10+ Awesome Cheryl Cole Tattoo Ideas (with Meanings)

Tattooing is a unique form of permanent body art that most youngsters love. Individuals put thought into their designs and placement spots, which is the right thing do since it is going to be your lifelong friend. Tattoos are a form of expressing yourself and flaunting your values to the world because usually tattoo designs hold deep meanings.

English singer Cheryl Cole has several gorgeous and meaningful tattoos inked on her body that she flaunts like a queen. We will look at each design along with its meaning, one by one. Cheryl inspired tattoo designs are so pretty that you would not want to ignore them and you will most definitely add at least one of them to your must-have list. They are perfect for you if you are a Cole fan and a tattoo lover as well. Don’t believe us? Read and find out yourself.



She has tattoos on various parts of her body. The back of her neck, her thigh, her hand and her lower back all have stunning tattoos inked beautifully. However, you should select a spot that you are comfortable with. If you want to show it off then choose an easily visible spot so on lookers can look at it and admire it.

If you don’t want to look at it a lot or flaunt it a lot then select a spot that’s easy to hide, such as your shoulder or mid back, because tattoos are not easy to conceal using make-up. Just so you know. Make the placement decision wisely, your tattoo artist will also guide you with appropriate spots but he will go ahead with whatever you find most suitable.

Let us not waste any more time and check out Cheryl Cole tattoo ideas that are simply gorgeous!

Minimalistic and Cute Heart on Her Middle Finger

This tiny heart is on her left hand’s middle finger in pink ink, i.e. small and girly. All you girls out there who want simple yet chic designs this one’s perfect for you.

Meaning: This cute little heart indicates love and passion.

Mrs. C Tattoo behind Her Neck

Mrs. C inked on Cheryl’s neck in an elegant font. It catches a lot of attention because it has a back-story attached to it.

Meaning: Cole got it inked when she got married to a football player back in 2006, Ashley Cole. She gets her last name from her ex-husband. The tattoo does not bother her at all, even though they got divorced. She is actually proud of it.

 She feels that it reminds her of a chapter of her life that gave her many great memories. She would not want to go back to that phase but she does not even want to remove it from her memory altogether. Truly, inspirational, isn’t it?

Swirl Tattoo on the Centre of Her Chest

Cheryl Cole chest tattoo

Cole got this pretty swirl inked in 2016 from tattooist Nikki Hurtado. It captured a lot of attention from fans, celebrities and paparazzi. The tattooist posted a sweet caption on her Instagram saying nice Cole is and how she always trusts her when it comes to getting a tattoo.

Meaning: This swirl design is a Buddhist unalome symbol, which represents enlightenment and destination. The swirl detailing represents the journey. This tattoo holds a deep meaning. It means that life is a journey and you will face hurdles in it but eventually you will reach your destination. It shows that you are making progress even if it feels like you are going backwards and you want to give up, actually, you are gradually moving closer to your goals.

Tribal Design on Her Hand

On her right hand, Cole has a traditional tribal tattoo inked in bold black ink. She mentioned in an interview that this abstract beauty is her favorite tattoo. It captures a lot of attention especially when she waves or tucks her hair back in public. Paparazzi never miss the chance to take her pictures, ones that have her tattoos in focus. She makes a sassy style statement with this tattoo of hers!

Beautiful Red Rose Tattoo on Her Thigh

thigh tattoo cheryl cole

This one is our opinion is one of her most popular tattoos. It is extremely stunning and looks amazing when Cole comes on stage for performances. Barbed wire finely inked on her thigh with a crimson red rose and a treble clef on the side. It looks realistic, looks like she is wearing lacy stockings. It is the best option for someone who wants a realistic and gorgeous design.

Meaning: Red rose is Cole’s favorite flower. The treble clef represents her love and passion for singing and her music career.

Huge Floral Tattoo Covering Her Lower Back and Butt

This one is huge and majestic. It covers her entire lower back, buttocks, and looks just beautiful. Nikki Hurtado finely inked this tattoo in 2013. Since it is a detailed design, it took her 15 hours to complete it. This tattoo was popular because she faced a lot of criticism due to its large size.

However, she shut all such comments and told media that it is her free will to get as many tattoos as she likes. She got the inspiration to get this large design after she recovered from Malaria and returned from Tanzania. If you are someone courageous and your top priority is to love yourself, then this is the one for you, my friend.

Rose At The Back Of Her Thigh

This is another one of her tattoos that her fans loved and took inspiration from. She got it back in 2007 but covered later on by the huge floral tattoo she got in 2013. If you want to go with something beautiful and not too large, this might be the best option for you.

Tweety Bird Tattoo

This cute and trendy tattoo is close to her heart because she got it inked when her sister gave birth to a beautiful child. It rhymes with their family name, Tweedy. It is her first ever tattoo and she got it when she was 16.

You can also rock this design, it is minimalistic and fuss free. So, what are you waiting for? Add it to your must have list and make an awesome style statement this summer.

Tribal Butterfly on Her Lower Back


This a personal tattoo that reminds Cole of her first ever relationship. It holds a special place in her heart. It has swirls and looks beyond stunning.

Meaning: It indicates a fresh start and independence.

Cheryl Cole Song Lyrics

You can even get her song lyrics inked on your body. Select a song that has meaningful lyrics so that whenever you look at it you get reminders regarding positivity and the importance of self-love. The human mind works in amazing ways. You will feel refreshed and at peace if you feed your mind with positivity. So, select something impactful and be prepared for your daily dose of positivity.

Cheryl Cole Signature Tattoo

If you are a die-hard Cole fan, you can go with this option. Her sign is pretty looking and you can ask the tattooist to copy it on your wrist or ankle. It almost looks like you’re wearing a piece of jewelry.


Hey, so let us answer some common tattoo related questions and learn effective tattoo care tips now!

Who did Cheryl Cole’s lower back tattoo?

The genius behind Cheryl’s amazing piece of art on her lower back is Nikko Hurtado, she shared this information in an interview at The radio one breakfast show. She added that he is highly skilled and is a proper artist who does oil paintings as well.

What is the meaning of the English roses in the tattoo on her bum?

English roses are Cole’s favorite flowers and it mostly represents her battle with malaria. Her near death experience changed her life and she wanted to get a tattoo to mark the end of a bad episode. It is reported that her ex Liam Payne got a rose tattoo inked as a tribute to Cole.

Is getting a Unalome symbol on the cleavage like Cole a good idea?

Cole has an endless love for tattoos, this one is minimalistic but holds a very deep meaning. So if you too, wish to get a meaningful one then go ahead. It represents path to entitlement and the cleavage is an ideal spot for such a tattoo design.

Bottom Line

Of course, it is up to you to choose what you do with your body. You can get a big tattoo or a small tattoo wherever you want. If you are a fan of Cheryl Cole, you now know that one way to show your love with her is by having a tattoo of her name or getting one of the tattoos that she has on her body.