125+ Peony Tattoo Ideas That You Should Consider

If you’ve been searching for unique floral tattoo design, then peony tattoo would be a perfect choice.

A peony is a traditional flower of China and Indiana. The growing popularity of this flower is for a reason. Which is, its intriguing colors and textures. Also, the flower represents positive entities, such as, love, new beginnings, hope, strength, eternal beauty and much more. In some countries, peony is perceived as a good fortune for a successful marriage and long life.

The peony tattoo design is easy to pair with any kind of symbol, and still end up portraying the strongest meaning of all. The structure and placement options makes the peony tattoo desirable and highly considerable. The tattoo has a trendy and aesthetic nature. Rare to be found and acquire.

Who wouldn’t want to consider a flower tattoo, which has such positive vibes associated with it?

While people consider floral designs to be more suitable for women, you can get peony tattoos even if you are a man. You can always ask the artist to make a bit less girly by using monochromatic ink or other variations of the flower design. A casual search online will show you that a lot of men have peony tattoos and they show them off well.

If you’re already convinced to get a peony tattoo, but confused about the appropriate design, then leave it all on us. We’ve listed a bunch of peony tattoo ideas that you should consider.


125+ Peony Tattoo Ideas


Huge Peony Tattoo on the Back

Peony tattoo on the back looks phenomenal. The tattoo is easy to conceal, a plus point for those who want to pair it with a secretive symbol or word. The structure is simple as the tattoo is made out of single thin lines with light colors and minimal shading. All in all, such a tattoo design gives off bold and manipulative vibes. It can be a perfect tattoo for those who like to be on the beach often. You will see some heads turning for sure as soon as you take off your shirt on the beach.

Symbolic Meaning: The peony tattoo on the back represents love and compassion. Also, patience and perseverance needed to handle things in a long run.

Peony tattoo and raspberries

Looking for something floral and fruity?

Peony tattoo paired up with raspberries would be the right choice. The tattoo would look ravishing wherever placed. The placement options are immense, such as, wrist, shoulders, hands, finger, foot, back, neck, and collar-bone. The structure that adds up to the appeal would be a fancy one. One with thick colorful Lines, dark shades, and dotted filling.

Symbolic Meaning:A peony and raspberries tattoo represents kindness. The tattoo soothes the heart with its serene vibes. Therefore, it would be right to say that this tattoo increases your endurance levels for pain, anger and all kinds of negativity.

Elegant water color peony tattoo

Water color peony tattoo looks ravishing. The placement options are few, such as wrist, forearm, back of the neck and shoulders. Thin lined structure suits such design. The water colors adds up to the overall appeal and glows up the skin. The vibe is slightly vintage, yet trendy.

Symbolic Meaning:A water color peony tattoo represents the wearer as creative and analytical. The details and shading cuts, proves that the wearer has a complicated yet attractive personality.


Miniature peony tattoo

Miniature peony tattoo looks cute. The tattoo placement gets super easy because of its size. The trendy options include, back of the neck, collar-bone, wrist, knees and foot. Black and grey thin lined structure looks best when it comes to miniature peony tattoo design. It is amazing how the small tattoo can be great for men and women both. For women, the miniature design gives off the vibes of cuteness. On the other hand, a small design is easy for men to conceal if they do not want to show off their tattoo all the time.

The color code depends on the wearer. According to famous reviews, a colored miniature peony tattoo and a grey shaded miniature peony tattoo got the most votes. The choice is yours. Go with the trend, or build one yourself.

Symbolic Meaning: Miniature peony tattoo represents that happiness can also be found even in the little things.

Peony and stars Tattoo

Peony tattoo and stars tattoo looks exceptional and dreamy. The star adds up glamour to a peony tattoo, giving off fancy vibes. The tattoo placement options are massive, such as, wrist, shoulders, finger, knees, foot, back of the neck, collar-bone, back of the ear and forearm.

There is no specific structure for this tattoo, it depends on the size of the stars. If the stars are huge, then a thin lined tattoo would look fine and vice versa. How well this design looks on you depends on the skills of your tattoo artist. It is not one of the easiest ones to pull off.

Symbolic Meaning: A peony and stars tattoo design represents hope and good thoughts. It motivates the wearer to not give up and wait for a happy ending. It helps to see the brighter side of the picture and rather focus on the good in every situation.

Peony and snake tattoo

Peony and snake tattoo looks terrifying. Most wearers have a wild personality, yet floral tattoo attract them. For such individuals, peony and snake tattoo is a deadly combination. The tattoo placement options include, back, forearm, thighs, shoulders and chest. The structure that looks best would be a snake in thick lined and peony inked with thin lines. The vibe is bold and appalling.

Symbolic Meaning:The peony and snake tattoo represents the keen eye and focus the wearer has. Therefore, the tattoo is associated with dedication and determination the wearer possess in the longer run.

Peony tattoo as a ring

Who doesn’t love to wear accessories?

If you’re looking for a permanent ring design that goes well with every outfit, then a peony tattoo would be a worthy choice. As a ring, peony has got all the cuts and structure that a good ring contains. The color code is not much big of a deal. You can get the ring tattoo in black and grey color. Such are the neutral colors that go well with anything and everything.

Symbolic Meaning:The ring tattoo represents the wearer as a minimalist. Also. It shows that the wearer has a firm control when it comes to making decision and taking actions.

Delicate peony tattoo on the wrist

Peony tattoo on the wrist looks distinctive. Such a tattoo design has been in the trend since the past few years. The wearer can play with their imagination, either get the tattoo on the side or wrapped around as a bracelet. The structure depends on the bunch of peonies attached. The more the peonies, the thinner the line. And vice versa.

Symbolic Meaning:Peony tattoo on the wrist represents the wearer as quite, good listener, and innocent in general.

Peony and sunflower tattoo

Peony and sunflower tattoo seems highly captivating. There are many placement options, such as, wrist, back, collar-bone, forearm, shoulders, knees and foot. The structure is pretty simple too. As the peony and sunflower tattoo looks perfect in yellow and pink color code, so a think black line structure looks best. The tattoo gives off happy vibes.

Symbolic Meaning:A peony and sunflower tattoo represents hope, longevity, loyalty and adoration. The tattoo also shows the wearer as someone with a healing aura. Such an attribute is rare. Therefore, the wearer stands out and takes up all the spotlight wherever they go.

Peony and butterflies tattoo

Peony and butterfly tattoo looks magical. The vibe is aesthetic, also a little vintage. The butterflies makes the wearer’s personality sparkly and bold at the same time. The placement options are great, such as, wrist, finger, back, collarbone, and chest, back of the neck, thighs, shoulders and foot. A thick lined structure suits the tattoo design. A

Symbolic Meaning:Peony and butterfly tattoo design represents change, hope, endurance, resurrection, power, strengthen, and life.

Japanese peony tattoo

Japanese peony tattoo design is an intriguing concept. The tattoo design arose in the 90s, surprisingly, it still trends amongst the Asians. There are numerous placement options for a Japanese peony tattoo, such as, wrist, collar-bone, back of the neck, forearm, shoulders, knees, and foot.

 The thick black lined structure looks best when it comes to Japanese peony tattoo design. The color code that suits most is yellow, light and dark green, dark blue and orange.

Symbolic Meaning:A Japanese peony tattoo represents honor, bravery, good fortune and new beginnings.


Does a Peony tattoo have to be small?

Not at all! Your peony tattoo can be as big as you want it to be. In fact, some women have a peony tattoo covering their entire spine. If you like a small one, you can get it on your shoulder.

How many different types of peonies exist?

This is what you are going to love about peonies and peony tattoos. You can get them in a variety of colors and shapes because they have many varieties. As of now, there are more than 30 species of peonies. For this reason, peony tattoos can look a lot different from each other.

Is peony just a flower?

While people think of the flower when they say the word peony, the terminology is for the entire plant. You will be surprised to know that peonies can grow in the form of shrubs as well as plants. In the form of plants, they will not rise more than three feet above the ground, but the shrubs can go as tall as 10 feet or more.

What color will suit peony tattoo the best?

That’s for you to decide. The good part is that you can get peony tattoos in just about any color you can imagine. Pink, purple, peach, orange, etc. are the common hues used for these tattoos. However, the large monochromatic designs look stunningly beautiful too.

Bottom Line

Peony tattoo seems unique. The meaning that it symbolizes is of great importance. Also, a peony has a positive impact, no matter how opposite of a personality the wearer has, it would eradicate all negative thoughts.

Getting a tattoo is daring. Remember to record such a frightening, yet precious moment. Take a friend along, so he/she could take pictures and videos of the inking procedure. Also, you might feel super nervous before your turn. Therefore, it is important that you take someone that calms you down before and during the inking. Most importantly, make every moment count.

Happy peony Tattoo to you!