115 Amazing Marriage Tattoo Ideas to Commemorate Your Big Day and Celebrate Your Union

There is no doubt that a wedding is one of the most important decisions of one’s life and usually takes a lot of time to prepare minds to make that leap. Congrats! If you have taken that leap and decided to tie the knot with your loved one but if you are looking for kicking up a notch to make your significant day even more special and extraordinary, a wedding tattoo is an ideal way you can signify this lasting bond.

Aside from wedding makeup, hair, and dress, a wedding tattoo can be a unique way to celebrate the love and forever union. Getting a wedding tattoo is an exciting way to memorialize your relationship when video footage and photo albums of your big day are not enough.

In other words, there is nothing more ideal than showing each other every day that your love will remain forever. And with wedding tattoos, expressing this emotion becomes very easy yet impactful. So if you want to celebrate this never-ending emotion for ‘your forever,’ getting a wedding tattoo is the right way to do that.

Plus, if you are an adventurous type, engagement or wedding tattoo is a cool way to make you a stand out couple. The fun idea can give you a bonus depending on what design you choose. For example, if you prefer a wedding ring tattoo, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on your wedding ring in the first place (it is just an option).

However, there is a myriad of tattoo designs, sizes, and shapes you can choose which are not limited to a traditional ring placement. Considering this, here we have included some exciting and enticing wedding tattoo ideas that will not only look perfect on your ring finger but also shoulders, chest, and wrists.

So let your sentimental and creative juices flowing and be a couple who is not afraid to show their eternal love for each other. No matter how different you both are from each other, this collection has something for everyone, from chic and minimalistic to bold and badass wedding tattoos.

Before we discuss wedding tattoo ideas, it is essential to understand some important things you need to consider before getting a wedding tattoo.

Things You Need To Consider Before Getting a Wedding Tattoo

Tattoo Design Should Be Meaningful For Both Of You

That might sound a trivial matter but trust us; it is one of the most important aspects when you need to consider before getting a wedding tattoo. A wedding tattoo is not just an imprinted picture; it is an interpretation of your relationship. That is why choosing something that is meaningful for you and your fiancée is very important. You can select a shared nickname, meaningful symbol or interest. It is all about your personal taste – all you need is to remember that your wedding tattoo will be there on the body forever, it has to be something you both find irresistible to look at.

Plan Tattoo Date Accordingly

It is always better to get your wedding tattoo at least two weeks before your big day. By then, the swelling and tenderness will have healed. If you are a tattoo newbie, it’s important to know that tattoos are open wounds and need adequate healing time.

Choose Your Tattooist Wisely

Randomly choosing a tattoo may not only cost you high but also can be risky for your health. That means it is crucial to research and find the best tattooist in the town before tying the knot. Check out the feedbacks and portfolios to ensure your chosen tattooist has ample of experience in the relevant field.

Unique Wedding Tattoo Ideas

King and Queen Tattoo Band

 Your to-be-life partner is not less than your king or queen. So what can be the better way to commemorate your lifetime commitment by choosing a wedding tattoo that represents the grandeur and crowns of kings and queen?  This popular design is not just for people tying the knot but also couples in relationships. The idea symbolizes that you two are going to reign together and uniting two separate kingdoms.

 If you don’t like the idea of getting a band in a crown shape, you can go with only initial letters ‘K’ and ‘Q’ on the ring fingers. The initial letters are enough to symbolize your commitment to each other without having you wear traditional wedding tattoo bands.

Name Tattoo

Simple yet the most impactful way to tell your partner that everything of his or her matters to you, including his/her name. Tattooing your fiancé’s name on your body is one of the romantic ideas you can opt for to celebrate your wedding.

Although the names can be tattooed anywhere on the body, names tattooed on the ring fingers is the favorite choice of people that also showcases deep love. It also symbolizes that you are married and committed to your partner.

I Love You More Tattoo

It is the cutest tattoo in our wedding tattoo list. A simple expression with a strong claim that “you love your partner more” is enough to pay homage to your beautiful relationship. The tattoo includes an arrow that makes a perfect combination with this one-liner expression of love. Whether you have this tattoo on your wrist, neck or biceps, it looks stunning.

Heart Tattoos

“Heart” –a universal symbol of love and sentiments has long been used in different things when it comes to representing true love. Another reason why heart tattoos are a popular and comfortable option is that they are easy and straightforward designs. However, the heart being a common symbol of love has a plethora of meanings associated with it. So if you are looking for a wedding tattoo that has heart design, you need to put little more efforts to find the right one.

Search for more creative designs that include different styles of heart. Choose the one that best represents your relationship goals. With heart tattoos, there is a lot of room of innovation. You can embed your wedding date or even your names in the wedding heart tattoo to give it your personalized touch. Plus, discussing the new ideas with your tattooist is an excellent idea to make your heart tattoo versatile.

Simple Bands

These little wedding tattoos are great for the people who are not a fan of attractive tattoo designs. It comprises meaningful but straightforward lines that suit both groom and bride styles. However, you can be more creative by adding some intricate patterns and detailing that complement your wedding decision.

His and Hers

This one is the coolest tattoo we have on this list. Once you tattooed yourself with His and Hers symbols, you literary don’t need to explain anyone that ‘you are a taken man or woman.’ The tattoo is undeniably a unique way to signify that special moment you say “I do.” Using white ink for this tattoo will make the design more subdued.


A small infinity symbol can express so much that you might not need more love confessions. The infinity symbol is your forever promise that looks incredibly beautiful if you draw them on the matching spots.

 X And O’s

A love relationship is incomplete with kisses and hugs, especially when couples share them. X and O’s wedding tattoo is a simple, meaningful and inexpensive design that portrays eternal love for each other.

Wedding Date Tattoo

Commemorating your big day with wedding date tattooed on your body is an easy way to tell your partner that he or she is crucial for you. Matching coordinating areas, script, spots or numerals, ultimately depends on you and your partner.

Heart Beats

This tattoo theme merely is impressive for the couples madly in love with each other. It diminishes the difference between love and life and metaphorically symbolizes that your love is eternal. The tattoo idea looks appealing on your collar bone, neckline, and forearm.

Lock And Key

Your loved one surely holds the key to your heart. If you agree with this, the best way to demonstrate it with this romantic wedding tattoo idea before you tie the knot. You can also design different style keys and locks, depending on where you want them drawn.

Mr. And Mrs.

This youthful and romantic wedding tattoo style is not less than an official announcement that you are not single anymore. Simple and elegant, Mr. & Mrs. Tattoos have become trendy nowadays.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the given wedding tattoo designs are to celebrate your forever love. These cool ideas will help you commemorate your big day in a way that will be remembered forever, as your romance!