125 Scroll Tattoo Ideas That Are Eye-Catching

When it comes to getting a tattoo, you’re likely to feel a mixed of emotions. From a burst of excitement to a plunge of thrill, a tattoo can be an amazing experience. Once considered as a taboo, this fantastic body art has surprisingly surged into popularity just in a couple of decades. No doubt, tattoos might reflect your personality. They represent your norms and beliefs. Upon it, tattoos can be a wonderful way to commemorate any occasion.

Moreover, this astonishing skin ornament can unfold stories. To adore your skin with a tattoo, there can be numerous reasons. Nevertheless, they bring meaningful aspects to your personality. Some designs bring captivating looks to your appearance whereas others can serve a decorative function. For sure, all the things we have just mentioned are enough to convince you to get your next tattoo. Isn’t it?

So, whether it’s your first tattoo or the additional one, opting for an amazing yet unique design is never easy. For every time you think to get a tattoo, you would probably come across a plethora of mesmerizing designs, which can make it quite hard for you to pick the one. If that’s the case, why not try something that would excellently serve the purpose? We are talking about scroll tattoos.Scroll Tattoo

Why Embrace a Scroll Tattoo?


All the modern designs aside, scroll tattoos reflect a classic style, coupled with traditional appeal. Encrusted in bold and subtle outlines, scroll tattoos can take your inner beliefs to the next level. As one of the most significant modes of communication in the past times, scrolls are rich in meaning and depth. Be it your inner strength or strong memories, this harmonious tattoo allows you to represent myriads of meanings.

Due to its versatile nature, scroll tattoos can provide you with a vast variety of customization options. In addition to enhancing your tattoo with meaningful text, scroll art can bring a unique aesthetic to your character. Along with emphasizing masculine lines, this noteworthy body art perfectly suits on any spot of your body. You can impart a personalized style with them.

In historical times, scrolls represented beliefs of men that they used to uphold with integrity. Therefore, with this strong body art design, you can always standout among the people. With that said, you’re likely to see the amazing scroll designs adorning necks and arms. Not to mention, scroll designs were first introduced as a symbol of masculinity, combined with gangster style. However, these days, you will encounter many people showing off newly inked scroll design.


Ink Your Skin with One of These Stunning Scrolls 

Getting a scroll is just like having a blank piece of paper that allows you to write anything you wish. For instance, you can ink down your beloved’s name, a special date of your life, or your favorite phrase or quote. You can fill the scroll illustration with anything that is meaningful to your life. It can be related to anyone; your close friend, parents, sibling, a partner, or even someone inspirational. To help you in opting for the best design, we are sharing wonderful yet mesmerizing scroll tattoo ideas for you.

Combined with Zodiac Sign

When it comes to incorporate a zodiac sign with a scroll, keep in mind that every sign holds different meanings. With Taurus, your tattoo reflects that you possess a loving, determined, and calm nature. In a similar way, if you ink your skin with Leo, which carries an illustration of the lion, your scroll tattoo will represent that you are a generous, faithful, and creative person.

While zodiac signs have their own meanings and significations, be sure to opt for the one that suits you the best. Once you’ve selected the zodiac sign, you can add a scroll with its name. Other than that, you can also add one-line quote or phrase in the scroll to give your tattoo rich meanings.

Immersed with Inspirational Personality

Often, people carry a scroll tattoo adorning the name of a celebrity they like the most. Of course, it’s the best idea to show off your love for your favorite superstar. Be it Justin Bieber or Bon Jovi, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez, this idea of wearing a tattoo with your all-time favorite celebrity will take you to the next level. So, whether it’s anyone from Hollywood or any other inspirational personality, this amazing idea is perfect to shine through.

Hand Clasping the Scroll

Here, you can play wonderfully with the illustration. Depicting a hand with fingers rolled into the palm. Holding one end of a scroll that appears to turn and twine around your forearm. You can add a meaningful text into the scroll. More probably, something that depicts your belief or any quote that is close to your heart. Other than that, you can ink any motivational phrase that encourages you to overcome hurdles in your life. Remember that, it should carry a text that you hold ‘closely.’

In Remembrance of the Beloved One

While there are so many memories you want to cherish for your lifetime, adorning one of them by marking your skin with scroll tattoo is a perfect idea. Whether it’s a special date, name, or any symbol, a scroll tattoo that reminds you of a person that is close to your heart can be a wonderful experience. For the people who have passed away, you can wear such tattoo in their remembrance. Scroll with such meanings will bring curiosity to every person who will see your tattoo.

Scroll and a Swiss Heart

If you’re looking for a design that signifies your pride for the country, a scroll tattoo coupled with Swiss heart illustration is an ideal design. Painted with the colors of the national flag of Swiss, which is white with a red cross, it will represent your patriotism for your beloved country. However, Americans can switch a Swiss heart with a statue of liberty to show off their love for the nation.

Biblical Verse

If you want something that demonstrates your religious beliefs, a scroll including biblical verse can serve that purpose perfectly. To give this tattoo the best looks, make sure to outline with bold black ink. Moreover, if you’re thinking about the placement, your arm or chest would be the best spot to sport such tattoo. Not to mention, this scroll tattoo will depict a simple yet elegant design that will look incredibly beautiful.

A Heart Scroll Tattoo

In case you want to commemorate the love that you have for your partner, what can be best than adorning a scroll tattoo? While providing you with a blank space, you can add a text depicting the date on which you met your love for the first time.

Moreover, you can add a matrimony vow or any other promise that your partner made. Not just this, you can add further decorative objects like a red heart outlined in bold black ink. Furthermore, combining it with a pair of wings or flying birds will enhance the meanings to the fullest.

Roses and Scroll

Believe or not, roses with a scroll can add meaningful aesthetics to your personality. As there are many types of roses, you can select the one according to your desire. If you’re getting it for a closed friend, ink the flower with yellow hues. For the loved one, paint it with red ink and if it’s for a family member, go for purple or orange color. To give it more astounding appearance, you can add further details. For instance, you can couple it with meaningful objects like a semi colon or a butterfly.

Swallows Holding Scroll

It’s no wonder that birds symbolize peace. Especially, the flying swallows signify freedom and eternal happiness. Many tattoo enthusiasts believe that wearing swallow tags brings good luck. With such interesting symbolism, two swallows carrying a scroll that includes a meaningful quote is perfect for you. For more strong depiction, make sure to outline this beautiful tattoo with a fine black ink.

Crucifix and Scroll

While showing a strong connection between the spiritual and physical worlds, the crucifix with a scroll reflects the cyclical nature of life. Combined with wings and a text ‘Blessed’, this amazing tattoo will demonstrate your spiritual and religious beliefs.

Scroll with Feather

Usually, feather symbolizes different meanings, such as bravery, truth, and freedom. Combined with a scroll that entails your favorite inspirational or motivation quote, this tattoo will represent your inner beliefs.


The Main Takeaway

Be it a name, quote, or a phrase, coupled with butterflies, animals, or hearts, scroll tattoos can be made out of anything. Whether you want to bring your imagination to life or represent your robust personality, scrolls can highlight the text or lettering in your tattoo design.

Instead of letting words or phrases float on your skin, encaging them with a scroll will give your text a beautiful enhancement. Now that you have an incredibly amazing list of ideas, opt for the best scroll tattoo to stand out.