75 Unalome Tattoo Ideas that Contribute to Peace and Serenity

People often look for different features in their tattoos that contribute to a peaceful and calm environment. There are many things people search for in their tattoos from meaning to direction, but if you’re searching for something that has a sporty feel and peaceful, you must go for Unalome tattoos. Unalome tattoos are rarely seen tattoo as it is mostly tatted in places usually covered with clothing.

 A Unalome tattoo consists of different features that contain a spiral look with some incarnate design. The outlook of this tattoo is what makes it so unique and beautiful. Unalome tattoos have a deep connection with the Buddhist culture and spreading peace and harmony. Due to the growth in popularity of Unalome tattoos, tattoo artists have introduced many different Unalome tattoos in the tattoo world, including different styles and symbols.

 If you plan on getting something simple yet unique and meaningful, you must give these Unalome tattoos a look. You never know –you may find the perfect tattoo design here. You will also come across the deep meaning behind Unalome tattoos, one of the main factors to consider when doing a tattoo hunt.


The Meaning behind Unalome Tattoos

Unalome tattoos have various meanings attached, but it circles around one main meaning: finding your spiritual nature and personal pursuit. Unalome tattoos suit both men and women and how the spirals appear depending on how masculine or feminine the tattoo is. If the spirals go in the left-hand direction, it symbolizes feminine energy, and spirals that go in the right direction symbolize masculine energy. The spiral featured in the tattoo symbolizes a crown.

Unalome tattoos have a strong link with Buddhism, one of the leading religions in some parts of Asia. If you look at this tattoo from a Buddhism context, the tattoo represents your ability to accomplish things that surpass the normal limits on earth. It is also a means to spread awareness of the roles each individual plays on earth. Many people believe that Unalome tattoos are reminders to analyze one’s actions and learn something from them.

Another main meaning behind Unalome tattoos is guidance. Unalome tattoos remind us that there are different paths in life you will come across, and each path contains the different experiences and turns that can be both negative and positive. It’s not about choosing the right or wrong path, but it’s about being aware of what’s in your way, and that you should always stay prepared. On each path, you will encounter feelings of fear, anxiety, and sadness. But you can balance out these feelings by the emotions of love and contentment present in each individual.

If you’ve had a good view of the Unalome tattoo, you will notice how it features a straight line. This line represents your journey’s visual metaphor and teaches you how it is not easy to quit. However, you can still do it if you feel like this is not what you want. The dot in the Unalome tattoo symbolizes the uncertain things in life. It’s a good reminder that life is very uncertain, and you should keep yourself prepared for both the worst and the best.

Unalome tattoos are also a sign of progress and help you keep going in life. You will come across many hurdles and heartbreaks in life, but you must not stop working. Plus, you must always give more importance to the positive things in life no matter how little they are. Living life with a positive mindset will always keep you going, and you have the Unalome tattoo to remind you of all the positivity in life.

As mentioned earlier, Unalome tattoos incorporate different signs and symbols; hence the tattoo becomes more meaningful and mesmerizing to look at. Each of these symbols has different meanings; however, it doesn’t change the original meaning of the Unalome tattoo. Some Unalome tattoos contain the lotus flower, which means a new beginning in life and matches perfectly with the meaning behind Unalome tattoos.

It impossible to miss out on a tattoo with so much in-depth meaning and positivity; hence you must go through the different Unalome tattoo designs and choose the one that suits you the best. You may go for the design and not give much importance to the meanings, which is also fine. But, the meaning behind Unalome tattoos is so powerful that it’s hard to ignore.

Ideal Placement for Unalome Tattoos

Unalome tattoos are quite simple, and most come in medium sizes. These tattoos are perfect for you if you’re looking for something small and unique. One of the major decisions when it comes to choosing a tattoo is the placement. Many people leave the placement for the last day, but trust us, that is not the best decision. It would help if you always decided on the placement before going for your tattoo appointment. In this way, you get the time to decide whether or not the particular placement suits you and the design of the tattoo.

A few of the main placements for Unalome tattoos are the wrist, ribs, arms, and behind the ear. One of the most popular and unique placements for Unalome tattoos, especially for women, is the area between their breasts. This area also represents the soul as it goes well with the meaning behind Unalome tattoos. If you want to go for a bigger Unalome tattoo, you can consider getting it on your upper arm, shoulder, or above the breasts.

Getting Unalome tattoos on foot isn’t much appreciated. Instead, it is considered disrespectful as this tattoo is quite symbolic to the Hindus and Buddhists. Hence, it’s preferable to get it anywhere on your upper body. Choosing the right placement can get a bit confusing sometimes. The best way to go through it smoothly is by first choosing the design. Next, you can choose the perfect placement according to the design and your preference.

Unalome Tattoos Ideas


Unalome Lotus Flower Tattoo

The Unalome lotus flower tattoo is one of the prettiest tattoos you will find with some beautiful features. This tattoo includes a black inked outlined lotus flower in the middle, on the sides, appears the Unalome symbol with spirals and dots at the end inked in black. This tattoo is quite symbolic as it features the lotus flower. Lotus flowers symbolize the power to overcome all the hurdles in life. At the same time, it reminds us to enjoy every bit of life.

In addition to the meaning of Unalome tattoos, this tattoo gives out a very powerful vibe. If you want to add a unique touch to your tattoo, you can add some color to the lotus flower. You can consider adding purple, pink, white, red, or blue ink. Each color has a different meaning and helps pop out the lotus flower more in this tattoo.

Unalome with a Cross Tattoo

Unalome with a Cross Tattoo

If you want to feature something religious in your tattoo, you must go for this Unalome with a cross tattoo. Unalome tattoos already have a religious connection to Buddhism, but this tattoo symbolizes Christianity. This tattoo features a medium-sized Unalome tattoo with a line and spirals connecting into a lovely flower design inked in black. Below the flower appears the Unalome dots and a small black inked cross.

This tattoo symbolizes peace and harmony derived from Christianity. It makes this tattoo much stronger as the meaning behind Unalome tattoos also relates to finding inner peace with a spiritual context. Many people also get this tattoo to connect with God and reflect their religious teachings into their daily lives.

Simple White Unalome Tattoo

Simple White Unalome Tattoo

For something much more simple and discrete, you must go for this simple white Unalome tattoo. This tattoo includes a Unalome tattoo inked in white. The tattoo includes the exact details of a Unalome with the line, spiral, and dots. The white ink used in this tattoo is what makes it so unique.

A white inked tattoo is quite popular these days; however, these tattoos are more likely to fade away and change color soon. This tattoo is a beautiful representation of spiritual guidance and purity as the color white symbolizes purity and compliments the meaning attached to Unalome tattoos.

Unalome Moon Tattoo

Unalome Moon Tattoo

This Unalome moon tattoo gives out some major astronomical vibes and looks amazingly good to get. This tattoo is the perfect choice for you if you want to add a bit of a dramatic touch to your tattoo. It incorporates a black inked moon with some dotted artwork.

The moon appears in the middle of the Unalome tattoo symbol. The moon breaks apart the spiral design, which is also inked in black. If you don’t want something too over the top, but a tattoo with a unique touch, you must consider this one.

Colorful Unalome Tattoo

Colorful Unalome Tattoo

You can also try out this colorful Unalome tattoo if you’re looking for something bright and colorful in your tattoo. This tattoo has a very feminine touch to it, but it would look stylish on men as well. This tattoo includes a Unalome tattoo sign in which the line part of the tattoo appears in pink ink, and the spiral design, including the dots, is beautifully featured in purple ink.

The tattoo comprises some unique incarnate details that go well with the spiral design. The purple and pink ink complement each other well and leave you with an impeccable color blend. If you want to slay this tattoo, you must get it right now and show it off on your wrist or spinal cord.



Is it disrespectful to get a Unalome tattoo?

For some staunch Buddhists, a tattoo of a Unalome on your body is major sign f disrespect as Unalome tattoos have a deep connection with the Buddhist religion. However, many people get a Unalome tattoo considering its spiritual meaning. To eradicate the disrespectfulness factor, you should avoid getting it on your foot, and instead get it anywhere on your upper body.

How much do Unalome tattoos cost?

The cost of a Unalome tattoo depends on the size, design, and the place you’re getting your tattoo. Most of the Unalome tattoo comes in small or medium sizes. If you go for a standard Unalome tattoo, you may have to pay around $75-$100. Some Unalome tattoos include different symbols and objects; hence the more elements in the tattoo means the more you will have to pay. Some tattoo parlors around you may charge per hour; hence this makes a big difference in the average price.

What colors should I avoid in my tattoo to prevent fading?

Fading is a big issue in color tattoos, as these tattoos are less long-lasting compared to normal plain black tattoos. If you want something long-lasting, always go for bold colors like black and grey. These colors look good in almost every tattoo design. Avoid colors like light green, pink, and yellow as these colors tend to fade away sooner.

How long will a small Unalome tattoo last for?

Small tattoos tend to fade away over time faster than bigger tattoos; however, this is not the case for everyone. This also depends on where you’ve got your tattoo done. Not to mention, it has a lot to do with the quality of the ink and how well you take care of it. If you feel like your tiny Unalome tattoo is fading away, you can always get a retouch done. It is more likely to get a retouch every ten years.


Bottom Line

With the help of an in-depth background of Unalome tattoos and popular designs, you can easily decide on getting a Unalome tattoo or not. These tattoos are extremely hard to miss out on, especially with their unique and simple appearance and the beautiful meaning of spirituality behind it. The meaning behind this tattoo is so realistic that every person can relate to and learn from it. If you’re all for this tattoo’s meaning, you must get this tattoo right now and add it to your tattoo collection.