75+ Medusa Piercing Ideas: Pain & Healing Time (& Everything You Need To Know)

What Is Medusa Piercing?

Medusa piercing is a penetration in the area above the upper lip and below the nose, called the “philtrum,” which is why Medusa piercing is also known as philtrum piercing.

There are several reasons for the rising popularity of medusa piercing. First, it is a gender neutral piercing, suits both men and women with zero discrimination in the choice of studs, jewels, or barbell.

Also, a recent survey proved some piercings treated migraine, and severe headaches for individuals who had certain piercings. One of such healing piercings list included medusa piercing.

Why would you want to miss a chance of getting a piercing that enhances your looks, makes you an ultimate style statement and also deals well with your frequent headaches? If you’re convinced to get this medusa piercing but not sure of the design that you can resonate with, then give up that thought and check out the most astonishing medusa piercing ideas listed below.


Dual Medusa Piercing

Two is always better than one.

If you’re someone who can’t get enough of medusa piercing, then double, or dual medusa piercing is made for you. Dual medusa piercing has a dazzling vibe; the wearer looks fierce and appealing in every way possible. Also, multiple options are stacked up for such piercing design such as two silver metal studs, two diamond studs, simple black studs, marble studs, and much more.

The best part about the dual medusa piercing is how it balances the pressure on the philtrum Surprisingly, a single stud medusa piercing burdens the upper lip to the extent that it takes longer healing time than double or dual medusa piercing.

Centered Bead Piercing

Do you want to be the center of attention? Then you must have centered medusa piercing. In this type of piercing, the stud will be placed in the center of the philtrum, leaving everyone around you bound to stare at your face, as the look is super intriguing and captivating.

Also, if the stud is placed in the middle of the philtrum, then it has plenty of space both over and under it. This arrangement allows the wearer to opt for big studs that are nicely embellished with different jewels, or even a large-sized metal matte silver stud, which surprisingly compliments every shade of skin.

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Unembellished Silver Labret Stud

Simple is gorgeous. Think about the fact that the stud is just above your lips, and you’re not someone who wears same lip shade with everything.You are more of a girl who goes for challenging dark colors and even pretty light colors, but your pierced stud doesn’t match your lip shade.It will bother you, right?

Then why not opt for something that is neutral and goes well with everything, which is none other than silver. Getting an unembellished silver labret stud would look flawless with anything you wear. Also, silver will brighten up your facial features and can also be paired with any colored piercing.

Snake Bite Paired With Medusa Piercing

Snakebite piercing has such a sassy look to it, and if you pair it with a medusa piercing, it will add up to the fierce-looking vibe. It will act as the missing puzzle piece.

There are numerous color options to consider. Suppose you have black snake bite piercing, you can then opt for diamond studs for medusa piercing. Or if you have silver snake bite piercing, then you can pair it up with ruby embellished studs as medusa piercing. The options are unlimited, but the vibe is so strong that no one with a facial piercing passion will be able to ignore it at all.

Black Stud Just Above the Lip Medusa Piercing

Black is a color of all; there are only a few people who hate to wear black. It is like the apple of the eye and the best option for stud when going for a piercing procedure.

Medusa piercing that is placed near the lip is usually inserted with black studs. From a distance, they look like a beauty mole. Also, they give a refined look. And if you’re someone who just got introduced to medusa piercing then opting for a black stud would keep you on the safer side.There is nothing to not like about black studs.

Elevated Medusa Piercing

Medusa piercing when placed near the nose is known as elevated medusa piercing. Only a few opt for such piercing as it has a risk of disturbing the nose bone, but looks great on the face.

Most people opt for marble studs for elevated medusa piercing, they give a classic look. Plus, light colors are preferred for studs that are placed as elevated medusa piercing.

Jewel Stud

Getting pierced with jewel studs is usually a thing of well-established individuals. Also, there is great variety in jewel studs; you can have different types of stones and colors. Most people get their lucky stones pierced, whereas others take some stones as safety charms. They believe that such protective stones prevent evil eye from affecting their beauty or causing any magical spell.

Medusa piercing is indeed more than just piercing for certain individuals.

Golden Labret Stud Medusa Piercing

Golden charms up the facial features that you might think are too dull for the world to see.

Golden labrets are easily available and also don’t react with the skin, especially if its facial skin. If you’re young and onto a medusa piercing, then it would be beneficial to opt for a golden stud, so it does not play with your skin and take a long time to heal.  The first experience matters a lot.

Nose Stud Matching Medusa Piercing

When confused, start pairing up studs with the studs you already wear.

If your nose pin is black, then opt for black stud or something that goes well with black for your medusa piercing. Once you get the drill, you will become a pro at choosing the right studs for your medusa piercing.

Vertical (Jestrum) Medusa Piercing

Vertical medusa piercing looks like there is a long stud that’s piercing through your upper and lower lip. But in reality, there are two studs placed in a way that it fools people. Most people opt for curved labret,which looks like a half circle that was pierced through the lips. It also gives fearless and daring vibes.

Flower Stud Medusa Piercing

Who doesn’t like flowers?They lighten up your mood.In a similar way, flower studs can enhance your facial features and your personality.

Medusa piercing comes out as fierce. However, if the stud is floral, it turns out to be the perfect combination of all, just like sweet and sour or sugar and spice and everything nice.Here, it would be everything elegant and exquisite.

Piercing Procedure

Step-by-step procedure

  • Piercer will first clean your philtrum and the surrounding region with anti-bacterial solution, till the moment it’s completely free from any germs.
  • The next step is to clean your oral cavity, so you will be provided with a mouthwash, and asked to rinse thrice.
  • Next, the piercer will ask you about your preferences.If he/she notices any confusion, they might show you some designs that might suit you. When decided, they’ll make a mark on the piercing spot, so there is no chance of error or mishap.
  • If your piercing spot is near the upper lip, then the piercer will numb the upper lip and hold it with a clamp, while inserting the needle.
  • After the needle has penetrated the philtrum and a hole is created, the piercer will insert the stud or barbell you selected.
  • It’s done, finally!


Things to Do Before a Medusa Piercing

There are plenty of things that you should do before a medusa piercing,At the same time, there are things you should completely stop before the procedure. The do’s and don’ts are listed below

  • Remember to apply zero makeup on the area where the piercing has to be placed; it should experience no soap, scrub, and mask. Keeping the philtrum clean is a crucial part of the whole procedure.
  • Avoid sugary meals, sticky candies, and snacks, as that can cause a cavity, which means bacteria presence, resulting in a harmful infection.
  • Brushing your teeth at least thrice a day with a frequent rinse of mouth wash can help your oral cavity to remain germ-free, thus eradicating any risk of sour gums or damaged teeth.
  • Also, flossing rigorously might help get rid of any little food chunks that might disturb your oral hygiene.
  • Avoid sodas and fizzy drinks at least a week before medusa piercing as it will weaken your teeth and might also make your cavity surface rough; such would intervene the piercing procedure and make it hard for the needle to penetrate.
  • Remember to take a mint spray with you the appointment, we know that your cavity will be clean, bad breath can happen to anyone, and you wouldn’t want you piercer to suffer.
  • Last, avoid consuming garlic, onions, or any other food that has a strong after smell and make your breath worst than ever.


How Much Pain Does It Cause?Healing Time

According to expert piercers, the total healing time ranges from 6 to 12 weeks.And sometimes, if the after-care is not taken, then it might take up to 15 or more weeks.

But setting an accurate time is different since different people have different skin types, and some have medical conditions as well.

The only guarantee for quick healing time can be given if you follow the aftercare steps daily and accurately. Missing even one day of mouthwash or having a cheat meal can take you back to square one.

Remember not to get fooled by the outer look.The skin outside might look healed after a week but the tissue beneath takes longer, so have your meal accordingly.

Plus, visit your doctor every week to ensure if the healing process is going well, and you’re not making any mistakes.

Skipping the after-care procedure or ignoring the importance of oral hygiene will only harm you in the long term.

After Piercing Guide

Did you think the hustle was only limited to the time before getting the piercing? Unfortunately, it’s the after-care that is the hardest.But, don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered and listed below for your convenience.

Remember, if you follow the after-care steps properly, your infection or bruise will heal fast, but if you don’t, the bruise can leave a scar for a lifetime.

Let’s look at the steps:

  • The first two weeks after the medusa piercing are the most painful and test your endurance level. You have to be careful with the movement of the philtrum, as the area will be still numb.Less movement will cause less pain. So it’s important to have a diet plan that has fewer chewy foods. Most people prefer going on a liquid diet for two weeks.
  • Also, speak moderately and avoid shouting. The wider you open your mouth, the more the philtrum will stretch. This can cause further pain.
  • Avoid spicy foods; it will cause extreme itching in that region.
  • If you’re a swimmer, then avoid swimming at least for 2 and a half weeks, as the high amount of chlorine is bad for a skin that is weak and reacting with any chemical.
  • Avoid using any essential oils or fragrant lotions on the philtrum; it will cause sudden irritation and redness that might prolong your healing process
  • Stay away from any toxic materials such as cigarettes and alcohol.

Tips for Cleaning

  • Get yourself a packet of sea-salt, Q-tips and cotton balls
  • Now make it a habit for three weeks to daily clean the pierced area with cotton balls and keep your touch gentle on the skin. The high amount of pressure might increase the after piercing bruise.
  • Avoid any makeup in that area, not even a simple sunblock or cream. Leave it bare.
  • Buy a soft brush, also brush slowly and steadily.
  • Checking product descriptions before purchasing a product is important, and so should be the case with you buying a mouthwash. If your mouthwash contains even a hint of alcohol it can cause problems for you.

Medusa Piercing Possible Risks

It is better to know all about medusa piercing after effects than feeling sorry later.

Medusa piercing might heal your headaches, but it is similar to all the other piercings that cause minor infections and bruises, a certain complication which is treatable with time.

Following are the most occurring infections and minor health issues associated with medusa piercing.

  1. Scars:if you’re one of those people who take hasty decisions, but regret later on, then it’s better to think twice before getting medusa piercing. The biggest drawback is that it will leave a scar even if you would want to remove it soon after the piercing. Scarring is a thing.
  2. Sour Gums: the biggest risk involved are the occurrence of sour gums, as the stud can touch your upper gums frequently and cause receding. Gum bleeds take plenty of time to heal; you might also have to remove the stud during the medication period.
  3. Infection: Infection is a very common and pre-informed risk in every piercing, it’s just the infection is deeper when it comes to medusa piercing as it is in contact with the oral cavity and that is where most of the germs and bacteria accumulate.

Being aware of the possible risk is highly important, and gives you an upper hand when facing painful sensations after the piercing. When you know these things, you won’t panic because you will be aware of all the medications and remedies beforehand.






Bottom Line

Medusa piercing has been the talk of the town since it was first introduced.It never went out of trend or came out as too dangerous or risky. It depends on you how much you take care of it, as the more seriously you take to process, the better it will turn out for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Find an expert piercer who can guide you correctly and calm you down when needed, and choose your stud or labret wisely. These are the things that matter the most.

Enjoy the process and live each moment.

Happy piercing!