125 Abstract Tattoo Ideas You Must Consider Trying

If you are done with following the tradition and are not one of those people who opt for typical or conventional tattoos, getting an abstract art on your skin will be a great idea. These are much more artistic and do not try to resemble or imitate reality, but are in themselves authentic works of art. In addition, these types of tattoos hide more than what may seem, because many of them have a special meaning.  If you want to know all about abstract tattoos, then keep reading.

Abstract tattoo designs are more artistic than you may think. I’m not saying that other types of tattoos aren’t artistic, it’s just that abstract tattoos don’t feel and look like typical tattoos. Abstract tattoos express more emotional and inner feelings rather than imitating something else. Like abstract paintings, abstract tattoos are also a mixture of colorful and creative strokes and lines.

These tattoos will not show something that is present in the real world. It will give you a creative composition and a feast for your eyes. Abstract ink art is always attractive and artistic.

If you are kind of shy or secretive about your feelings, then abstract tattoos will be ideal for you. It allows you to express everything, but also keeps your secret. Only those people will understand this who know you really well.


Bright colors, different shapes, and meaningful lines, engraved on your body into various designs create amazing pieces of art for eternity. Those expressing designs on your body are stories. It can be a dedication to the memory of your loved one or to anything that you love. In addition, you can conceal the actual meaning if you don’t wish to disclose it.

Another good thing about abstract tattoos is that they are not sexist in nature, and both men and women can have them. We do not think you can get bored since there are infinite possibilities for abstract ink art designs. To be really honest, you can easily paint your abstract tattoo on yourself. It will evoke strong emotions in you!

Abstract tattoos are getting increasing attention, especially in recent years. This is due to new techniques that allow artists to improve their skills and abilities. That is why so many artists have experimented with abstract forms.

As we said, these sorts of tattoos are unisex. Women love it for the anonymity and passion they hide in them. However, women tend to prefer minimal abstract watercolors tattoos on the back, thighs or sleeves.

Personally, I think men should experiment with thicker and bolder designs. This is because men like to have larger tattoos on various parts of their bodies. Try to experiment and draw a kind of tattoo that you want. Finalize some designs yourself. This will make your tattoo even more exclusive.

Go over some ideas that you liked with your tattoo artist. Then you can combine these into something distinctive and definite.


Beyond Reality


You are certainly wondering why this phrase comes inside “kind of tattoos”? It’s simply because this name is better suited to abstract tattoos. Style whose foundations do not draw their sources of exhaustively real elements, the abstract tattoo is … unreal.

 Its name indicates it so well, and the works of the abstract tattoo are born from the imagination, entirely or partially.

Abstract Tattoos Augment Reality

It is therefore not uncommon to see imaginary elements associated with these tattoos, like compliments, with real elements on an abstract tattoo, arising from the imagination of a tattoo artist. Is reality not the best breeding ground for imagination? If it is true, then it is logical that abstract tattoos leverage elements of the real world to offer unique patterns, so unique that the inspirational sources of abstract tattoos are certainly limitless.

Beauty as a Leitmotif for Unlimited Possibilities

It is from this point that an unavoidable feature of abstract tattoos is born: the multiplicity of abstract motifs. The close relationship between this style of tattooing and the imaginary must in no way suggest that traits or points drawn at all hazards are enough to make the abstract.

 Not at all, if it is a common point between all abstract tattoos, it is the search for aesthetics, constant in all tattooed abstract designs, and therefore sometimes calling other styles to perfect the beautiful.

Here are some of the tattoo styles that you can mix and match to make an abstract piece of art on your body.

Realistic Trash Polka

Becoming popular in the 2000s in Germany, this style has revolutionized the tattoo tradition. Line accuracy, full and dense colors and clean lines are the main features of the realistic trash polka, which make the design extremely realistic, sometimes almost similar to a real portrait.

Only two colors are allowed: black and red. The prevailing theme in this innovative genre is the skull which most of the time is accompanied by abstract elements that give harmony to the tattoo.



Originally created for aesthetic and religious purposes and used over time for punitive purposes, the Irezumi developed as a decoration only at a later time: in the beginning, they defined the part of the Japanese society that carried out heavy work, such as firemen, traders, and artisans.

These decorations are a common inspiration of water symbols, and an expression of value and courage, as well as belonging to a group. From this tradition many themes came into existence and are still in style, such as the dragon – a symbol of wisdom and longevity – and the carp – associated with positive masculine qualities, as well as being a symbol of good luck. It will look great on your back and arms.


Watercolor tattoos resemble soft lines and splashes of shaded colors that make them delicate and dynamic at the same time. Thanks to the absence of contour lines and the use of muted colors/tones, the skin does not appear tattooed but rather painted, and the effect produced will be light and pleasant image, as well as unique and original.

Many abstract designs, such as flowers, petals, trees and any other symbol that is an expression of the world of nature lend themselves to this style.

Dot Work or Pointillism

Pointillism tattoos are images created with thousands of tiny dots tattooed in areas where shade or blocks of color would normally be used. Mostly they are fashion with black or gray ink, although they can include some other color as well.

They require a lot of patience, talent, and precision because doing them takes a long time. Among the most common themes or concepts within this style are geometry and portraits. Many people prefer this style.



Another of the styles that became fashionable lately. They are usually black, but you can also use color: the most important is the form. They are made with clean and simple lines and geometric shapes. These drawings come from indigenous, spiritual and tribal cultures, patterns of nature and science, architectural forms and symbols rooted in alchemy (some common examples: triangles, moons, the symbol of the philosopher’s stone and arrows).

Black Work

Tattoos in black or black work, as the name implies, use black ink to cover entire skin fragments with that color. In turn, they mix this “painted black” effect with complex geometrical figures, focusing on the flow of design and body.

Some call it nontribal because many times they take traditional Polynesian figures and mix them with visual arts, which is more modern.

This style has become fashionable in recent years and is a good alternative for those who want to cover a tattoo that they do not like very much.

Celtic and Maori / Polynesians

Although these tattoos are from different origins, they are framed in what is called “tribal”. Some of the oldest forms of tattoos originated in Polynesian cultures, a form of spiritual art practiced on islands, such as New Zealand, Hawaii, and Samoa.

The tattoos were used to tell the story of the person with geometric symbols and patterns that had specific meanings, though there is lack of reliable information (the symbolism that is known today has historical interpretations or assumptions).

The clans of Polynesia are very shy in terms of the symbolism of their art that has much to do with religious, philosophical and cultural issues. So, in the West, they are basically for aesthetic purposes.

You’ll find many abstract tattoo designs that are pure works of watercolors or of a different style; you’ll find those in rich bright colors. It’s up to you to see what appeals to your inner personality. There will be some who play delicately with geometric patterns, others that mix fine tattoos flowers and animal tattoos, but above all, there are some that will not remind you of anything precise or all at once. Abstract tattoos are imaginative and creative in nature, Keep this in mind when you are getting an abstract tattoo.