125+ Rebel Flag Tattoo with Amazing Design Ideas

Do you love showing off your southern pride by inking Rebel Tattoo on parts of your body? Rebel tattoos are colorful tattoos usually decorated with blue and red hues. These amazing tattoos are bound to entice a lot of attention and can be a good start for a conversation.

Although people have linked such tattoos to racism, certainly they are not. In fact, these tattoos symbolize Southern heritage and are a mighty demonstration that show a sense of pride. For maximum application, these tattoos can be decorated with political statements or figures and pair splendidly with several other decorations.

Below are some of the best Rebel tattoos you can choose from to adorn your body.


The Ripped Flag


This is a great tattoo for those who love wildlife and are fond of traveling. The tattoo gives an impression of a skin torn apart, but instead of blood gushing out from the body a rebel flag appears underneath, which looks great.

From another perspective, this is a great tattoo to show your support for the Southern culture and traditions. This tattoo also expresses unification between Americans and the care they have for each other.

The torn skin is decorated with black ink and inside it rests the Southern flag. The tattoo best fits your shoulder or calves, but can also look great on your thighs.

The Simple Southern Heritage

Not a fan of wildlife or going outdoors? Then this simple tattoo is suitable for individuals who are introvert and love keeping things simple and smooth. As its name suggests, this tattoo is a color design of the Rebel flag and easily comes in contrast with any skin tone.

Although the tattoo is simple, it still represents an image of pride for those wearing it. The flag is a little wavy which depicts it as flying in the air. On its top and bottom, there is a text in black tattoo ink which goes “Southern Heritage” to further brag about your love for the Southern Americans.

The Eagle Cross Tattoo

This tattoo is one of its kinds when it comes to unique rebel flag tattoo ideas. The tattoo consists of an eagle tightly holding two steel rods with its paws which in turn are attached to an American and Confederate flag. Further, the eagle’s wings are wide open to make the cross more radiant and brighter for the eyes.

Having a white head and yellow beak with eyes watching the Confederate flag it narrates a picture of the strong influence that the Southern states of America have on the economy and politics of the country.

The Eagle Cross Tattoo is large in size and minimizing its design can heavily impact its appeal. Hence, you should only consider this tattoo for your back or front to enhance your look.


Heart shaped rebel flag tattoo

This is a small yet elegant tattoo design which can enhance the beauty of any part of your body. The heart-shaped tattoo usually fits best with light skin color, but with little touchups, it can also blend perfectly with brown skin.

As its name suggests, the tattoo comes in a heart shape decorated with heart shape with its border inked in red. Your tattoo artist might also use black ink to shade the border region of the tattoo to make it more appealing for the audience. Besides, there are multiple ways you can have these tattoos done on your body.

There are some with simple heart shape design as well as those that come with decorative textures underneath. The heart shape confederate tattoo best fits on the back of your shoulder, but can also look alluring on the neck, hands or ankle.

The crossing flags

This tattoo is a combination of the America and Southern flags. The design of this tattoo might seem simple, but it actually speaks of the importance of unification between Americans. The tattoo consists of the flags knot in a cross design and attached to a wooden pole.

Also, both of these flags are torn on their edges to represent a strong bond and sense of harmony and fellowship among the American people, which is great. The torn edges of the flags mean just more than this. In fact, it pictures the scenario of famous American phrase and motto “United we stand, divided we fall.”

The Grim Reaper Confederate Tattoo

This tattoo is a must try on your visible skin to boast your Southern pride. The Grim Reaper Confederate Tattoo blends the rebel flag with the Grim Reaper to amuse the people around you. It shows your love for the Southern parts of the country and pictures your association with its people and tradition.

The tattoo also shows that you are not afraid to die while upholding the traditions of the Southern states and are fully prepared to value their culture and way of life. This tattoo best fits any skin color as its bright red and blue color with a black shaded Grim Reaper can easily add contrast to your skin tone.

You can have this tattoo done on several parts of your body, but do make sure that you get it on the parts of your body that usually remains visible, such as hands, feet or shoulders.

The extreme confederate flag

Many people forget the fact that the rebel flag is actually a flag and isn’t just some tattoo which you can show off.  The extreme confederate flag represents a full rebel flag hanging on a sharp wooden pole decorated with ropes and beads to make it more attractive.

This tattoo is elegant to have on your arms, especially near your elbows and is suitable for both men and women. The flag is also hanging loosely from the poll and shows an image of tremendous beauty as it waves along with the wind.

With the rope and beads spreading on its left and right this flag is suitable for any skin color.

The rebelling eagle

This rebel flag tattoo incorporates an eagle in its style to show its vision. We all know an eagle as a symbol is long use in American history and is still the dominant symbol of power when talking about the strong bond between Americans.

In contrast, the Confederate Flag represents the heritage and value of Southern Americans and speaks to the unification with regards to these states. Hence, a combo of these symbols is something thrilling for any American to decorate on their body.

The rebelling eagle tattoo embodies the eagle inside the Confederate Flag and is best suited on your shoulder or back, depending on the size of the tattoo.

Further, you can also put a phrase or political quote under the tattoo with black ink to represent your affiliation or love with your favorite politician or president.




The confederate butterfly tattoo

If none of the above ideas seems good or you are out of space on your body, then this small but stylish tattoo will likely be your choice. As it sounds like, the butterfly tattoo consists of an image of a butterfly which is fully colored with the confederate flag.

Further, you can have this tattoo almost anywhere on your body, and it blends perfectly with any skin tone. The confederate butterfly tattoo is also small and can easily fit around your neck and wrist to show your Southern pride.

Also, your tattoo artist can also shade this tattoo with black ink to make it more captivating. With a little mixture of other decorative items, such as beads hanging from the butterfly’s wing, the butterfly tattoo can be perfect for adorning your neck, shoulder, and even your lower back.

Confederate Flag in flower

This tattoo revolves around the idea of nurturing the Southern tradition and values by painting flowers with colors of the confederate flag. This tattoo is the best fit for women and is it appeals more to the feminine nature, and you can easily wear it on your back and shoulders.

Besides, you can further decorate this tattoo by attaching a butterfly around the flower or furnishing it with ropes and gems around the leaves. The Confederate Flag in flower tattoo can also take all of your space on the back if you can enlarge it while adding chunks of art. How about adding an eagle on the side of flower or a cross hanging loosely around the stems?


Wrapping up there are various rebel tattoos one can adorn on their body. Besides, they come in different styles and sizes; so, you don’t have to be very picky while choosing one. As an end note, all of the Confederate Flag tattoos represent a strong bond between Americans and the rich culture of the Southern states in America.

If you love America and believe in upholding American values, then having any of the above rebel flag tattoos should be in your priority list.