55 Pyramid Tattoos: Invoke the Spirit of Egypt!

The beginning of tattoos in Egypt still comes under a lot of debate, but substantial evidence shows that tattooing in Egypt has its roots, if not before then from the early years of the Middle Kingdom (2040 to 1782 BCE). Numerous legends and exploration prove only Egyptian women had markings on themselves for a number of reasons.

Tattoos on Egyptian women were a brand representing servitude, or a mark that would depict their specific service, such as prostitution. They were a means to encourage fertility and to protect future generations. Researchers believe that tattooing in ancient Egyptian women had a therapeutic role and held the importance of a permanent amulet to protect them in the most difficult time of pregnancies and birth.

With the passage of time, researchers found substantial evidence that tattoos became equally important for men as well. While female tattoos were a representation of status, magical knowledge, and bravery, men tattoos are symbols of virility and strength.pyramid-tattoos     

Early archaeologists believed that tattooing in Egypt was exclusive to women, but the oldest preserved tattoos are on a mummified corpse known as Otzi the Iceman who lived approximately 5,300 years ago. He is the oldest naturally preserved mummy, with 61 tattoos.

Numerous researches prove tattoos for Egyptians held a similar significance as they do for people in the current day and age. The most common designs were dots and lines used to indicate the flow of energy within the human body. On the other hand, distinct Egyptian symbols serve as permanent magical amulets, and sacred objects to ward off potential evil, disasters, or diseases.

Among the numerous Egyptian symbols, a pyramid tends to be one of the most widely accepted tattoo design. Pyramids always denote great achievement for individuals for many years. In a literal sense, pyramids depict great capabilities of the ancient Egyptian civilization. It is also a symbol of unity and determination, the two most influential factors in the creation of magnificent monuments.

Pyramids served as a burial place for upper-class Egyptians and Pharaohs. The ancient people of Egyptian believed in a variety of gods and the notion the deceased could walk to the heavens directly from the pyramids. For this reason, pyramids were built in perfect alignment to the lunar events.

As a matter of fact, Egyptian’s knowledge of the stars and universe was so remarkable that researchers are still confused as to how they came across a comprehensive knowledge of the solar system. Pyramid tattoos hold distinct meaning for different individuals, such as protection, determination, perseverance, unity, spirituality, dedication and intelligence, to name a few.

The three-sided polygon is quite popular among individuals nowadays. There are a number of different styles from which one can choose to have a pyramid style tattoo, such as, neck, wrist, and arms. 

Following are some of the most popular pyramid style tattoo and their meaning:

Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo Design


These basic styles of pyramid tattoos include the gist of Egyptian civilization, with a focus on their gods. The unfilled waves hold the entire tattoo together and illustrate the ultimate power of god in the afterlife for a pharaoh.

Aztec Pyramid Tattoo Idea

Aztec Pyramid Tattoo

Aztec tattoos represented honor and to differentiate one’s cultures and their belonging. For this reason, each Aztec tattoo holds a distinct meaning to the wearer as per their choice of design. For instance, a left-handed hummingbird symbolizes a sun god. Therefore, the meaning of the Aztec sun tattoo will be the ‘belief in the afterlife’.

Similarly, Aztec Pyramids are pieces of art formed by Mayans (natives of Southern Mexico) almost 3,000 years ago. Anyone who visits Central America is surely mesmerized by their alluring designs.

Old School Pyramid Tattoo

The traditional landscape of a pyramid design takes individuals back to the land of mysteries. One either aims to cherish the brief time spend within these majestic monuments or aspire to do so one day. Regardless of the reason, individuals prefer to have the design completely black to give it a nostalgic and preserved feel.

Eye in Pyramid tattoo

eye pyramid tattoo

The eye within the pyramid is among the few symbols that ignite a lot of debate in the past. In ancient Egypt, the eye symbol represented the Eye of Horus or Ra. It stands for the person who achieved complete enlightenment through various incarnations and is aware of the mystery of God.

Horus is the same as the Holy Spirit of Christianity, Shiva of Hinduism, and Sangha of Buddhism. Over the years, the eye has been widely associated with a number of sects, including Illuminati, Freemasons, the Founding Fathers, and The Great White Brotherhood, to name a few.

Black and Gray Pyramid Tattoo Design


Individuals can combine other Egyptian symbols of their choice to personalize their tattoo design as per their preference. For instance, the tattoo above shows a pyramid that has an eye of God above it, which is watching all creatures of the world.

Meanwhile, wings are a depiction of high aspirations through hard work and dedication, and the snake on the sword is an old Egyptian symbol used by Pharaohs for strength and courage.

Pyramid Tattoo on Wrist

One of the most common reasons individuals prefer to have pyramid tattoo is because of their capacity to be three-dimensional and two-dimensional. Moreover, one can never go wrong with minimalist tattoos, as shown above. They are an ideal choice for individuals who prefer to symbolize specific milestones in their lives.pyramid-tattoos    

Neo-Traditional Pyramid Tattoo Design

Neo tattoos are a modern variation of traditional and old school American tattoos. As opposed to old school designs, neo-traditional happens to make things more modern by adding bold lines and colors within the tattoo design.

The tattoo above translates to ‘the ordinary people (lower half of the pyramid) being watched by higher powers and they are giving them the courage to conquer hurdles in the path of wisdom’.

Pyramid Sleeve Tattoo Design

The magnanimous designs of pyramids are most suitable for areas with ample space. Therefore, individuals tend to designate a whole side of their arms for their preferred style. Some even choose to have pyramid style tattoos that will complement other tattoos on their arms.

Outline Pyramid Tattoo Idea

A classical two-dimensional pyramid design happens to look even more sophisticated with marked outlines. These types of designs are an illustration for the extreme level of physical exertion of workers/slaves at that time, and how the long and tedious process resulted in something so magnificent.

Even a simple design as this one has the ability to get the person to stop wasting their time and getting them on the right track to fulfill their dreams.

Clock Pyramid Tattoo Design

Clock tattoos generally represent life and can incorporate various good and bad moments that the individual experienced. Combining them with pyramids individuals formulates their distinct set of meaning.

For instance, only the wearer knows the accurate meaning of the tattoo above but having the pyramid placed in the centre of the clock, one can infer a period of dedication and strength that the person wants to cherish forever. On the other hand, the person knows his time is passing away, as depicted by the pigeons, but he wishes to hold on to the time that is of utmost value to him.


Egyptian Symbols Linked With Pyramids

Following are some of the most commonly used Egyptian symbols used with conventional pyramid designs:

  • Ankh symbol depicts the Egyptian belief in the life hereafter and its power to take their beloved one to the next life safely. It is a cross like symbol that has a round loop on top of it.
  • Anubis Tattoo is an Egyptian God who as the body of a human and the head of a Jackal. He usually has a stick in one hand and an ankh cross in the other. Anubis is the god of death, and etched on the deceased to indicate that Anubis is watching over them.
  • The Ba Tattoo represents a legendary bird, known as Ba, who works tirelessly all day before returning to its nest the next day. The bird symbolizes perseverance.

Before you go get a pyramid tattoo permanently marked on yourself, you should be mindful about a few things. Firstly, always do your research about every minor symbol. They are your designs and you should have a thorough connection with them.

Moreover, never rush into getting your tattoos. Individuals who happen to get their tattoos on mere impulses often tend to regret some time later. Remember that you will wear this tattoo for the rest of your life so think twice before making your final decision.