155+ Saint Michael Tattoos: Everything You Need to Learn! (with Meanings)

If you are looking for a powerful tattoo that symbolizes strength and courage, you should think about getting a Saint Michael tattoo. Saint Michael tattoos are some of the popular tattoo ideas. You can also opt for these tattoos if you prefer bold tattoos over simple ones.

Moreover, imprinting biblical figures, verses, or quote has become a trend. People who look for unique designs can go for these ideas. These tattoos can cover a variety of themes from love and affection, to protecting yourself from an evil spirit.

Not to mention, a detailed design with the significant message will draw plenty of attention to it and might inspire others as well. But, before you get a Saint Michael tattoo, here is a history and everything you may want to know about this historic, angelic personality.


Brief History of Saint Michael

Saint Michael represents Anglican, Lutheran, and Catholic archangel Michael. Saint Michael is also seen as a dominant figure in Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. According to these religious traditions, he is called Archangel Michael, Saint Michael, or Saint Michael the Archangel. Saint Michael is mentioned in the Bible 15 times.

In the Book of Daniel, you can find him described as the great or chief prince as Archangel Michael took stand for the people. And, in the Book of Revelation, a text depicts a war in the heavens where Saint Michael defeated Satan. Many artists have depicted this historic scene in their artwork which tattoo artists use to recreate it on your skin. The action of opposing Satan shows that Saint Michael refused to surrender and showcased his bravery. You can also find Archangel Michael in many prayers as well.

Meaning of Saint Michael Tattoos

The tattoos inspired by Saint Michael show bravery due to Archangel’s victory over Satan. And even in current times, people look upon the saint as the courageous angel of all. People who opt for Saint Michael tattoos connect this artwork with justice, dominance, courage, strength, and bravery.

A tattoo inspired by this dominant and popular historic warrior enables a person to bring out the best of their personality and to believe in their hidden strengths.

Moreover, this kind of tattoo signifies taking a stand against evil and serving justice which gives you an opportunity to showcase your moral values as well. You can ink Saint Michael tattoo on your skin in other cases such as if you have survived an abusive childhood or have grown into a responsible adult who is determined to protect people around him despite various obstacles.

The design of Saint Michael tattoo is quite large due to the details involved in it. This part serves a great meaning that the saint faced forces of evil and left victorious in the end. Moreover, many tattoo enthusiasts get Archangel Michael tattoo to showcase their belief in the power of goodness, excellence, love, commitment, affection, and victory. If you have a dominant personality, you can go for tattoo designs inspired by Saint Michael.

Apart from this, you must have seen clouds in most of the Saint Michael tattoo design, these clouds represent heavens. The concept of adding beams of light is common as well which refers to the glory of this mighty angel.

It is true that this kind of tattoo depicts significant meaning. So, if you have found victory in an abusive relationship, an addiction, or overcome the depression-filled past, you can ink a detailed Archangel Michael tattoo on your back to embrace your strength.

You can see Saint Michael with raised sword in many tattoos. This part illustrates the spirit of the warrior in a person. If you are looking to personalize your tattoo design, you can imprint verses from the prayer to Archangel Michael. You can also add words or sentences that signify protection or defense of loved ones to personalize your tattoo. Plus, this idea will display your protective nature and aim to fight evil at all costs as well.

Saint Michael Tattoo appeals to people who have a warrior mentality. This way, they display the courage Archangel Michael showed to defeat the Angel of evil and death. And, these tattoo ideas can also become a symbol to defend justice and serve as a healer.

You can imprint Saint Michael as piercing a sword into the heart of evil to showcase that the archangel defended heavens and earth from the evil spirit singlehandedly. You can ink large wings along with a body wrapped in armor. This idea reveals the significance of protecting yourself from all types of evil.


Placement of Saint Michael Tattoos

The design of tattoos inspired by the Archangel Saint Michael involves details. If you are looking to get one, you should imprint the tattoo on the following parts of your body.

1.     Back

It is true that drawing biblical characters is a time-consuming task. Plus, it requires space to feature all the details. Therefore, you should ink Saint Michael tattoo with details such as protective wings, on your back.

2.     Arms

You can place a creative tattoo with a new idea on your arms. You can go for full or half sleeve designs as well.

3.     Legs

If you are inspired by achievements, acquaintances, and new experience and want to hint it in your tattoo, choose your legs or calves.

4.     Neck

Many tattoo enthusiasts do not mind getting a tattoo on their neck. So, pick freedom or independence from evil and depict this idea by imprinting a tattoo on your neck.

5.     Tattoo on the Ribs

An image of Saint Michael defeating evil goes well on your ribs due to enough space. You can ask for wings to create a better picture of the angel of goodness.

6.     Shoulder and Chest

You can draw an entire scene where Saint Michael piercing a sword into the devil using your shoulder and chest.


Common Features of Saint Michael Tattoo

Tattoo artists have depicted Saint Michael as a warrior covered in armor. These images often show the saint holding a sword that pierces the Satan.

You can also find a set of large and wide-spread wings on Archangel’s back. Many artists also add sunlight beams in the background that refer to the power and dominance of Saint Michael.

Although these tattoos are created with black and white ink, you can go for colored version as well.

The Inspiration for Saint Michael Tattoo

You can find many ideas to take inspiration. However, go for the ones that depict your true self. Tattoos based on biblical characters like Saint Michael are a great way to add an element of spirituality to your personality as well.

Therefore, when you plan to get a Saint Michael tattoo, look for existing paintings and sculptures of Archangel Michael. These artworks are created by some of the well-known artists. Here are popular artworks that you can look for a reference.

  • Saint Michael statue on Tepeyac Hell, Mexico City
  • Le Grand Saint Michel by Raphael
  • Statue at Saint Michaelis Church, Hamburg
  • Stain Michael Archangel by Guido Reni

Moreover, you can opt for a realistic tattoo style, which is common when it comes to getting an Archangel tattoo. Many people prefer linework, traditional, or blackwork styles that increase the visual appeal of the tattoo as well.

You can ask your tattoo artist to give it a statue like effect with details and shades. To add significance and depth to your Saint Michael tattoo, you can draw subtle lightening at the top which will give a stormy-sky effect.

You can draw attention to your tattoo by adding dark black strokes and leaving some area of your skin without it. It will not only add detail to the design, but will increase its visual appeal as well.

The contrast of your skin and black color will also give it the wow-effect. To make your tattoo aesthetically pleasing, do not draw black-sharp outlines and go for shading instead. It will keep the design clean and unique.

Modern Saint Michael Tattoo

You can opt for a modern approach when getting an Archangel tattoo. It looks cool and stylish on the full arm. Feel free to add gates of heaven, draw a dove that represents the Holy Spirit, clouds, and add some strokes of sunlight that signify the glory of Michael.

If you are getting a sleeve tattoo, go for black and white shade and put together all the elements to give your tattoo a modern vibe.

Traditional Saint Michael Tattoo

The traditional designs feature roses, a heart pierced by a knife, a verse from prayer, the sigil of the saint, and beams of light and clouds in some cases as well. If you add these elements to your traditional tattoo, it will eventually make it a bold and sharp design as well.

A Meaningful Tattoo

Saint Michael led the Army of God and won against evil forces. This concept is often portrayed in paintings. You can take the moment where the saint defeated Satan as an inspiration as well.  It will become symbolic if you have overcome life obstacles.

You can also feature elements like a snake to represent evil spirits and show the saint fighting. It will blend in well with the theme and allow you to combat negative energy and to get the archangel’s protection.

Furthermore, you do not need to go for large tattoos. If you want small, simple, yet a thought-provoking tattoo, you can opt for fewer details such as the archangel holding a sword and shield. This idea portrays safety and protection in a nice manner.


Useful Tips to Follow

Getting a tattoo is fun until you develop an infection. It is true that tattooed skin gets burned or encounters skin infection.

However, if you take precautionary steps, you can prevent these risks.

How to Select a Tattoo Artist?

Choosing a certified tattoo artist who is working in the field for years is as necessary as selecting a unique design for your tattoo. This way, you will not only get a flaw-less tattoo, but your artist will guide on how to take care of your tattoo as well.

Therefore, begin this tattooing journey by searching the internet. You should look for the best tattoo artists in your neighborhood. Double-check their social media pages for feedback and images of their work. The best tattoo artists take pride in displaying their hard work and efforts.

Avoid Blood Thinning Fluids

Once you have selected an artist, avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol at least 48 prior to your tattoo appointment. These fluids lead to blood thinning. This indicates the risk of excess bleeding during the process. Take note that constant bleeding can affect the visual appeal of your tattoo.

Avoid Aspirin

Aspirin is also known as a blood thinner. So, it is better to avoid its intake 24-48 hours before your appointment.

Stay Hydrated

You should drink at least two liters of water daily until the day you will get inked. When your body is hydrated, it makes your skin supple and resilient enough to bear the needle on your skin. If you are going to have a long session, be sure to eat a big meal and keep yourself full. Not eating enough might affect your sugar levels, make you hungry during the session, or make you dizzy as well.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

You need to wear breathable and lose clothes. It will help access the tattoo area. If you are getting a tattoo on your legs or arms, shorts and sleeveless tops will work for you. For back or mid-riff, a loose t-shirt is necessary.

Here are some of the tips you should follow after getting a tattoo.

Cover your Tattoo

New tattoos are prone to infection. Therefore, you need to keep them clean. Your artist will also provide some hygiene tips that you should not overlook. Wrap your tattoo with a bandage until you leave the studio and reach home.

You should only wash the tattooed area with anti-bacterial soap and water after a couple of hours. Do not rub it; gently pat dry your tattoo instead.

Keep it Moisturized

If you want to flaunt your tattoo, you need to follow post-care instructions religiously. So, use only prescribed cream or lotion as per directions. Avoid opting for remedies to speed up the healing process. It takes weeks to heal a tattoo completely so you need to protect and moisturize it.

Avoid Excess Water

Your tattoo needs to stay clean 24/7. However, you should not immerse it in water. You can take showers but avoid baths and swimming pools for at least two weeks. Your tattoo artist can guide you better depending on the healing process.

Pay Attention to Clothes

Clothing plays a significant part if your tattoo is placed on the shoulder, back, chest, or ribs. You should avoid wearing tight shirts until your tattoo heals. Tight clothes will rub against your tattooed skin, which may scratch your newly done tattoo.

If your tattoo artist allows, keep it covered under clothes and change bandages on a daily basis.

Protect from Sun

You can use an umbrella when stepping out with your unhealed tattoo. Sunlight is dangerous for your delicate skin and when you get a tattoo, the risk of skin infection or inflammation increases.

Covering your tattoo will save you from these debilitating conditions. Moreover, you will still need to take care of your tattoo even after it is healed. And, put on high-quality sunscreens as ultraviolet (UV) rays will fade tattoo colors.

Do not Touch your Tattoo

It may seem tempting, but do not pick or scratch your tattoo. It will affect the healing process greatly.

Consult with your Tattoo Artist

It is common that not all body parts, skin, and textures keep colors, which is natural. So, colors may fade from certain areas.

You should consult with your tattoo artist, in this case, for touch-ups. If you feel an itch, burning sensation, redness, swelling, pain, green or yellow discharge along with fever, go to your doctor immediately. These symptoms are common and curable. You need proper medicines to treat your condition and lower your temperature. Also, avoid self-medication to prevent these signs.

Bottom Line

There is no question that bold and detailed tattoos appear aesthetically pleasing. If this kind of tattoo appeals to you, Archangel Michael tattoo is the best choice for you. This meaningful tattoo idea allows you to display your bravery and determination to combat evil spirits.