118 “This Too Shall Pass” Tattoo Ideas to Adorn Your Skin

If you love tattoos or tattooing, you would know about this common yet very deep phrase: “This Too Shall Pass.” These four words have many hidden meanings in them. As every symbol or drawing has a message, similarly this phrase has too a lot of things to say. A wearer would only know the actual and true reason behind the tattooed phrase. This phrase not only makes a meaningful tattoo on one’s body but it looks aesthetically charming as well, which is great.

As said above, that the wearer of this phrase would only know the clear and true meaning of this phrase. Although to some groups of people this tattoo may be easy and comprehensible, it may have an opposite meaning that your logic wouldn’t approve off. However, like every other tattoo totems, this also has a universal meaning. It has a link to the current situation of a wearer’s life.

There are both positive and negative points of views about it. A wearer can either use it as a ray of hope during the pain and the bad situation one is going through; it will pass. Or you can use it as a reminder that happiness is also temporary. One day even your happy days will be over too. Just in case this happens, enjoy and live every moment of your life as much as you can right now.

You can also enhance the meaning of this tattoo by adding a few other totems and make your tattoo design yours. Here we’ll give you guys a few examples of some other ideas that could look great with the phrase “This too shall pass.


Various Ideas That Go Well With “This Too Shall Pass” Tattoo


You can get this phrase in various sizes and shapes. With this one, you can create your own unique composition. Personalization is the best gift of body inking; thus, let your creativity flow through your tattoo. Below are a few examples that you can consider.

1.     Flying Birds Around The Phrase

This addition could look aesthetically pleasing. If you tattoo this phrase with flying birds around it, it will give you a meaningful reminder. Apart from other symbolic meanings, birds also mean peace and this phrase is quite obvious with its meaning.

When you combine both of them, it could mean that every moment in life is transitory and one day you will have to go away. All you need to do is peacefully accept the change and keep going. The simpler it is, the more depth it will have.this-too-shall-pass-tattoo

2.     Calligraphical Writing

Although some of us love to flaunt our tattoos, there are many people out there who want to hide their conditions and feelings from the world. If you are one of those, then writing the phrase in a calligraphical way will be your best option.

The reason we are telling you this is that no one would be able to read it at one glance. This mysterious way of the fancy script may reveal your mysterious inner personality. Also, the phrase says “This too shall pass,” could mean that all your secret problems and pains will go away. Your loneliness will leave you one day, and someone else will hold you forever from whom you won’t have to keep any secrets. 

Apart from giving your tattoo a mysterious meaning, your tattoo would look more artistic and graceful as well.


3.     Couples Tattoo

Fairytales may have taught us about happily ever after, but what they never showed us was what happens after the happily ever after. We are normal human beings and not cartoon characters. We go through many life hassles every day. Some of our decisions may trigger fights between each other and sometimes we may be so mad at our other half that we may not want to see them again.

However, relationships never break easily. A break up between two people can affect many lives. In this time of need, one needs a constant reminder about everything being transitory. For this constant reminder, a couple can get this phrase engraved on each other’s wrists or forearms to remember that nothing can change or will change the feeling of love for each other no matter what. All these problems will go away and all you need to do is stick together during every emotional storm.

4.     This Too Shall Pass In Another Language

Another way to go discreet and incognito is to get this tattoo in another language. Maybe your calligraphic writing in English would be understandable, but people will not be able to figure out a sentence from another language until someone who knows the language.

It would make people curious about your tattoo, and many would get attracted to it as well. Scripting “this too shall pass” tattoo in a different language can reveal your curiosity that you have about this world, about everything that you can see, hear or feel. 

Or, it could also represent your one or a few actions that you do, and you are frustrated by those, but no one else knows about your actions or habits. ‘This too shall pass’ again a reminder that this phase of life where you have to do things that you hate will pass. And you won’t have to keep yourself into incognito mode once it passes away.this-too-shall-pass-tattoo

5.     Dandelions Combined With a Small Reminder

Dandelions are a beautiful and alluring way to express your dreams, ambitions, and wishes. Everyone has dreams that one wants to achieve at any cost. But some issues can become a setback for your success.

Keep in mind that those setbacks are just your tests, and they will end once you conquer all your fears. This phrase and a dandelion combined as a tattoo on your wrist or forearm or thigh can be a constant reminder that never let your problems and setbacks come between your dreams, wishes and ambitions because all these problems will go away one day.


6.     Winged Hourglass and This Too Shall Pass

Hourglass has always shown a deep connection between time and life. It is quite clear in a message like ‘This too shall pass’ phrase. Wings have always been associated with hope and divine help that one may need in the times of tribulation.

 Combining all the three powerful tattoos into one will make a nice combination. The representation of this combined power pack could be that hope is everything; being positive will bring much more joy in your life and every bad or good time has to pass. Time can never stop. You can rock this tattoo on your chest or back.

7.     Anchor with “This Too Shall Pass.”

Anchor tattoos have been around for centuries. It holds a very deep and very emotional symbolic meaning. It refers to the times when sailors use to have anchors engraved to remind that they are anchored to the place where they belong and they will surely return. On the other hand, the phrase “This too shall pass,” means that transition is a part of life and you will move on.

If we analyze, both of these symbols are quite the opposite, but one perspective equals them. It is said that an anchor can’t stay in the waters for the eternity likewise problem and tribulations will never stay in your life for eternity. This tattoo can surely look cool on your wrist, calves or collarbone.

8.     Best Placements For ‘This Too Shall Pass’ Tattoo

The uniqueness and the good thing about phrase tattoos are that it you can engrave it on any of your body parts. However, the placement of the tattoo also affects the meaning, so keep in mind that getting your placement right is very important.

Body parts that any phrase tattoo will rock are collarbone, behind the ear, hips, wrists, feet, and lower back. People often chose collarbone for tattooing because it is less painful. If you are getting this phrase on your hip, it can work out well whether you are a man or a woman.

 Wrists and feet usually accommodate only smaller tattoos; thus, if you want to have a little line on your writs or forearm feet, then we can easily do it. If you are a fan of a big motif, then your lower back will be best for it.


I would want you to know that here we have given you many creative ideas and also told you about one of the most popular phrases for tattooing “This Too Shall Pass.” We hope that you will now have some inspiration and ideas the next time you see your tattooist.

This phrase is not only a reminder that bad time will end, but it also reminds you to be humble, kind and down to earth because it doesn’t take long for good fortune to pass. Something meaningful and deep like this on your skin will help you become a better version of yourself. Just remember that no matter what “THIS TOO SHALL PASS!”