75 Ankh Tattoos that Will Help Portray the Egyptian Vibe

The Ankh tattoo derives from one of the oldest and famous civilizations that have made a significant impact in history known as the Egyptian civilization. The Ankh is a hieroglyphic symbol that the Egyptians used to represent eternal life. This symbol looks like a cross but a unique one with a loop above.

 The Ankh was an essential symbol for the Pharaohs of Egypt as this would represent them as the royal family, and they had to get it tatted on their chest. The Ankh symbolizes many things that you will learn as you continue to read. Today, it is a trendy tattoo design that many people get tatted on different parts of the body.

Many people get this tattoo as they may connect to the first things it symbolizes or to showcase their love for Egyptian history. In general, the symbol looks quite cool. If you plan to get an ankh tattoo design, read further to learn more about it and the different ankh tattoo designs.

Ankh Tattoo

The Meaning behind Ankh Tattoos

As mentioned above, ankh tattoos have many symbols. The main thing that it represents is rebirth and eternal life. The top loop of the symbol portrays the sunrise and sunset that take place on the horizon. The Egyptians saw this as a symbol of the union between earth and the sun. It means as the sun kisses the lands of Egypt, it provides growth and prosperity.

The Ankh also symbolizes the union between a man and woman; their bond is a symbol of blessing for children born from that union. The Ankh symbol is also present in many writings of the Egyptians known as hieroglyphics. Egyptians also believed that Ankh was the key to unlock many different gateways and realms of life, death, and birth.

Nowadays, many people get this tattoo to remind themselves of positive growth and abundance. The tattoo has more historic symbolism; however, it reflects on many people’s life even today; hence many people tend to get this tattoo.

Ankh Tattoo

Placement for Ankh Tattoos

Although the pharaohs used to get the Ankh tatted only on their chest, you can get it tatted anywhere on your body. The best place you can get it inked would be your arm; however, this depends on the size of the tattoo. If you’re going for a bigger size, you should consider getting it tatted on your arm, chest, or rib cage. If you’re going for a small ankh tattoo, then the best place for it would be on your wrist, hand, and finger or near your ear.

No matter where you get it tatted, it will look unique and symbolic as ever. Once you’ve chosen the right design, you will easily be able to decide its placement.

Ankh Tattoo

Types of Ankh Tattoos

Ankh tattoos consist of the original ankh symbol; however, there are different types of ankh tattoos. This allows you to choose the best ankh tattoo that you can relate to or the one that holds significance for you. Mentioned below are the different types of ankh tattoos out there:

  • The original Ankh tattoo symbol
  • Ornate Ankhs tattoos
  • Colorful Ankhs tattoos
  • Ankhs with scarabs tattoos
  • Ankhs with writings tattoo

Ankh Tattoo

Ankh Tattoo Ideas

Sometimes it can get confusing to choose the right tattoo design, especially when there is so much variety. Mentioned below are some of the best ankh tattoo designs that will help make your selection process easier and much more fun.

Ankh with the Eye of Horus

Ankh with the Eye of Horus

This Ankh with the eye of Horus tattoo is the perfect choice for you if you’re seeking a unique tattoo. It includes the eye of Horus inked in gray and white lines with a small ankh symbol inked in black, in the eye of Horus. For a dramatic feel, there is some shadowing done around the tattoo with slight lines that give out a glowing touch. These symbols combined give out a powerful meaning as the eye of Horus represents health and power, while the Ankh symbolizes rebirth and magnification. The perfect place you can get this tattoo would be on your forearm.

The Traditional American Ankh

Traditional American Ankh

The traditional American ankh tattoo incorporates a modified ankh, which includes different lines. This tattoo includes a skull face with a bead in its mouth, holding an ankh and old-school designed lines. This whole tattoo appears in black ink. The skeleton in the tattoo represents death and evil, and the Ankh represents rebirth and growth.

Both these things combined give out a definite meaning. The design of this tattoo has a bit of a fierce and dark touch. It also has a masculine vibe. The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your arm, covering your bicep.

Ankh Tattoo with a Scarab

Ankh Tattoo with a Scarab

This Ankh with scarab tattoo is one of the most traditional tattoos you will ever come across. It includes a gray inked ankh with a vintage texture. The top loop of the Ankh has green and yellow inked scarabs with a green pendant-like stone in the middle of the Ankh. Scarabs are quite important in Egyptian civilization, and they symbolize rebirth. Both the Ankh and scarab symbolize rebirth, which makes this tattoo more powerful. The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your arm.

Modern Ankh with Roses

ankh with roses tattoos

You can try out this modernized version of the ankh tattoo with roses to achieve one of the coolest tattoos on your body. This tattoo includes the traditional American design ankh with lines in it inked in black and gray and outlined with yellow. Next to the Ankh are a few roses inked in red with grayish leaves. The rose in this tattoo symbolizes hope and new beginnings while the Ankh represents rebirth and hope to create an overall positive vibe. This tattoo has a cool feminine touch to it and will look perfectly good on your arm.

Stone Effect Ankh Tattoos

Stone Effect Ankh Tattoos

If you’re looking for a subtle but unique tattoo, this stone effect ankh tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes a traditional ankh symbol inked in gray with the stone effect. The stone effect helps portray the Ankh as if it’s engraved in your skin, making it realistic by showcasing crooked stoned lines. This tattoo will help you achieve a cool look. If you’re going for a bigger version of this tattoo, then you should consider getting it tatted on your arm or forearm.

Patterned Ankh Tattoo

Patterned Ankh Tattoo

This patterned ankh tattoo is one of the coolest tattoos you will come across. This tattoo includes a black inked ankh with a patterned effect. The whole Ankh consists of patterned design, and the edges of the Ankh are slightly pointy compared to the usual ankh symbol tattoo. This tattoo is the perfect way to get that creative style you’ve always wanted. You can choose to add in colored ink for an additional exciting touch. The ideal place for this tattoo would be on your forearm as it would fit there just perfectly.


Can I eat before my tattoo appointment?

Yes, having a good and healthy meal is a must before you go for your tattoo appointment. You must also stay hydrated so that your tattoo process goes smooth, and this way, you will prevent chances of fainting or fatigue.

Is it normal for my Tattoo to peel?

Yes, peeling is a normal thing that happens during the healing period of your tattoo. This, in fact, is a good sign and shows that your tattoo is healing quickly. Don’t panic if you notice peeling; just make sure to maintain your tattoo correctly and keep it dry at all times.

How much will my ankh tattoo cost?

Your ankh tattoo will cost the same price as any other tattoo would. The price depends on various things like the size, design, and the place you’re getting your tattoo from. Some tattoo artists that are highly experienced and popular will charge more fees, and some may charge you on an hourly basis. If you get a small ankh tattoo that would fit your wrist, then that would cost you less than if you were getting one that would fit your arm or chest.


Final Words

With the help of these fantastic ankh tattoo designs, you can now choose one of the best ankh tattoos that will perfectly suit your body. These tattoos give out a different vibe and look perfectly stylish once it’s complete and thoroughly healed. Don’t waste too much time debating whether you should get one or not. Hurry up and book your tattoo appointment immediately to achieve some fantastic body art with an ankh tattoo.