125 Diamond Tattoos – Diamonds Are Forever [2022 Designs]

For centuries, human beings have practiced a tradition or habit of marking their bodies. The oldest discovery of tattooed skin dates back to 3100 BC, which was found on the body of Ötzi the Iceman; the oldest human mummy in Europe whose body was naturally mummified. Likewise, numerous other tattooed skins have been recovered from a number of places, such as China, Sudan, and Egypt, etc.

Tattoos have always held a level of significance in different cultures and traditions. For instance, in China, it was fairly common for criminals and convicts to have a tattoo on their face that symbolized the fact that they went to prison or were convicted of a crime. It was a way to alert others not to trust these individuals.

However, tattoos haven’t always been associated with a notorious symbol; women in Borneo used to tattoo their specific skills on their forearm. So, if a woman wore a symbol of a weaver, it would enhance her status as a material manager. Meanwhile, in Egypt, tattoos have been used as a method to cure health issues, although considerable evidence suggests that they were only engraved on female bodies.

Indeed, tattoos have held distinct standing for men and women in history. Even though there is little evidence as to why and when men began to get tattoos, they were most commonly found on the bodies of sailors and circus artists. Nonetheless, women were marked for numerous other reasons, like when girls of age would be marked to declare their place in the society, as well as women who got married.

Tattoos come in various types and styles. Some of the most common styles of tattoos in the course of history are as follows:

diamond tattoo  

Tribal Tattoos

These styles date back to the time when humans had just begun marking their bodies. There are multiple designs that come under the category of ‘tribal’ styles. They are usually elaborate bold designs that are etched on any part of the body.

Tribal styles differ from one culture to another. These designs are based upon distinct ancestry and heritage. Today, the most common cultures that are paid homage to include Maori, Indonesian and Hawaiian traditions.


With elaborate tattooing equipment and techniques, 3D styles tattoos are gaining popularity in recent times. These modern ink styles add another dimension to conventional styles. People usually prefer having faces inked on their body and prefer to have it in 3D style so that the design pops out.


Geometric-style tattooing comes in a variety of forms, from conventional shapes like polygons and diamonds to abstract images and mandalas. Since there are numerous shapes, they all mean something different to individuals.

The Significance of a Diamond Tattoo

The diamond shape is formed by many other symbols and motifs. The design represents many cultures, religions, and sects. Its significance dates back to ancient times when it was first discovered in India. Back then, people remarked on the stone’s extraordinary quality, even in its uncut form.

It was believed that whoever was in the possession of the stone would be strong, flawless, and genuine. It was, for this reason, men in particular would get the precious stone design etched on their bodies, especially before going to a battle.

Moreover, Persians and Turks regarded diamonds as mood- lifting stones. They believed that if someone looks at the stone long enough, it would rid them of all the negative feelings inside them and replace them with positive ones.

The stone was valued so much that in the middle ages, they were worn as a protective gem against intoxication. Similarly, Buddha’s throne was adorned with diamonds as they believed that the stone has the tendency to heal.

There are numerous other reasons why the diamond tattoo is considered to have such great value in the hearts of people. There are many legends that express benevolent qualities of the stone; hence, it holds such worth that it is marked on the bodies of both men and women.

Shapes and Meaning Inspired by Diamond

Diamonds have a sophisticated structure and not all tattoo artists, particularly those from native lands, are able to imitate it. For this reason, they are designed differently in different parts of the world.

diamond tattoos    

The above symbol represents ‘immorality’ and it is commonly found among the natives of North America, Canada, and Mexico. It also signifies a butterfly, which is associated with eternal life. The reason being that, ‘butterflies’ demonstrate the phases of rebirth, revitalization, and metamorphosis. Human beings tend to relate these phases to their own life journey.

The symbol presents the journey of a man who is born and evolves in a world until his very last breath. Later, he returns to his worldly existence due to his decisions. By way of explanation, a man leaves his legacy behind and that is the true essence of immortality. People tend to honor their legacy through this symbol, particularly, natives of different countries.

This form of the diamond symbol represents ‘Earth’ and it sometimes presented with a circle. It illustrates the way nature works, from its four seasons, to its four directions. For centuries, Mother Nature was worshipped in different forms.

From the ideology of four elements – air, water, earth and fire, to its energy sources, the symbol exhibits an intersection point, a center which represents harmony and well-being. Initially, mystics believed that earth’s energy can be extracted from every element. Hence, the symbol was used in ceremonies that required manipulation and clarification.

This diamond symbol originated from northern Europe which represents the runic system of “Futhark”. This rune is Dagaz, the Symbol of Dawn. This rune represents enlightenment and satisfaction, and the notion of ultimate truth that seekers hold most precious.

Moreover, the rune symbolizes a partnership between day and night with the center-point being dawn. The center-point depicts a novel sense of understandings for all new things.

This diamond symbol also originated in northern Europe, and is seen in different cultures throughout history. This too, is a symbol of Futhark, and is known as Ingwuz rune; it is geometrically designed. This symbol was associated with the notion of life as it resembled the birth canal.

This diamond symbol also signifies the earth’s four properties – earth, water, air, and fire. This is because they are correlated to the four sources that are the foundation of creating and nurturing life.

Meaning of getting a Diamond Tattoo

Since ancient times, the meaning of getting a diamond tattoo is evolving. Apart from the allegorical sense described above, people in today’s world get a diamond tattoo for various other reasons such as:


Diamonds are the perfect example of evolving beauty. This is because when they are first mined they are no different from any other translucent stone, but it is not until they are carved and polished that their true beauty shines out.

Similarly, people tend to relate themselves to the evolution of a diamond. For some, it is not only a symbol to show outer beauty, but their inner beauty and strength. Meanwhile for others, the gem depicts a shine like no other.

Hence, apart from preferring to wear it over other designs, celebrities and people in general decide to get the symbol inked on themselves to pay tribute to a beauty that lasts forever.  


Diamonds are known for their magnificent quality; hence, they are associated with power. The notion of power varies from one person to another. For some, a diamond tattoo is a representation of their physical strength. It was a way for them to express their indestructible being.

On the other hand, the symbol is a representation of their societal privilege. For some people, getting a diamond tattoo is a means to express their undeniably abundant wealth and property. For this reason, even in ancient times, there were numerous Kings and Kingdoms whose identity was represented by a diamond.


Those who are born in April like to celebrate their birth month with a diamond tattoo. For some, this is a way to pay tribute to their existence in the world that they are born in, as well as the world they will move on to next.

For others, a diamond tattoo is a representation of their birth month and the legacy that they will leave behind. Either way, it has been widely observed that people who are born in April like to get a diamond-themed tattoo.


Eternal Words

Some people want to appreciate a certain personality and their words by getting a tattoo of their favorite quote. Similarly, quotes or personal words that are written within a diamond are a common design that tattoo-enthusiasts opt for. This way, they engrave words that they appreciate and never want to forget.

Another thing that is commonly done by people is to have memorable experiences inked onto themselves. This is an additional way to commemorate the time that they spent with their loved ones and getting a diamond-themed tattoo about is an expression to cherish it forever.

Everlasting Love

Just like for words, diamonds are a great tattoo idea to cherish feelings about a special person. Be it in the form of engagement rings, necklaces, or tattoos, diamonds are simultaneously pictured as an embodiment of love.

For this reason, some people symbolize their love for another by getting a diamond tattoo, most commonly near the heart.

In contrast, for others, a diamond tattoo is a means to express their everlasting love for all living things or Mother Nature. People who are regarded as ‘hippies’, tend to get this tattoo to celebrate their love for everyone and everything around them. 

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, men in particular, would get this shape tattooed on themselves as it is considered a representation of strength and courage.

Diamond Tattoos for Men

Men who felt that they were rich and had a desire to get richer, as well as those who had very little but sought great riches, often believed that getting a diamond tattoo will fulfill their desire. For centuries, diamond tattoos have been a symbol of money, high status, and superior strength.

Different diamond-themed tattoos have a different meaning for men. A Small Black Diamond is a depiction of wealth and men who have the desire to accumulate wealth usually opt for this design. This is usually inked on a discreet part of the body as it is believed that a hidden black diamond will bear great riches to the person who holds it.

On the other hand, a melting diamond is a relatively new form of design that represents the fading strength of someone who once conceived himself as impenetrable. For this reason, a lot of celebrities are drawn toward this design as it is something that they can personally relate to.

Indeed, diamond tattoos for men and women have evolved with time. Apart from not being exclusively selected by males, they are mixed with other shapes and designs to express multiple meanings. For instance, recently, a diamond designed with wings illustrates spiritual rather than monetary wealth.

Potential Risk of Diamond Tattoos

Regardless of the widely spoken saying ‘no pain, no gain’, people, in general, should take into account the multiple risks associated with getting a tattoo.

Not all skins types are suitable for all kinds of inks. For instances, if traditional tattooing ink sinks smoothly into someone’s skin, it doesn’t mean that colored ink will too. So, individuals are highly recommended to verify the chemicals that are being used for tattooing. This will minimize any risks of having an allergic reaction.

Moreover, some allergic reactions can be triggered years after getting a tattoo, so always make sure to rush to the hospital in case you notice anything unusual.

Furthermore, individuals face high risks of infections from ineffective tattooing equipment or hygienic precautions. To avoid any kind of infection or disease, make sure that the injecting needles are not infected, and the tattoo artist is using sterilized equipment.

There are numerous cases where people have underestimated the importance of sterilized equipment and were consequently infected with severe diseases, such as hepatitis B and C. These diseases are called bloodborne diseases and spread because of contaminated ink needles. Therefore, it is always advised that one goes to a reliable tattoo artist who you can trust will have safe and sterilized equipment.