75 Realism Tattoo Ideas for Some Amazing Body Art Experience

Realism tattoos have been in the mix since the mid-19th century, and since then, it has been thriving in the world of tattoos. This is a tattooing technique that you can say brings things back to life on your skin. You can achieve a realism tattoo through a person’s portrait or even a simple mechanical object, making it look real as ever. Tattoo artists use the 3D tattooing technique at times to make the tattoo pop and make it look a bit realistic.

Realism tattoos look the best on portraits, but there are many other designs you can incorporate. A lot of skill, technique, and patience required to achieve a realism tattoo. You can’t just go to any tattoo artist and get a real tattoo. You have to make sure to go to a professionally trained and experienced one.

If you want to take your tattoo game to another level, realism tattoos are what you need. To help you achieve the best realism tattoo, read further below. You will come across some amazing realism tattoo ideas along with their meaning and guidance on where you can place them.

The Meaning behind Realism Tattoos


There is a lot of history linked to realism tattoos, which makes it quite interesting to get one of these tats. These also come with a lot of meaning. The meaning mostly relies on the design you choose. Realism tattoos played a major role during the renaissance period. Here renowned artists used realistic techniques to create some amazing masterpieces that are till today adored and showcased in museums.

Many upcoming artists have received inspiration from such artists, and to keep the love of art alive many people get realistic tattoos. It is also a way to show respect and adoration for the work of early artists. They came up with the concept of realism in art.

The history behind realism tattoos is endless and will always stay alive. Realism tattoos allow you to showcase your inner thoughts and experiences in something real on your body. Many people aren’t expressive verbally, and some choose to remain like that.

But, with the help of realism tattoos, you can express everything on your body in the same realistic artsy manner. As mentioned earlier, most of the meaning in realism tattoos depends on the design you showcase. For example, a particular symbol would portray a specific meaning or if you get a portrait tattoo of someone. It can represent your relationship and bond with them.

The best part about realistic tattoos is that you can make up your own meaning, no matter how absurd it is. But in the end, the tattoo defines you and you’re inner thoughts.

Ideal Placement Options for Realism Tattoos

You can place your realism tattoo wherever you want on your body. However, you have to consider the size and design when choosing a tattooing spot. If you’re going for a big realism tattoo, then you must consider getting tatted on your back, chest, stomach, and thighs. Small realism tattoos look ideal on the fingers, hand, palm, neck, legs, and feet.

It can get a bit confusing when it comes to choosing a particular placement for your realistic tattoo. But the best way to go about it is first choosing the design below. And then, according to your tattoo, choose a placement. If you choose the wrong placement, you could ruin the entire appearance of your tattoo, and that would go to waste. So to avoid that, make sure to keep these points in mind.

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7 Realism Tattoo Ideas

Geometric Realistic Tattoo

If you want to achieve a tattoo that is going to blow everyone’s mind, then you’ve got to go with this realistic geometric tattoo. This tattoo incorporates 3D tattooing techniques where the tattoo artist has portrayed a few geometric shapes. These shapes are popping out of the body with a slight galaxy blue background. It really looks as if the design is popping out of something, and the artist has used 3D techniques to portray that.

The artist has also added a few space-like elements to portray the wearer as going on with a space theme. There are many other geometric designs you can incorporate in realistic tattoos. All you need is to light up that creative mind of yours, and you may come up with one of the best designs.

Abstract Realism Tattoo

Abstract is a real piece of art that incorporates that in your tattoo is one of the best things you can do. Abstract realism tattoos are brilliant as they include a half portrait of a woman which looks lifelike. The other side half of the portrait’s face is a space-like background exploding filled with different colors.

There are also a few triangular shapes tatted at the bottom with blue ink flowing out, portraying a watercolor feature. As you can see, there is a lot going on in this tattoo, with so many different techniques used. There is a hint to add in different techniques in one design and achieve the greatest tattoos of all time.

Eye Realism Tattoo

The human eye is one of the most attractive organs of the body and holds some of the most beautiful stories of mankind. Realistic eye tattoos have been in the mix for a while. And with the artist’s talent, it looks like you have a third eye somewhere. This tattoo includes black, white, and grey ink, with the pupil of the eye looking very real.

The minimal eyelash detail and the tears falling from the side make this tattoo even more realistic. Eye tattoos also have a very interesting meaning as it symbolizes the omnipotent eye of God. It symbolizes how he watches over everyone, especially the wearer. It means that even though you might not be able to see something bad with your eyes, this eye will look out for you.

Lion Realism Tattoos

Including an animal as a realism tattoo is another cool idea, and it’s something you should definitely try out if you love animals. This tattoo includes a zoomed-in portrait of a lion that looks as real as ever. From the light blue eyes to the white whiskers and nostril features, everything seems so real in this tattoo. Even the skin feels like it’s real, and that’s the beauty of a real tattoo. You could also get a smaller version of this tattoo if you don’t want to go for something too big.

Lion tattoos come with a very strong meaning as they represent courage and bravery. If you want to show people that you’re fearless, then this tattoo is the best way to show them that. There are many other animals you can incorporate in your realism tattoos. Form dogs and bears to rabbits; choose one that brings meaning to your tattoo.

City Girl Realism Tattoo

If you want to showcase something deep through your tattoo, then you must consider going for this city girl realism tattoo. This tattoo includes a beautiful portrait of a woman, and through here, the artist has created some subtle tall city-like buildings and a few sparkly features.

You could get this tattoo to portray how you’re a city girl and how much you enjoy your current lifestyle. It could also portray a negative view about city life depending on how you see the tattoo and on what basis you got it. For many, this tattoo may be a big reminder of the show ‘Gossip Girl. So now you know what fans of the show Gossip Girl should consider getting.

Realism Clock Tattoo

This realism clock tattoo is something you might like if you’re into showcasing mechanical features. This tattoo includes a brownish-black face of the clock with roman numerals. The hour and minute reading and dial look like they are about to pop out.  

The tattoo artist has used the 3D technique to showcase the working of the clock, and the way they have done it is marvelous. There are many other elements present in this tattoo that bring out the realistic touch in this tat.

You can always adjust the size of the clock or go for another type of clock, depending on your preference. The meaning behind this tattoo symbolizes life and death, which is something everyone should remember.

With the help of this tattoo, you can have a good reminder about how you want to live your life. Time is precious, and it is a must that you don’t spend time wasting it. If a tattoo is a power to remind you about the important things in life, then you don’t need any other reason as to why you need it.

Rose Realism Tattoo

Add a feminine touch to your tattoo by going for this rose tattoo, and achieve some graceful body art. This tattoo features a black, white, and grey inked rode with a blackish background.

This is a single stem rose with leaves on both sides. The rose looks as if you can just take it out from the tattoo and give it to someone. The realism in this tattoo is mind-blowing, as the tattoo artist has achieved this with some amazing shading and contouring.

Though this flower doesn’t include any color, it still looks as beautiful and real as ever. You can go for any other flower you like and include multiple flowers at once, creating a bouquet. This tattoo is very meaningful as the rose in the tattoo represents the start of a new beginning for you in life. If this is something that is actually happening, then getting this tattoo is the best way to do that. You can also view this tattoo as holding the meaning of joy and protection.



Can I Include Color in My Realism Tattoo?

Yes, you have the choice of wanting to include color in your realism tattoo, but most of the realism tattoos you will come across include black and gray ink. These two colors are popular in realistic tattoos as it’s easy to work with these shades. They are also great when wanting to portray a real effect of the design you want. A tattoo artist can even portray realism with colored ink, but of course, this depends on their tattooing skills. It also depends on how experienced they are at using colored ink in realistic tattoos.

What is the Cost of Realism Tattoos?

Realism tattoos are quite expensive as there is a lot of skill and patience involved. To get the exact image you want along with the realistic feature, it will cost you around $150-$4,000. The cost of your realism tattoo will depend on a few factors, such as the design, size, and the place you’re getting it from.

The bigger your tattoo is and includes extensive details, the higher the cost will go. Sometimes realism tattoos take more than one session, which also adds to the cost. In many regions, tattoo artists charge on an hourly basis which is $150 per hour. Hence this may also make a major difference in the price.

The Takeaway

Hopefully, these realism tattoo ideas and meanings articles will help you choose the best tattoo and lead you towards the way of getting some extravagant body art. If you want to achieve the right amount of realism in your tattoo, make sure to get in touch with the best tattoo artist who has experience in tattooing realism tattoos. This will determine how your realism tattoo will turn out.