125 Family First Tattoos that Suit Both Men and Women

Family tattoos can have a high and special meaning for many individuals. Family first tattoos are popular in men because they signify the closeness that they have with their parents, wife or children. But recently, because of the change in trends women are also willing to get some attractive family tattoos on their various body parts to express themselves.

When it comes to family tattoos people get them for one obvious reason. The love of family! No matter, where you come from, or how far you have made it, there is always a special place for family members in your heart. Tattoo of families, such as their names or other artwork is also a great way to signify that you value them in your life and are proud to be associated with them.

The tight bond between family members is definitely more than a treasure and is hard to express in words. Besides, a family tattoo doesn’t always involve your family members. In fact, it can also include people you value the most in your life, such as your friends and co-workers.

If you are looking for family tattoo ideas, then you have come to the right place. We have included several designs you can choose from that can help you reinforce the message of love you have for your family!family first tattoo

Family like Branches


This tattoo can work well for men and women alike. Having it inked on your shoulder will also reflect the value and respect you have for your family members. The tattoo has words and symbols to perfectly integrate the true meaning of family while focusing on the strong bond between family members.

This is a perfect tattoo to have on your shoulder if you are looking for something simple and attractive at the same time.

Heart Shaped Hands

Another great tattoo is heart-shaped hands. This tattoo is ideal for people who value their family and friends the most. In addition, if you have little kids, showing them off after having it done would likely increase their happiness and strengthen their bond with you.

The tattoo looks simple, but the meaning it possesses can positively influence the mind of your loved ones regarding your feelings for them.

Holding Hands

Looking for a perfect gift for your lovely daughter? Well, this tattoo might help you with your search. Maybe, this holding hand artwork will amuse her as a surprise. The tattoo contains hands of a daughter and father holding each other tightly with a breathtaking quotation.

In addition, you can also engrave the name of your daughter below the tattoo to make it look more enchanting and appealing. The perfect place for this tattoo would be your forearm, but it can also work around your shoulder.

The Family Heartbeat

The Family Heartbeat

The heart is our lifeline and so is the family. A family that supports each other during difficulties can help in fighting a lot of mental illness one can suffer from. If you have a very strong bond with your group members and family, then this tattoo would be a great fit.

 The family heartbeat tattoo starts from a typical heartbeat line and ends on the word “Family”. The tattoo itself defines how important family can be for many as it attaches the word “Family” together with the heartbeat artwork, which looks gorgeous.

Simple Family Tattoo

This simple but colorful family tattoo best suits females. The tattoo has a heart shape artwork with the word family written in it. Although it might look pale, the way “Family” is embossed in between the heart expresses a strong feeling one can uphold for their loved ones. With little addition of colors, this tattoo can easily become worth sacrificing for.

Family as Guidance

People love having great artwork on their body. If you are a fan of some heavy tattooing around your body parts, then this would exactly match your needs and preferences.

Having a strong reflection and colorful compass on your shoulder along with a quote emphasizing the importance of your family is one way to exhibit the fondness and attachment you have with them. The tattoo itself is very radiant and can easily become a focus point for people who endear you the most in their daily life. You should definitely get one.

The Protective Tattoo

The Protective Tattoo

This tattoo is for people who highly respect and protect the bond of family. How possessive you feel toward you family members is a strong measure of your love for them in most cases.

If you are a man or woman willing to sacrifice everything for the comfort and well being of your family, then this tattoo would be the best fit for you. Having a blade as a representation of shield with the words “Family over Everything” is likely to mean much for your loved ones on their first peek as it is really endearing.

Family Comes First

Is there more to say about this tattoo? The family comes first is a simple yet amazing tattoo that can be carved on your nape, lower back, or shoulders.

Personally, I would suggest having it on the part of your body so that it is easily visible to people around you. Because this can help illustrate the fact, as to how much you regard your family members.

Rose Wrap Family Tattoo

If you are fond of flowers and love having some beautiful artwork around your shoulders or back, then this tattoo will likely amuse you. The tattoo expresses the bond of family in a quote “Where life begins and Love never ends” while spotlighting a beautiful blossom.

 In addition, you can also have the names of your loved ones written on each flower petal if feasible to get a bolder look.

Family is Everything

This is another simple family first tattoo that can work for both genders. This tattoo is plain, but highly fashionable. It best fits on collar bones and is really unique in comparison to the above. This is not just because it is simple, but also because the tattoo highlights the meaning of family to the individual having one. “My Family, my everything” is a unique and powerful expression to manifest the love you have for your bloodline, co-workers or friends deep inside your heart.

The Anchor Family Tattoo

If you are not a fan of some simple words on your collar bones, maybe this anchor artwork on your shoulder with the word “Family” adorned in between is something you would love.

The tattoo itself looks great for people who have strong hands or a healthy physique. Traditionally, anchor as a symbol also signifies strength and stability. And with the word Family, embossed on it, the look it will project will be captivating and appeal to anyone.

The Family Tree

The family tree is one of the best tattoos for your back or shoulder. It starts with the name of the guardian of the house and extends to your wife and children. This tattoo can also be classified as an all in one artwork.

 In addition, you can also have your friends and co-worker’s name written on the tree branches as per your interest. The tattoo can be good enough for those who only have quite a few people in their life to add value.  But before you run to your nearest tattoo shop, make sure to write up the names of the closest people in your life.

The Finger Family

This tattoo fits on your fingers and is a unique way to strengthen the feeling of your attachment with your family members. The tattoo just has the word “Family”, but there is a more deep meaning to the tattoo than just a word.

The tattoo is completed by attaching one hand to another while holding them in a punching viewpoint. If you detach one hand from the other the word itself will break, and hence it implies how one member of the family is deeply connected with the others.


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When it comes to family first tattoos there are a lot of choices out there and you can pick from one or more. The tattoo you are going to choose entirely depends on your taste and interest. If you are someone that love simplicity and is not willing to endure the pain during tattooing, then having some phrases or quotes written on your body art would be the likely way forward.

But if you find it lovelier to decorate your body with symbols of flowers or anchors, then there is still much choice for you to benefit from such as the Family Tree or Anchor Family Tattoo.

As a final note, have a tattoo that can easily soothe your mind. How about the Family heart beat in this case?