85 Spirited Quetzalcoatl Tattoos

Quetzalcoatl was a god in the Aztec religion, in South Mexico. We refer this concept to as Teotl in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs.

He could transform himself into a feathered serpent. He has the ability to control wind, wisdom, and learning aspects. As a god, he had a great following in Aztec, Mesoamericanas, and other nearby cultures.

The gods in Aztecs were different for different aspects of life. Their gods were dealing with nature, creation, fertility, death, food, trade, entertainment, and the underworld secrets. Some gods would transform into a human or animal form.

Nonetheless, they were celebrated in annual festivals and religious rituals.

Quetzalcoatl Tattoos

Quetzalcoatl and Aztecs


Aztec, was an empire in the 15th and 16th century, who ruled the present-day Central and South Mexican lands. The Aztecs have another name as Aztlan that means white land.

Aztecs have many gods; of these the prominent were Huitzilopochtli, Tezcatlipoca, Tlaloc, Mictlantecuhtli, Chicomecōātl and Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl played a dominant role in flourishing Aztec culture and history. He was a noble spirit for Teotihuacan tribes around the 1st century AD. There were other cultures that referred to him as their god with different names. But, the imagery of a feathered serpent was common for all these gods. This enhances the fact that it was Quetzalcoatl, who was a god for many other cultures.

As per the Mayans, the feathered serpent was the planet, Venus. However, it was for Aztecs only who called him the god Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl Tattoos

History overview

Aztecs would seek Quetzalcoatl’s blessings as a god for creation. They knew him for creating humans as per Aztec folk stories. Some historian credits his role in the Spanish conquests of Aztecs in the early 16th century. As the story suggests that the Aztec leader Moctezuma believed that invading Hernan Cortes was Quetzalcoatl.

The legend says Cortês and his warriors surrounded Aztecs in 1519. Another myth states that Quetzalcoatl was a white skin god.

Therefore, Aztecs were unsure about how to tackle the Spanish invasions led by Cortes. Because Aztecs have a prophecy as per which the Quetzalcoatl’s return was about the same time when Spain attacked Aztec.

This uncertainty about Cortes’s stature as god led Aztecs to greet Cortes unarmed and gave him many gifts. This confusion may be the reason that only 500 Spaniards could topple the Aztec empire, as Quetzalcoatl never made a presumed return. As per some legends he will return at the turn of 21st century.

Although, many historians deny that Moctezuma misunderstood about Cortes.

Cortes took over the Aztecs and took control of the empire. Regardless, Quetzalcoatl was a prime god for the Aztecs. His bravery and wisdom make him an ideal legendary character in the tattoo world. He has a great following in Mexico and other South American countries.Quetzalcoatl Tattoos

Why Quetzalcoatl tattoos?

Quetzalcoatl was a powerful deity in Aztec culture and history. He was famous for many things like arts, learning, and fertility, etc. This set of qualities makes him an ideal tattoo god in fact.

These tattoos are Aztec tattoos as well, besides a Quetzalcoatl tattoo. His tattoo life is mostly about knowledge, power, and creativity.

Tattoo Placement

Knowing about the character’s history and cultural background is important before drawing its tattoo on your body. This information will let you decide which part of your body you can get a certain tattoo on.

Some of the popular placements for an Aztec or Quetzalcoatl tattoo are:

These tattoos are usually large, so they need sufficient space to serve the purpose of wearing a tattoo.

Quetzalcoatl Tattoos

As there’s a very long range of designs, patterns, shapes and ideas for Quetzalcoatl tattoos. So we have divided the tattoos into two divisions.

  • Tribal and Religious Tattoos
  • Cultural Tattoos

Tribal and religious tattoos – Quetzalcoatl and Aztecs

Armband Tattoo

It’s a mix of different tribal designs and patterns, black and rich grey shades. An Aztec armband tattoo includes various show-case elements. You will find the symbolic presence of a triangle, pots, and many other religious artifacts.

This tattoo is making a lot of things in the spotlight because of its rich shading. The tattoo artist has done a magnificent job to make it a head-turner tattoo. It’s giving a masculine look; the reason people mostly wear it for.

Black and Grey Tribal Mexican Tattoo

It’s all about how stunning a Feathered Serpent design could be!

This tattoo is a perfectionist’s job, not every tattoo artist can draw. It carries details about the styles of tribal Mexican culture. This tattoo will get you admiration and grace with Quetzalcoatl lovers.

This tattoo has masculinity in a different way. The wearer will feel a unique connection to the culture the tattoo belongs to.

Mexican Aztec Tattoo

This tattoo is for those who want to wear a Mexican chief look every time. This tattoo with the face inset will give a feel of mix Mexican tradition and arts. This tattoo is showing a shaman, with many tribal patterns and designs surround the upper torso.

You should consult the best tattoo artist to get its circular motion in the best possible manner. The tattoo should be covering your shoulder and the arm down to the hand to get a symbol of mysticism and power.

Aztec Skull Warrior Tattoo

This dramatic and battle-hardened skull warrior tattoo is typical for Quetzalcoatl followers in Aztec. It includes shades of black and grey ink for its impressive looks. The warrior is looking like in the center of the battlefield.

You should get an artist famous for great strokes to paint a dragon on the top part of this tattoo. That’s the spirit of this tattoo for its impressive looks. The contouring and shading of this tattoo will decide its looks.

Tribal Woman Aztec Tattoo

This tattoo will get you to do something different? This tribal Aztec tattoo depicts the features of a woman uniquely. The woman’s face is open in black and grey ink with tribal patterns. Whereas light red swirls in the foreground make it more of a go-to for youngsters.

There may be reasons to wear this tattoo. However, take great care of its contouring and hair detailing. Engage a special tattooist to do it perfectly. That will make it look like a powerful Aztec woman tattoo. It’s a popular tattoo wear with Columbian and Mexican women.

Aztec Sun Motif Tattoo

Are you looking for a small to medium-sized Aztec tattoo? Then go for this Aztec Sun Motif tattoo.

Its emphatic looks are coming from a rustic sun pattern covering the upper shoulder and bicep. This placement makes it more unique and appealing. The shades of grey ink are cleverly used to draw an outline for the sun and other features in it. Another great tattoo wear, for those who want minimal use of the body for a tattoo.

Aztec Sun God Tattoo

If you want to capture the real meaning of an Aztec tattoo, you must not skip this Aztec Sun God Tattoo. Remember, that the Aztecs use tattoos to show respect and love for their god.

This tattoo has many distinct features, which adds to its appeal. A sun God sign is inked here in deep grey ink and dark brown shades with patterns. You will find a shade of black on the edge of the pattern to get sharp looks.

It’s a traditional Aztec tattoo you can boast around across your chest or bicep.

Aztec Animal Tattoo

In all pre-historic civilizations, races, and religions animals had great value and respectful presence. As several animals’ skulls, faces or paws were symbolic for being divine in meanings. Aztecs used a variety of animal’s faces in their religious rituals and practices.

This tattoo is all about shades of brown, black, grey, and a lighter shade of bronze to make it more glorious and meaningful. You will see a lion’s face surrounded by different tribal designs.

None other than grace and strength will come out of this tattoo.

Quetzalcoatl Cultural Tattoos

Aztec Dragon Tattoo

In the Aztec tattoo world, dragons are one of their prime symbols. This tattoo features a dragon in a grey and black shade. The dragon looks angry holding a cactus; the shades of ink may show the meanings of light and dark patches.

This tattoo is representing Quetzalcoatl’s Aztec civilization. A magnificent spread is possible either on the back of your shoulders or the chest. 

Monochrome Big Mexican Aztec Tattoo

You may find this a monstrous monochrome tattoo, for its scary display and being intimidating.

This tattoo would stand out and noticeable body art on your shoulder. The dragon’s face is resting on the chest. This will amplify its looks to great measure. It’s a popular tattoo with macho South American and they are in plenty. It’s another great way for showing strength.

Arm Quetzalcoatl Tattoo Colour

This is what creativity is and what Quetzalcoatl was about. This is an amazing band of tattoo colors. These are the colors that you will get most in a tattoo.

It’s a dragon in full flight with a lot of colors. This will give you a sense of excitement and its small size will make it look good on your arm. Very good to wear around if you travel long distances. It will keep you company.

Chest Mexican Aztec Tattoos For Men

This tattoo is on the shoulder and part of the chest. However, you can get it on any part of the body by reducing its size. Trust us a small tattoo will not reduce its enormous presence.

It’s a touch of grey and black, but you can get it in different colors of your choice. It’s a replica of how Quetzalcoatl may look. This is a typical masculine tattoo for youngsters or those who like Mexican mannerisms.

Colorful Quetzalcoatl Mayan Tattoo Image

This is another tattoo depiction of Quetzalcoatl in colors. When you see this tattoo in real life, you will cheer for it. This is Mayan style for remembering Quetzalcoatl differently.

It’s a great arm tattoo to prove your power. Indeed, it’s another style for reliving Mayan culture. Mayans have left a unique legacy in the tattooing world. As they were direct followers of Quetzalcoatl at another time.

Monochrome Men Mexican Aztec Tattoos

This tattoo will look frightening for those eyes in two spots, staring at you. However, the whole feeling for this dragon tattoo lies with the artist. Only the best tattooist in the town will get the right looks for those scary eyes. 

You can position this tattoo on any part of your body, though it looks great on the shoulder and arm sides.

Its monochromic pattern will set the tone for its scary looks. However, it presents a sense of great freedom and a work of art.

Colored Serpent Men Mayan Tattoo

This is another Mayan marvel.

You may find many images for Aztec Mexican tattoos in awe of Quetzalcoatl.  But you may find it hard to skip this tattoo for its bright and vibrant colorful presence. It’s giving a feel of creativity that has no borders. This serpent is looking casual and walking away from the crowds in his own world.

Great wear for urban youth who are looking to party every weekend. This may be your great companion tattoo.

FAQs – Quetzalcoatl tattoos and health

When was Quetzalcoatl born?

There’s no conclusive evidence but historians say he was born to Mixcoatl in AD 947 in Toltecs. His original name was CeAcatlTopitzin.

What Quetzalcoatl symbolized?

Folk stories relate Quetzalcoatl to death and resurrection. The local folk story says he would uncover the underground secrets of Mictlan. All this for collecting bones of the dead people.

In addition, as per another story, he was a legend for inventing calendars.

What were Quetzalcoatl’s powers?

As the legends say, he possessed conventional powers like a Mexican god that would make him a superhuman. He has the mystic ability to fly and command over the air movement. He is said to have powers to teleport himself anytime.

Can I have any blood infection from such tattoos?

Yes, its chances are very high during the tattooing process. If the artist is using previously used tools and equipment, then blood infection becomes imminent. This situation can add to multiple health issues like contracting hepatitis A or B, and blood-borne diseases.

You can avoid all such possibilities by opting for a known tattoo artist who will use fresh needles, inks, and other equipment for making tattoos.

What may I avoid before tattooing?

You should avoid certain things prior to getting a tattoo. Although, an excellent artist will inform you about these precautions. Nonetheless, it’s safer to avoid:

  • Consumption of alcohol the night before tattoo process
  • Visiting a salon for a tattoo, straight out of a long air travel
  • Taking medicine or painkillers, as it could disturb your tattoo process

Further, you should not miss a meal before an appointment. In the end, you should ensure to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated during the tattoo process.




So it would be difficult to suggest which tattoo is best for you. These tattoos have a lot of significance in life. They reflect the deep meaningful history and culture they present.

You may find, there’s nothing better when a tattoo is about history, tradition, and a story. You will find Quetzalcoatl and Aztec tattoos narrating the most amazing ancient folk stories. They have a grip, a story, and steady looks. These tattoos are narrating the history of humanity with some divine characters who lived around us.

Such characters are always in mystery and so did Quetzalcoatl in the Aztec empire.

Interestingly, some experts for extraterrestrial life made interesting comments on the TV show Ancient Aliens. These experts speculate Quetzalcoatl was an alien who visited earth for helping humanity. In addition, some folk stories are suggesting his return to the 21st century.

As per books and folk stories, Quetzalcoatl hasn’t returned to Earth for sure. Even if he did, such lovely tattoos in his honor must flatter him.