tattoo that comprises subtle yet minute details? If that’s the case, this tattoo is what you need. Inspired by the Legends of the Hidden Temple, this amazing piece of art renders valuable symbolism.

While depicting your affection for legends, this amazing work of art will enhance the meaning of your tattoo with its unique patterns.

Get a Mysterious Mayan Skull

Well, you will agree that the skull carried different meanings in different cultures. But when it comes to the Mayan civilization, a skull tattoo rendered in Mayan style will beautify your tattoo and bring classic flair to the illustration.

With this impressive tattoo, you can stun everyone around you. Coupled with the Mayan headgear, your skull tattoo is a perfect choice to stand out.

Mayan Ouroboros Tattoo

As it’s one of the most popular Mayan symbols, it’s highly likely that you have seen this illustration before. However, you probably haven’t considered it as your next tattoo. Believe it or not, whether you want to astonish your friends or family members or mark your skin with a unique piece of art, the Mayan Ouroboros is an awesome option. Depicting a dragon or snake eating its own tail, this tag symbolizes rebirth and regeneration.

Mayan Serpent Tattoo

If you want to bring more value to your tattoo, you should opt for the Mayan serpent tattoo. While symbolizing mystery, agility, rebirth, and potency, this serpent tattoo certainly stands out for its relevance with the Mayan culture.

When it comes to choosing the color shadings, you can add different hues to make it more appealing. Moreover, make sure to place it on a visible part of your skin to stand out.

Hunab Ku Mayan Symbol

Depicting an intricate symbol, the Hunab Ku Mayan has a meaningful illustration that says, ‘the One God.’ So, if you want something unique that also represents cultural values with its simple and subtle design, Hunab Ku Mayan symbol is the right choice for you. Not to mention, this impressive yet amazing piece of art represents unity, peace, and balance.


The Bottom Line

While Mayan culture has significant recognition even in today’s world, there is no denying that embracing such tattoos will make you feel proud. Whether you want to embellish your skin with ancient art or celebrate the old culture, Mayan tattoos will serve the purpose impeccably.