75+ Face Tattoo Ideas That Are Vogue Worthy

 As tattoo is evolving as famous body art, there has now been a famous trend of face tattoos, and it is growing in the tattoo industry. For many years, face tattoos were considered taboo, and it isn’t acceptable in many societies and cultures even today. But, hello, 2020!  The world is becoming more welcoming and accepting new trends.

Just like any other tattoo, people get their face tatted due to a particular reason. These tattoos help them identify themselves and also represent the type of person they are. Face tattoos are now very popular among many celebrities, like Chris Brown, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, and many others.       

Face tattoo is more of a technical skill that requires expertise.  If you’ve still not made up your mind on getting one, you’re going to change your decision, especially after seeing some of these cool face tattoo ideas below.



75+ Mind-Blowing Face Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Face Tattoo

Tribal designs have been a very popular face tattoo design; the best part about tribal tattoos is that it has different unique designs and allows you to cover your whole face if that’s what you’re aiming for.  A tribal face tattoo gives you maximum coverage; however, it still does not encircle your whole face. The tattoo includes bold tribal lines that help to highlight your facial features. There is no harm in going all out with this tribal tattoo.

Geometrical Jawline Shape

As the name suggests, you can sport this tattoo in the bearded area, it goes till the cheekbone, giving it some depth. This tattoo is the perfect way to shape a round face and looks better on other face types as well. The design of the tattoo is unique as it includes some geometrical shapes pointing out in one direction.

Quotes on Cheekbone

The cheekbone is one feature that many people adore and like to show off. If you want to give your cheekbones an extra touch, you can get a quote or some special wording tatted on the lines of your cheekbones. You can either get one cheek tatted or get a tattoo on both cheekbones. For instance, get this tattoo on both sides, including black ink, which creates an amazing contrast with your skin. If you’re looking for something minimal and simple, this is just the right face tattoo for you.

Cross Hatching Tattoo

If you want to discover the artist in you, you should try out this unique cross-hatching tattoo for your face. It involves a cross-hatching design, which also looks like thorns that come out from the side of your face. The use of black ink in the tattoo helps to create a more artistic shading vibe. The cross-hatching tattoo portrays the artistic and creative skills you have; use this tattoo to reflect your artistic side.

Skull Face Tattoo

Obsessed with skulls? Try out this amazing half-face skull tattoo. It will transform half of your face into a skull, using black and white ink. The amazing shading and bold lines make it look more realistic. This tattoo is perfect for Halloween; however, if you want to showcase your crazy and adventurous side to the world, you can permanently get this half skull face tattoo.

Chris Brown Inspired Tattoo

Recently, the famous pop singer Chris brown also got his face tatted with the 3 sneaker of Nike’s Air Jordan. The tattoo appears on his right cheek just below his famous black pyramid brand logo tattoo. The tattoo has some excellent shading, making the shoe look real as ever. It encourages everyone to get a tattoo of anything they like, even if they’re just shoes. Air Jordan is something Chris Brown loves, and the tattoo expresses his admiration and association with the brand.

Tattoo No. 21

This  No. 21 face tattoo is a significant tattoo with in-depth meanings. It doesn’t symbolize any one aspect but reflects various meanings, such as the responsibility of an individual, the union of the trinity, the harmony of creation, and much more.  This tattoo is very simple and includes an outline of the number 21 with black ink on the side of the face. You can get this tattoo anywhere on your face. So, if you are looking for something meaningful, Tattoo No. 21 is the right tattoo for you.

Side Sword

This side sword tattoo is something uniquely amazing. The sword includes a lot of blank ink detailing and texture. Swords have been a very popular tattoo design as they hold a lot of meaning. Christians see it as a symbol of truth, and the Buddhists see it as a way of cutting off ignorance. So, get this amazing side sword face tattoo, and look unique as ever.

Ornament Tattoo

Ornament tattoos are very famous face tattoos that usually appear near the sideburns to make it look like the ornament hangs. There are different ornament designs you can get tatted on the side of your face. Ornaments that contain various infinity symbols look amazing on the face and give a unique look. If you are going for something minimal but unique, this is the right choice for you!

Anchor Rose Tattoo

If you’re obsessed with roses, this anchor rose face tattoo is the best way to showcase your obsession and love for roses. This tattoo includes a big rose that appears on the hairline and a black shaded anchor on the side. It will suit every girl, making her look as unique as ever.

Faded Geometric Design

Geometrical designs are perfect for face tattoos, especially this faded geometric design tattoo. If you are fully committed to getting a proper face tattoo, you should definitely go with this tattoo. You can get this tattoo done along your jawline with a faded effect on the sides. You can use different colors for the faded effect, such as green ink or blue ink, while the geometrical design includes black ink. No matter whichever geometrical design you use of your choice, it will look bomb as ever on your face with the faded effect.

Gothic Stake and Rope Tattoo

Looking for something gothic? This stake and rope face tattoo is the perfect way to achieve a gothic look. This tattoo includes two objects that are a bit distant from each other. First, there’s a small stake near the cheekbone and a rope connected to your sideburns, making it look like someone’s about to get hanged. Both these objects use black ink and include a little shade of red to make it look like blood.

Half Mandala

This half mandala tattoo is a very beautiful tattoo for the face, and its placement is unique. The mandala is right next to the ear, making it look like a half-ear half-mandala design, which is absolutely unique and stunning. The mandalas include many designs and are mostly inked in red. You can choose whatever mandala design you want for your face.

Chin Ice

This chin ice tattoo design is absolutely something to die for. This tattoo includes small blue ice crystals tatted all over the chin. Chin tattoos are extremely trendy and look good on everyone. You can choose any design you like, if not ice crystals. Chin tattoos help to give your chin more depth, and also give it shape, especially if you have a double chin. So try out something unique and go with this stunning chin tattoo.


Pros of Face Tattoos

Enhance Your Look

Tattoos really do change your whole outlook and make you look unique and visible. However, the results highly depend on the design of the tattoo and from where you get it done.


Tattoos are generally cheaper compared to any other original art, and they are easily available. You can easily get it done from any tattoo parlor around you.

Cons of Getting Face Tattoos

Tattoos are safe to get; however, there are a few risks that you should be aware of before getting a face tattoo.

Risk of Getting an Infection

There is a high risk of getting an infection if your tattoo artist doesn’t use high quality and safe ink, as this could lead to many skin diseases. Hence, tattoo artists have to follow certain laws regarding the use of high standard ink.

This could be worse if you have a medical condition, such as high blood sugar, sensitive skin, or any other serious medical condition. Hence, it is best to avoid getting a tattoo if you have a serious medical condition.

Not Work Appropriate

There are some workplaces that don’t accept employees with tattoos, as it is seen as a very unprofessional trait due to the ongoing stigma. Hence, if you want to get a job that doesn’t allow face tattoos, then you should avoid getting a face tattoo.



Can I Shave After Getting a Face Tattoo?

Yes, you can shave, but this varies from person to person, as it depends on the healing process. It normally takes a week to heal fully. However, it is best to refrain from shaving for some time until the tattoo fully heals.

How painful are Face Tattoos?

On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain you may experience while getting a face tattoo is 7. The intensity of the pain depends on different things, such as the area on the face. Areas such as the nose, chin, cheekbone, temple, and forehead are less painful compared to the area under the eyelids and cheek, which are extremely painful. The softer the area is, the more pain you will experience. However, this shouldn’t stop you from getting a tattoo as you will love the after results, and it will all be worth it.

When is it the Best Time to Get a Tattoo?

You can get a tattoo around any time of the year. However, the best time to get it done is during the winters as your skin is much softer, and it usually isn’t exposed to many elements as compared to the summers. In the summers, your body tends to produce a lot of sweat, and your skin tends to get too tanned.

I’ve been sick since a Few Weeks and Still am, so is it okay to get a Tattoo?

It is not advisable to get a tattoo if you’re sick, as you need full energy, and should have an immune system that is at least 90% okay. Going in sick to a tattoo parlor will put you and also others around you in a lot of risks as you might spread your sickness. Get yourself back up, stay energized, drink lots of water, and then book your tattoo appointment.

Is it Safe to Get a Face Tattoo?

Getting a tattoo is very safe; however, this depends mainly on the tattoo parlor. You should go to a tattoo artist that has safe and clean tattoo equipment, and who is well experienced. Tattoos do have a few side effects, but they aren’t as serious as you may think it is, and I’m sure it’s still not going to stop you from getting one.

Wrap Up

With the help of these amazing face tattoo ideas, I’m sure you have already chosen a design that is just right for your face.  I am hoping that you are in the process of booking your next tattoo appointment. No matter what design you choose, face tattoos will always make you feel unique and will give you a sense of power and comfort, especially if you choose a tattoo that has a strong meaning, relating to your life experiences. If you’re not very expressive with words, don’t worry as these face tattoos will help you express all your emotions and the person you really are.