127 Mother-Daughter Tattoos to Help Strengthen the Bond

The relationship between a mother and a daughter is precious compared to other relationships you have with different people. Some daughters share a great relationship with their mothers and consider them their best friend. However, some have a rather sloppy relationship with their mums. But no matter what equation you share with your mother, you will always feel this urge inside you that draws you back to her when you are sad or in trouble. A mother is one person who will never leave you alone, no matter what the situation is.

To honor such a beautiful relationship that God has created, mothers and daughters get matching tattoos to showcase their unbreakable bond and love. These tattoos are a good way to value the blessing you have in the form of your mother, and it generally does bring you two together, even if things might not be that great. You will find a wide range of meaningful mother-daughter designs that are totally admirable. To help you out in your tattoo hunt, mentioned below are some of the dreamiest mother-daughter tattoos that you and your mother should get immediately!

The Meaning behind Mother Daughter Tattoos

The meaning behind mother-daughter tattoos is quite straightforward but symbolic. Getting a mother-daughter tattoo signifies the strong bond between a mother and a daughter, and it also showcases how important they are for each other. Mostly, the meaning relies on the design you choose for your mother-daughter tattoos.

Many symbolic symbols appear on the tattoo, and these make the tattoo more meaningful. Most mother-daughter tattoo designs are matching tattoos, and are quite fun to get. Some mother-daughter tattoos are ideal for paying tribute if one has lost the other. Mother-daughter tattoos mainly symbolize the everlasting love and bond and showcase how you’re nothing without each other.

 Every person has a different reason to get a mother-daughter tattoo; some get it to repair a sloppy relationship. And some get it to remind them that they always have each other’s back, especially when both live far from each other. No matter what type of mother-daughter tattoo you get or what reasons you have for getting one, it will always have a symbolic meaning and portray the pure, strong love and affection between a mother and a daughter.

Mother Daughter Tattoo Placements

Depending on the size and design of your mother-daughter tattoo, you can get it tatted anywhere you like. If you’re going for something small that is more like a symbol, you should consider getting it on your fingers, wrist, hand, ankle, foot, neck, shoulder, behind the ear, or even face. Whereas, for bigger mother-daughter tattoos that include lots of details, the perfect place would be your arm, thigh, stomach, chest, or back.

Many people like getting such special tattoos on their chest as it is near the heart. This symbolizes how their mother or daughter is always close to them, even if they are not there physically. While you may get a solo tattoo, but the mother-daughter tattoos look best when the duo gets matching tattoos.

So if you plan on getting a matching mother-daughter tattoo, it would be best to get it inked in the place for a more impactful effect. No matter where you get your mother-daughter tattoo, it will look lovely as ever and will showcase the fun and loving bond you have with your mother or daughter.

Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Birds of a Feather Tattoo

Birds of a Feather Tattoo

This bird of a feather tattoo is the perfect mother-daughter tattoo as it symbolizes the beautiful bond between a mother and a daughter. This tattoo includes a black inked fluffy feather with black and white inked birds spiraling out of the feather. It represents the different phases of the relationship between a mother and a daughter. It shows the ups and downs they have gone through but always stayed together.

This tattoo is perfect for those mothers and daughters who live apart as this reminds them that they are always with each other and share the same courage and strength. It reflects the beautiful saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” This is the perfect mother-daughter matching tattoo that you can’t miss out on.

Flower Infinity Tattoo

Flower Infinity Tattoo

You can also try out this gorgeous flower infinity tattoo, which will help you achieve not only the perfect mother-daughter tattoo but also some amazing subtle body art. This tattoo includes a black inked infinity sign that ends into a small black inked sunflower with a few leaves coming out of the sign.

You can add some colored ink or your birthday initials for an additional touch. This tattoo is quite symbolic as it represents the eternal love of a mother, which never ends till she’s alive. This is the ideal matching tattoo and would look beautiful on the forearm or near the collar bone.

Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Zodiac Sign Tattoo mother daughter

Zodiac sign tattoos are cool and sassy, and they go well for a mother-daughter tattoo as well. You can get each other’s zodiac signs tatted in black ink instead of getting your own zodiac. If you want to add some vibrant elements, you can get the symbol of the zodiac sign tatted as well.

These tattoos are perfect for a mother-daughter tattoo as it showcases how you both cherish each other and the distance does not affect your love for each other. It shows and always reminds you that you dwell in each other’s hearts and are together in spirit.

 This tattoo also gives out a very mystical vibe due to the zodiac signs. The best part about this tattoo is that you can get it tatted anywhere as the size of the tattoo is pretty flexible.

Fingerprint Heart TattooFingerprint Heart Tattoo mother daughter

This fingerprint heart tattoo is one of the most special mother-daughter tattoos you will come across. This tattoo includes a black inked heart made out of fingerprints. It would be cool if both of you could get each other’s exact fingerprint tatted in the tattoo as it would make it more symbolic.

 This tattoo symbolizes the love between a mother and a daughter that can never fade away, no matter how many issues or misunderstandings come in between. This is the ideal subtle matching tattoo that both of you can show off on your forearm or upper chest.

The Celtic Symbol Tattoo

celtic mother daughter tattoo

If you’re looking for something unique and cultural in your mother-daughter tattoo, consider getting this exotic Celtic symbol tattoo. This tattoo includes a motherhood Celtic symbol with the watercolor technique. This is one of the more modified versions of the Celtic tattoos, giving it a unique look. However, if you want to go with the classic one, you can simply get it tatted in black ink.

This tattoo is quite symbolic as this Celtic symbol specifically represents motherhood and the everlasting love a mother has for her children. It is a good reminder for daughters who feel like their mothers don’t love them the way they should; it is just that every mother shows and expresses her love and care differently.

Sun and Moon Mother Daughter Tattoo

Sun and Moon Mother Daughter Tattoo

You can also try out this sun and moon tattoo for your mother-daughter matching tattoo and achieve some excellent body art. This tattoo includes a black inked moon and sun, which appears individually on either the mother or daughter. You could also get both symbols tatted together on each.

This tattoo represents survival as it showcases a beautiful representation of how a daughter needs her mother to survive. The moon reflects the sun’s light to shine; similarly, a daughter needs her mother’s support to get through the difficulties and shine out brighter.

The sun also represents energy, showcasing how both of you are each other’s strength, and it is what keeps you both going in life. This is the ideal matching tattoo that you can get on your ankle, arm, or back.

Pinky Promise Mother Daughter Tattoo

Pinky Promise Mother Daughter Tattoo

If you and your mother have a relationship just like best friends, then you’ve got to try out this pinky promise mother-daughter tattoo. This tattoo includes two black inked hands portrayed as making a pinky promise by joining the finger together.

It is an admirable way to represent that your mother is your best friend and symbolizes the promises you have made to each other. It depicts how mothers never break their promises and care for their children. It also portrays how close both of you are, and if anything happens in your life, you will tell each other first before anyone else knows.

Mother Daughter Quote Tattoo

Mother Daughter Quote Tattoo

If you and your mother can relate more to words and love reading, this mother-daughter quote tattoo is the ideal choice for you. This tattoo incorporates a favorite quote or famous saying from your favorite book or movie tatted in black ink with a curvy font. You could also include lyrics or a cute phrase or name you use to call each other.

You can add more elements in this tattoo for an additional touch like flowers or butterflies, making the tattoo even prettier and meaningful in appearance. Another option is to get half of a saying tatted on each other’s hand so that the sentence or quote gets completed when you come together. This helps add some creativity and uniqueness to your tattoo, and it’s something you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Mother Daughter Lock and Key Tattoo

Lastly, you can also try out this awesome mother-daughter lock and key tattoo. This tattoo includes a grey inked vintage lock and key with a pink inked ribbon swirling around it. You can decide who gets the lock and who gets the key as this is a matching tattoo.

However, you can also get both inked together on your hand. This tattoo represents how you need a mother’s love and protection to discover yourself and thrive in this world. It shows how without the unconditional love of your mother, you would just be a useless key without a lock.

 The lock represents the mother, and the key represents the daughter. This tattoo also showcases how you help each other to be the best versions of yourself by unlocking each other’s potential through an unbreakable bond and unconditional love.


mother daughter tattoo

Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas



How long will my mother-daughter tattoo take?

Various factors determine how long you will have to sit for the tattoo making process, which is mainly the design; however, most mother-daughter tattoos are small in size. Tattoos with minimal detailing, take around 15 minutes to one hour to complete. But if you go for an over-the-top, bigger tattoo with lots of elements, it may take 2-3 hours. This also depends mostly on how well you can manage the pain in one go without taking any breaks in the middle.

What type of clothes should I wear when going for my tattoo appointment?

You need to wear the comfiest outfit you have in your closet, preferably something loose that doesn’t stick to your body. Plus, you should also keep your tattoo placement in mind when choosing what to wear as you wouldn’t want it to get in the way of the process.

So if you’re getting a tattoo on your arm or legs, it is best to wear something sleeveless and avoid jeans or long pants. The most important thing is to feel comfortable because the tattooing process might already bring some discomfort to you.

Final Thoughts

Now you can finally choose the best mother-daughter tattoo design with the help of these fabulous tattoo ideas mentioned above. With so many tattoo ideas, it can get a bit overwhelming to choose one particular design. However, it is best always to choose one which reflects the relationship you have with your mother or daughter, and something you can look up to every day and be grateful. This is the best chance to show off to the word the amazing bond you share. These cute little gestures also help strengthen and nurture the relationship between a mother and daughter.