5 Things You Need to Know about Triforce Tattoos (with 75+ Designs)

Most people who are fans of Triforce/Zelda tattoos are game addicts and lots of video game players are tattoo admirers. Taking this notion into account, it is never shocking to have numerous tattoo compositions based on legendary video game characters.

Various tattoo ideas feature many video game-centric items. E.g. the 1-up mushroom that gives the players extra life in the game Super Mario or the clad in red Italian plumber. However, there are no simpler, elegant, gentle and trendy video game designs than the Triforce/ Zelda tattoo.


Meaning of Triforce


The meaning of Triforce is hidden under its design. It is an illustrious heirloom that consists of three triangles. Those three smaller triangles are placed in such a way that it makes one huge triangle. The residents of the mystical kingdom, Hyrule, regard it as “Golden Power.”

The symbol of Triforce is very critical and eminent part of the story during the whole video game.  Having this symbol symbolizes eternal power. The antagonists of the game desire to have each and every piece of this powerful symbol into their hands. The composition of this figure is very classic and simple.

Going further, this is a renowned figure globally. Hence, there are so many die-hard fans out there who engrave the Triforce tattoos on their bodies.

History of Triforce Ink Art

The origin and invention of the Triforce tattoo date back to a very notable and notorious game franchise till date, Legend of Zelda form Nintendo, which debuted in 1986. For beginners, who don’t know about this game, it is a story about an endless war going on between good and evil. Link, the hero and princess Zelda are representations of good that are fighting against an unjust and evil antagonist, Ganondorf.

There were many things in this game that had symbolical meanings and explanations. For example, a renowned master sword of Link, and the fairy, Navi: from the fifth game in the Legend of Zelda series. Nonetheless, it was only Triforce tattoos that got fame and continue to be a renowned symbol to this date.

Depiction of Triforce

Most people have this myth in their brains that Triforce is just a part of the game only, but it is not true. This particular symbol has an identity of its own as well; it has more significance and associations than just being a part of a game.

Triforce can also be engraved as a tattoo on your body to express and show few emotions. This proves to be a perfect ink art composition for many people.

Every design of a Triforce tattoo is associated with noteworthy and remarkable figures and with honor and integrity that conveys a meaningful message. A triforce is a group of three triangles, and each triangle represents courage, wisdom, and power respectively.

Courage is for the game’s main protagonist, Link. Wisdom is one of the wisest souls, Princess Zelda and Power is given to the menacing villain Ganondorf. These are the most foundational associations of Triforce. However, there are many more hidden meanings than these three.

Significance of Triforce

Representation of the three major characteristics of Triforce motif that were discussed above compliments the fact that courage is for the soul, wisdom is for the mind, and your body is your power.

Boldness and bravery of your spirit make you do wonderful things in life and only this spiritual courage can drive humans to do anything. A brave soul can make you achieve the things that you may think you were not capable of.

Moving forward, foresight and knowledge of the mind dominate you to make the best decisions of your life. The strength and intensity of your body can change impossible to “I’m Possible.”  With your physical power, you can jump off from any hurdle and can overcome any obstacle that stops you from achieving your goals.

When you see this symbol as a whole, you’ll see it is directly related to all three major elements that complete a human being. This deep and meaningful depiction of Triforce tattoo allows people to recognize that every human being is equal and we are a part of God’s great plan.


Triforce Tattoos

A Triforce tattoo is incomplete without all the three features present in it. Although the artifacts of the entire Triforce are divided in the actual video game, it is foolish to have only one or two of the three parts of Triforce as a tattoo.

The meaning of the Triforce remains unfinished and curtailed as all three parts depict completion and a sense of balance within oneself.

Your tattoo will never be a Triforce if any, one or any two of the artifacts are missing. If the Triforce of power and wisdom are missing, a person won’t be complete. One may have courage, but then the person won’t be able to think wisely or have the physical power to fight.

 If only the Triforce of wisdom is present in an individual and the other two are missing, then the meaning would remain incomplete. One may be able to make an intellectual decision, but one won’t have the power and courage to execute the plan. Similarly, Triforce of power alone is not enough to balance out a wise decision and a courageous soul.

The design and the fractal alignment of the Triforce symbol support the fact of completion and balance within one’s life. You can repeat the Triforce figure in and out endlessly, but you will have to keep in mind that it is a whole figure and no element is missing. This will allow an infinite feeling of completion of the inner and outer self.

Best Places For A Triforce Tattoo

For all those people who don’t have an idea about one of the most popular games of the gaming community; “Legends of Zelda,” a Triforce symbol would only seem like a normal thing or an image to them.

However, all those diehard fans of this exciting and adventurous game and those who have been following this game since its start, hold a Triforce symbol very close to their hearts. For them, this symbol gives a symbolical sense that their existence is complete and their lives are in balance.

If you are a member of the gaming community and a tattoo fan too, then various Triforce designs would be the best option for you. Choosing the perfect design for a perfect place on the body is really important. The placement of your tattoo is vital because it would affect on how much pain you’ll suffer while getting it. Furthermore, your placement decision will highlight your tattoo on your body.

Here are few ideas about which design to get and where to get a Triforce tattoo:


A Triforce tattoo styled in trash polka on the inner forearm would make it look artistic and abstract. For a more realistic and gentler option, opt for a simple golden Triforce symbol with shade work.

It’s your choice where do you want to get it. It can be your inner or outer forearm. A black inked Triforce tattoo or a combined design of Triforce tattoo with geometric patterns and dot work would look great on the inner forearm. For more colorful and funky style wrap a small animated image of Princess Zelda and Link.


A black inked or a mixture of black inked and colorful Triforce tattoo would look great on the upper wrist. If you want to keep your tattoo more discreet yet stylish and trendy, then a tiny Triforce symbol at the corner of your wrist would look great.

It can be colorful, abstract, dot work or simple black ink.


You can cover your entire chest or decide one corner or a side of your chest for your Triforce ink art. Wherever you get this on your chest, it would look great. For a more masculine look, get a whole animated image visual of Legends of Zelda with the Triforce sign.

If you are looking for a simpler and gentler look, then a black inked or geometric designed or dot work of a medium or small sized Triforce tattoo will look excellent. If you want to cover just one side of your chest, then a well-designed Triforce motif should be your option. It can have colors or can entirely be black inked; it’s up to you.

These were a few suggestions that we thought were the best. You can choose your own design and placement for your Triforce symbol.

zelda tattoos


A Triforce tattoo engraved on the body of a diehard fan of Legend of Zelda is very significant for that particular person. People who are not aware of the game may not recognize the true essence of this symbol, but those who are from the gaming world will see this tattoo with high regards.

Having a Triforce tattoo on your body separates you and gives you a sense of belonging to a certain group. Both men and women can wear this tattoo. If you want to make this tattoo more personal, then add anything, like hearts, flowers, swords or anything that you hold really personal.