125 Eye-Catching New School Tattoo Ideas You Need to Check Out

Have you ever wanted to achieve a tattoo filled with different colors and various tattooing techniques? Well, the perfect tattoo does exist and that is the new school tattoos. New school tattoos have been in the mix since the late 1970’s, and till today the love and adoration for these tattoos can never go away. The highlight of these tattoos is the use of vivid color, and bold outlines as well as the subtle cartoon-ish feature. If you want to get your pop-culture on, then getting a new school tattoo is how you do it.

 From different cartoon characters, and anime to everything hip, you can include all of these in your new school tattoo. These tattoos will definitely make you stand out in the crowd, and help you achieve some spectacular body art. Now all you need is a little guidance on new school tattoos and what the perfect type of design is. If you’re interested in getting one, continue to read this article below as over here you will come across the different meanings and designs of new school tattoos.New School Tattoo

The Meaning behind New School Tattoos


It is important to understand the meaning behind new school tattoos, as the meaning always helps the wearer connect more with their tat. It is not necessary for your new school tattoo to have meaning as you can simply just get it because of its unique design and the color vividness showcased in the tat. But, let’s dive into the meaning of these beautiful tattoos so you have an idea on what you are getting, and how you can also somewhat personalize your new school tattoo by adding certain features to the design.

One of the main things new school tattoos represent is openness. This means these tattoos showcase the openness tattooing techniques as you will come across different techniques used in a new school tattoo designs. These tattoos don’t restrict you to one technique and are quite different from the traditional ones. Using this tattoo is a good way to showcase how you have transitioned to openness as a person and will continue to do that.

 Many people are afraid of going on the different lane, and tend to stay within their boundaries. Being open doesn’t mean you’re crossing your boundary, it just means that you’re being yourself, and if a tattoo can help showcase that then you already know it’s a good one and that you need to get it.

These tattoos also represent the pop-culture which is sometimes not given much appreciation. If you want to showcase to the world the love you have for pop-culture, and that maybe it is something that inspires you to live everyday then you must go for a new school tattoo. Every new school tattoos has a different design that comes with various cartoon characters and landscapes; hence they all have individual meanings.

 The best part about these tattoos is that they make both female and males glow, so no matter who gets it tatted the meaning remains the same for everyone. It also showcases your love for body art, and the color vibrancy could represent your current vibrant lifestyle. Showing how a color burst can change your day or lighten up your mood is exactly what this tattoo showcases.

There are many other meanings you can interpret from new school tattoos. All you have to do is choosing a tattoo design which you can select from below, and according to that you can decide the meaning it holds.

Ideal Placement Options for New School Tattoos

The placement for new school tattoos plays a major role in the appearance of the tattoo. Most of the new school tattoos are big in size; therefore you must always choose a bigger placement for your tat. Areas such as the back, arm, chest, and thighs are ideal placement options for new school tattoos. These placements will allow the color vibrancy to pop, and this is one of the main features in new school tattoos that should be highlighted. It very unlikely to go for a small new color tattoos and select placements like the fingers, hand, feet, or neck.

 These placements and small size won’t allow the colors to pop the right way, and will also not showcase the different tattooing techniques properly. This doesn’t mean you cannot opt for a small new school tattoo, but its best to go for big ones and avoid going small. Choosing a placement can get a bit overwhelming and confusing sometimes, but once you have your design in front of you, you can accordingly choose the correct placement.

New School Tattoo Ideas

The Eagle New School Tattoo

You can now take a tattoo of an eagle to another level by incorporating it in this eagle new school tattoo. This tattoo includes an aggressive eagle using the new school tattooing style. This tattoo is filled with color and expression. The eagle in this tat is shown with much expression inked in shades of brown and yellow, with a sea blue background and red and white ribbons swirling all over.

There is so much going on this tattoo and the cartoonish expression compliments it.  This tattoo symbolizes freedom and pride, and is a good way for Americans to showcase their national identity through this unique new school tattoo.

Cat New School Tattoo


If you have a pet cat or are a general cat lover then you would definitely want to go for this cat new school tattoo. This tattoo includes a unique animated version of a cat inked in black shown trying to eat a yellow and red inked fish. The expression of this cat is just marvelous and the color pop even though there is not much color includes in this tat.

To achieve such a tattoo with so much expression you have to make sure you get tattooed form a professional tattoo artist who specializes in new school tattoos. The meaning behind this tattoo is also cool as it represents the mystical side of cats. If you wish your feline friend to be a mystical creature, then showing it through a tattoo like this is a cool way to do so.

Lighthouse New School Tattoo

You may have never come across a funny unique representation of a lighthouse until now. This lighthouse new school tattoo is inked in shape of a cat, inked in red white, and green. There is a lot of shadowing and a subtle 3D effect used in this tattoo which makes it even more interesting. This tattoo gives out many gloomy Alice in wonderland vibes in terms of the way the color is portrayed.

Other than the unique appearance of this tattoo, lighthouse tattoos are very meaningful as they represent calamity, and peace. If you’re in search of some guidance and light, getting a lighthouse new school tattoo might help. This tattoo also showcases how you tend to continue to have hope and faith in things that may always end up disappointing you, and how you always like to see the positive side of every situation.

Elephant New School Tattoo

This meaningful and eye-catching new school elephant tattoo is something you should definitely consider getting tatted on your body. This tattoo features a grayish blue inked elephant sitting near a red inked rose, and many additional features on the elephant. There is also a small brown hat inked on the elephant’s head, with jewels flowing through its forehead. This tattoo couldn’t get anymore interesting especially with the different color schemes used.

 This elephant looks like those ones you will find at a circus.  This eye-catching new school elephant tattoo represents divinity, and wisdom. These are two beautiful meanings that everyone should be reminded of everyday and what better way to do that than by getting this tattoo

Compass New School Tattoo

Compass tattoos are a common object presented in many different tattoos, but one of the coolest ways it appears is in this compass new school tattoo. This tattoo features a mustard inked nautical compass attached to the tail of an octopus inked in pink. The tattoo artist has also included blue ink in the background for an additional feature.

You’re probably wondering why would you pair a compass with an octopus tail, well that’s the beauty of new school tattoos; you can mix and match different things just to make the tattoo look unique as ever, and it doesn’t even have to have a meaning. On the whole compass tattoos are very meaningful as they symbolize loyalty, reliability, and fate. Having this tattoo ate don your body helps keep your way from wrong temptations reminding you of your correct markings portrayed don the compass. It’s hard to ignore a tattoo that has such a beautiful meaning as this.

Japanese Garuda New School Tattoos

New school tattoos play a major role in the Japanese culture, and it also has a lot to do with the origin of such tattoos. If you want to showcase some japanesse culture in your tattoo, then you must go for this Japanese Garuda new school tattoo. This tattoo consists of bird-like man inked in vibrant colors of black and yellow, complimented with big golden wings.  The eyes of the bird are pretty huge with swirly feature within the lens.

 The expressions in this tattoo are phenomenal; especially the way the tattoo artist has used different colors to express that. In Japanese culture this tattoo is very meaningful as Garuda the giant who has the power to block out the sun whenever he lied; therefore representing wisdom.

Koi Fish New School Tattoo

The Koi fish is another famous tattoo symbol used in Japanese cultures. This Koi fish new school tattoo, is a good way to show unique side of this symbolic fish. The tattoo comprises of a green and white inked Koi fish with many cartoon features against a bubbly colored background. The Koi fish in this tattoo represents integrity and strength which are two of the most important things one must have and live by in this world. This Koi fish new school tattoo is a good way of remembering that and achieving some cool body art.



How to go About the Color scheme of My New School Tattoo?

The vivid color scheme of a new school tattoo is what makes it so unique and attractive. It can get a bit confusing choosing a particular scheme, as you can possibly wish to include every color. The colors in a new school tattoo really pops, so when choosing the different colors you must make sure if you’re okay with something so bold and bright showcased on your body. Keep in mind the design when choosing colors, as you want to make sure that the design pops out with the color instead of being shadowed. The best way to go about it by talking to your tattoo artist and they will guide you.

How Much Do I Have to Pay For a New School Tattoo?

New school tattoos require a lot of technique; hence a lot of talent and effort goes into making these tattoos. Therefore, you may find these tattoos a bit expensive compared to the other ones, and also most of these tats come big in size. On average it should cost you around $150-$1000 for a new school tat with the cost even going higher than this. There are many factor stat contribute to the price of a new school tattoo. These consist of the price, design, placement and the tattoo parlor you’re getting it done from. So before booking your appointment, consider all these factors so that you can save up for your new school tattoo, or get one done under your budget.

Final Words

Now that you have the best new school tattoo ideas presented in front of you, its time you take the next step and start incorporating these ideas in your next potential tattoo. New school tattoos are the best way to achieve that unique body art, and you should definitely not miss out the chance of getting it.