95 Attractive Glow in the Dark (UV INK) Tattoo ideas to decorate your body

As the tattooing industry has continued to evolve, various artists have adopted and incorporated ideas over the years. These ideas are not only limited to techniques, but the artists have taken advantage of new technologies to help take tattooing to a whole new level. One of the most prominent innovation is UV ink, a new type of ink that glows under UV lighting.

Using this ink, tattooists create different unique and colorful designs. They blend new and old techniques and technologies to create a piece of art appealing to the eye. You will probably not hesitate to get one yourself once you see this glowing tattoo.

Meaning of the Tattoo


Tattoos have lots of meanings; however, this one is more of a technique than a design. While it doesn’t hold any specific meaning, it can convey different ideas and messages.

You can more or less interpret it to have a specific meaning by yourself. Since UV light glows in the dark or under certain lighting, it means UV tattoos could be a ray of hope in despair. For some, it could represent some kind of a secret known to a limited number of people. At the same time, many consider it to be a pot of unique and cherished jewel that glows in the dark.

Again, as it is more of a technology than a different tattoo class, people don’t tend to have any assumptions about their meaning. Therefore, you can just leave it up to their own interpretations. Of course, your tattoo doesn’t need to have any meaning either.UV Tattoo

Where to place your UV Tattoo

The placement is important here. If you get a UV tattoo with a cheeky meaning or that represents a strong opinion, it would be better to get it beneath your arm. If you grow out your hair, then the neck would be a good option as well. An image, such as of a falcon or a person, is ideal for your arm or chest.

Your leg or your back wouldn’t do because, unlike an insulting tattoo, this is something you want to show off to your friends and people around you.

Placing it on your leg or back would make it obscure. You cannot place a tattoo made for a specific part of the body somewhere else. For example, you can’t get a face tattoo on the arm or hand as it is specifically designed for the face.

Glow in the Dark Tattoo Ideas

Ultraviolet Flowers

Floral patterns are a quick and efficient way to express yourself. While anyone can wear these tattoos, flowers are usually attributed to and appeal to women more than they do to men. This is because people see them as an embodiment of feminine traits such as beauty, elegance, and splendor. However, you don’t have to be a woman to get a flower as a tattoo.

With ultraviolet ink, you can make the colors of the tattoo glow under UV. You can either get the whole tattoo in UV ink or just a flower, so it glows only when exposed to UV radiation.

A UV tattoo lets you get one even when your family, society, or workplace disapprove of it because the tattoo is visible only in certain lighting. You can get a tattoo without annoying or displeasing others.

UV Embroidery

A lot of people dislike the prospect of tattooing images onto the body. You just might be one of them. An excellent substitute for you is tattoo embroidery. Furthermore, Ultraviolet ink works great with embroidery and serves to give it a mystical, even magical touch.

If you want, you can even combine floral patterns with embroidery to create a perfect combination. The two concepts complement each other as coffee would cake. You don’t have to draw the pattern yourself either. You can ask a friend or family member who is good with designing to sketch one for you. Or you can simply leave the task to the professional, i.e., your tattoo artist. Just make sure to share your ideas if you want to add a personal touch to your tattoo.

Glow in the Dark X-Rays

 This concept is the right choice for people who do no like tattoos with some simple embroidery or floral patterns. This “X-Ray Style” takes complete advantage of UV ink. First, the artist draws a skeletal pattern comprising bones and joints. You can also ask them to add some muscle formations as well. The tattooist then arranges them right above where the real bones and joints might be.

This way, under UV lighting, it would really look like your body was being X-Rayed. People also tend to modify this concept by replacing the bones joints with electrical circuits and circuit board formations to emit a more cyberpunk feel. You can go with this too if you are into that sort of thing.

Alternating Messages

You may not even want to get a UV tattoo. A lot of people do not recognize the appeal of UV tattoos and are content with normal tattoos. However, once you step into the world of UV tattooing, getting a tattoo with normal ink becomes boring and unexciting. You will understand once you get alternating UV tattoos that change their design and meaning under a black light.

For example, you could change a message like “All is well and everything is in bliss” under a black light to read “Nothing is well and all is in despair.” That way, the sentence would be different depending on whether you are standing in dark or light.


You don’t necessarily have to get a complex design in order to bring out the beauty of UV tattoo’s=. Be creative and get amazing “letter” tattoos from UV ink.

You could always get a simple quote tattooed on your arm. Instead of a quote, you could also have some motivational words written on your fingers in UV ink. You could also incorporate the “alternating messages” concept to have a quote or phrase change under UV light.

Light up your face

While the ideas above are no less exciting, they may still be too dull if you just want to express yourself. Since your face is the most expressive part of your body, it only makes sense that you should get an expressive tattoo there. A simple image won’t do, however, and you have to use your creativity.

Sure, a UV eagle may look superb, but then they would do so on any part of your body. You don’t have to use your face if you are just going for a simple image. What looks best on the face are patterns and designs. These, depending on their construction, can be very expressive. A pattern with sharp edges and dark colors could mean an adamant and violent character. Smooth curves and lighter colors, in contrast, portray gentleness.

And finally, once you switch on that UV light, the entire tattoo comes to life. You really can’t get more expressive than this.

UV Switches

This tattoo is all about giving that extra flare to an already awesome tattoo. Some people just like to keep it simple. A simple power button on the neck or hand is more than enough for them. Others go all out, such as an enormous cobra with eyes filled in with red UV ink or a Phoenix whose wings radiate yellow under a black light.

Your tattoo could be a car that switches on its indicators and headlights or a cat whose eyes seem reflective just like a real cat’s do. Once you get a bit creative with UV ink, you can achieve many different effects under a black light. These effects will help to convey some deeper meaning.

UV Wildlife

This type of tattoo gives the opportunity to experiment with a range of options. You can get a tattoo featuring different animals. It doesn’t have to be a single animal either. Mythical creatures are a good choice as well. Dragons and phoenixes and some centaurs coupled with UV effect will help make the tattoos even more breathtaking. Common creatures that people get as tattoos are the lion, goat, and eagle. Dinosaurs are also a good candidate. In fact, you can just get a tattoo of a prehistoric scene with dinosaurs in UV ink.

Cosmic UV Tattoo

If you have seen photos of space, you will know that the colors involved in those pictures and UV colors have much in common. Both are bright and emit a faint glow. Hues such as blue, violet, and pink are also common. A UV tattoo of space looks perfect if tattooed carefully.

The UV colors perfectly bring out the majestic aura of the cosmos. A tattoo like this would look best on your back or stomach. A scene from space does require a significant area, so the artist gets leverage and draws every detail with precision.

Clown UV Tattoo

While many people may consider the clown to be a part of the horror genre, clown tattoos are definitely in a league of their own. Indeed, nowadays, clowns do not have the reputation of happiness and joy they once had.

Despite the change in aesthetic, clowns still maintain their popularity. Tattoos of menacing clowns have seen a rise in popularity. People have made use of UV to give these clowns an even more maniacal feel. If you want to scare others with your body tag, these clown tattoos are right for you.

 Snowflake UV Tattoos

Snowflakes are famous for their beautiful, unique, and geometrically precise constructions. However, a simple snowflake tattoo would look quite boring if you think about it. That is why enthusiasts have merged the design with UV, giving it a much more presentable look. If a single snowflake doesn’t cut it for you, you can get loads more. Keep in mind, though, that creating such a complex design requires the skills of an experienced and adept tattooist.




Can I get a UV tattoo if I am black?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t get a UV tattoo if you are a person of color. You may need to use lighter UV ink for better visibility. It means you can get UV tattoos, irrespective of your skin color and tone.

Are UV tattoos safe?

Yes, UV tattoos are safe. These are phosphorus-free inks and do not contain carcinogenic—a cancer-causing substance. So make sure to confirm with the tattoo artist which ink they are using.

Are UV tattoos expensive?

UV tattoos are a new technology and naturally cost more than regular non-UV tattoos. However, it’s great value for money as you can get highly innovative and exciting tattoos that glow by spending just a few more bucks.

Final Thoughts

UV light or glow-in-the-dark tattoos are the latest fad this year. Many are getting them to impress their friends, and surely they look unique. But while getting one, you might want to keep in view a few factors such as the design, placement, and style to oomph up its effects.

While getting a UV tattoo and indulging yourself in this new trend is exciting, you have to keep in mind your purpose for getting that tattoo. Before, during, and after the tattooing process, you must never lose sight of your goal so that you don’t get something you may regret later on. Always be confident in what you choose.