120+ Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas That Reflect Your Fiery Side

Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign. Individuals born under this sign celebrate their birthdays anywhere between November 21 and December 21. Since it’s a fire sign, people born under it ooze confidence, optimism, and great ideas.

Jupiter is the ruling planet, and the symbol for this zodiac sign is an archer or a bow and arrow. Sagittarius individuals have a strong willpower and cheerful souls with a great sense of humor.

Both Sagittarius men and women speak what’s on their minds without an inch of hesitation.

The symbol features a half-human and half-horse carrying an arrow and a bow. The symbol’s upper part features the human body that carries the bow and arrow in a shooting position.

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Meanings of Sagittarius Tattoos


The symbol can have several depictions, according to the natural personality of a Sagittarius. Both men and women can opt for inking their entire arms, legs, or back. They opt for an elaborate tattoo that depicts their individuality and freedom.

All people born under this sign have pride, passion and a strong will to make this world a better place. That’s why the Sagittarius tattoo design also keeps changing over time to incorporate new designs and elements. The archer can either be a female or male depending on your choice.

One of the strongest meanings of Sagittarius tattoos is victory“. Sagittarians prefer opting for tattoos that show their ability to overcome challenges and hurdles. They emerge victorious from every situation, thanks to their willpower. Hence, their tattoos depict this side of their personality. 

These tattoos often symbolize that no matter how many obstacles come in a Sagittarius person’s life, he/she emerges out of every situation, thanks to a strong will. 

There are many ways to get this zodiac tattoo. You can play with the archer or experiment with different colors to portray a significant event in your life. You can show off your adventurous side or your unmatched elegance with a subtle tattoo.

It could either be an intricate tattoo or just a small representation to celebrate your love for your sign. People who like elaborate tattoos also include other detailed imagery or a quote that resonates with the Sagittarius symbol.

Your tattoo artist will be happy to add any details that you want to flaunt such as one of your strongest traits or your birth date. If you are getting a tattoo to pay tribute to a Sagittarius friend or loved one; you can get their initials or death anniversary inked on your skin, along with the symbol.

Traits to Focus On

All Sagittarians are known for their ability to readily adapt to all situations, their wild sense of humor and undying love for everything creative. Their other traits include persistence, optimism and excellent problem-solving capabilities, thanks to their logical reasoning.

However, Sagittarians can also be fiery and idealistic, which means they may act stubborn or appear unhappy if something falls short of their expectations.

Nonetheless, if Sagittarians learn to focus on their positive traits, they are the best people to enliven a dull atmosphere in no time.

If you are looking for popular Sagittarius-themed tattoos, then you’ve come to the right place to find some great ideas. Your choice of design and placement depends on your lifestyle and personality. Do you want a small tattoo on your wrist or ankle or are you looking for a multi-faceted design on the chest or back?

Some people also like to have the symbol inked on their shoulders, biceps or even legs. The placement usually depends on the size or intricacy of your chosen design.

Popular Ideas

The most common and popular Sagittarius tattoo design is the centaur holding a bow and an arrow. Other images include bows, arrows and also the letter ‘S’ along with the symbol. You can even get a tattoo that includes just an arrow that points towards the northeast.

Some tattoo enthusiasts also like to add mythical elements to the tattoo for creating a unique tattoo design.

People also prefer tattoos that focus on a certain strength of the zodiac sign. Sagittarians are known for their honesty, positivity, and confidence. They are usually extroverts who don’t like to be confined to a closed space for a long time. Since zodiac signs have a profound impact on the creativity of people; it is likely that there may be quite a few depictions of the centaur. Half-man and half monster, it shoots an arrow upwards and represents the independence and positivity of the sign.

Naturally, the tattoo often represents the positivity and the adventurous side of a Sagittarius individual. The tattoo can be in just one or a multitude of colors.

When it comes to the depiction of the Sagittarius symbol on your skin, the design possibilities are endless. You can either get a black and grey image inked on your shoulder or a stylized bow and arrow design on your wrist, for a minimalistic design. If you are looking for an elaborate tattoo, you can get the constellation in dot-work or a female archer in beautifully vibrant colors. Some people also include other meaningful elements that include:

  • Stars
  • Crescent moon
  • Inscriptions
  • Planets
  • Dates of birth
  • Names
  • Geometric glyphs
  • Floral motifs
  • Female figures


Among the most popular places for applying the tattoo are the forearm, neckline, the chest and ribcage, ankle, wrist, shoulder, and back.

Popular Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas

We have compiled an inclusive list of popular and attention-grabbing Sagittarius tattoo designs that you can get inked on any part of your body. Your choice of size and colors depend according to your preferences and style.

Centaur Tattoo

The most popular tattoo design for any Sagittarian is a centaur. A mythical creature, there is a lot of charm and magic associated with this symbol. It represents magic and power. Some tattoo enthusiasts like to add a realistic touch to it by giving muscles to it. You can have it inked in your upper and lower back or the shoulder area.

Arrow Tattoo

It is also common for people born under this sign to get a simple arrow engraved on the wrist or ankle. Since the arrow is a crucial part of the sign’s symbol; it is natural for many people to opt for this element. You can also get the arrow on your hand or finger to stay motivated for following your goals and ambitions. Many people also like to have it behind their ear.

Sun Tattoo

The sun represents fire and hence, opting for this symbol can denote your fiery personality. You can portray the sun with the zodiac sign to depict a colossal bundle of fierce energy that Sagittarians possess. It is also representative of the confidence that these individuals exude.

Bow And Arrow Tattoo

Again, going creative with the symbol gives you unique opportunities to come up with fascinating depictions of the symbol. Although a bow and arrow is the conventional symbol of the zodiac sign, you can take it to the next level by giving it 3D or a paintbrush effect, for giving it a contemporary look.

Multiple Arrows Tattoo

Some people like to add numerous arrows to emphasize the positive traits of the zodiac sign. Each arrow could be in a different color to represent something unique such as a goal or milestone.

Symbol With The Name Tattoo

Another great way to make your Sagittarius arrow stunning is to add its name along with the symbol. You can have it in a beautiful font and also add other essential details such as an anniversary date or the name of your partner who is Sagittarius. You can also have it on the nape of your neck or your ankle.

Fire Tattoo

Just like the sun tattoo, you can also show fire in the background to portray the blazing creativity of Sagittarius. This represents a yearning to accomplish goals and your burning desire to achieve all the best things in life.

Woman Holding Arrow Tribal Tattoo

Another way to give a feminine twist to the symbol is to add a petite or tribal female figure to the symbol. You can show a woman holding the arrow to portray the power you possess as a woman. However, some men also like to get this tattoo to pay homage to a female role model in their life.

Arrow With A Word Tattoo

Most times the arrow is also in the form of a word. In a few tattoo designs, there is a word above or under the arrow that is reminiscent of your something important in your life. It could be your spouse’s name or other strong words such as ‘faith’ or ‘hope.’

Movie Tattoo

If you are an ardent fan of The Chronicles of Narnia and happen to be a Sagittarian, it only makes sense to have a tattoo that revolves around both the themes. You can also choose any other movie and experiment with its mythical characters with the Sagittarius symbol.

Full Back Tattoo

There is nothing more fabulous than a full back Sagittarius themed tattoo design that grabs everyone’s attention whenever you take your shirt off. Most tattoos go right from the pelvic bone to the nape of the neck to illustrate the real beauty of the symbol.

Gymnastic Archer

Give your tattoo some flexibility and let the archer flaunt some incredible gymnastic talents for a beautiful looking tattoo design. This gives a realistic and unique effect to your zodiac symbol. The archer can be both male and female and use the feet for shooting the arrow.

Sternum Tattoo

Women are likelier to opt for sternum tattoos than men. It is natural for the daring Sagittarian teen or independent woman to opt for inking the symbol on her sternum.

Ankle Tattoo

Most men and women like to keep a low profile, even when it comes to their tattoo designs. Hence, some of the best ways to get a Sagittarius tattoo is to have the bow and arrow or the archer on the ankle or foot.

sagittarius matching

Matching Zodiac Symbols Tattoo

If you’re lucky enough to find a partner whose sign is compatible to your own, why not let the whole world know about it. Most couples get tattoo designs that go together by combining the symbols of both the zodiac signs to get a unique design.

Calf Sagittarius Tattoo

The calf tattoo is a great way to get elaborate tattoo designs that require more space. You can have it in multiple colors.

Sagittarius Half Sleeve Tattoo

Stunning and truly inspirational, this centaur and the archer tattoo depict a remarkable charm. It shows the honest and candid attitude of the wearer.

Tribal Sagittarius Tattoo

There is no reason why you shouldn’t get a tribal tattoo to celebrate your zodiac sign. Get a unique sun sign tattoo, which portrays your attributes.

Glow In The Dark Sagittarius Tattoos

Another popular way to get a Sagittarius tattoo is to get a glow in the dark design. These tattoos are usually small and you can get them on the nape of your neck or on your wrist.

Watercolor Background Tattoo

Nothing looks better than the Sagittarius symbol surrounded by a splash of cool or warm watercolors. You can have this tattoo on your upper or lower leg as well as on your back.

Celtic Knotwork Tattoo

Although this tattoo does not entail too much work, it is an elegant way to portray your individuality. Professional artists can do wonders with this design for adding a unique touch to the tattoo design.



Tattoo lovers like to experiment with different ideas and themes. But there is nothing more beautiful than a zodiac themed tattoo that establishes your authority as an individual. You can express the symbol through different colors and also incorporate quite a few other elements to enhance the imagery.

Sagittarians are naturally creative and have a love for the outdoors. They don’t shy away from exploring different areas of life. This reason is Sagittarians usually opt for unique tattoos. Not everyone can learn to master the art of portraying zodiac symbols. Hence, always get a tattoo from a professional tattoo artist for a stunning effect.