101+ Libra Tattoo Ideas You Can Try

Libra Tattoos have become a unique way to show how proud you are of being a Libra. Your tattoo is based on your birth sign so no matter how old you grow and change, you are not going to regret getting a Libra tattoo. Libra-inspired tattoos are very meaningful. There are many options and designs for you to choose a Libra tattoo.

How Meaningful Are Libra Tattoos?

Libra zodiac is the epitome of equality and peace. Librans strongly believe in love and social harmony. They always welcome positivity in their life and try to keep others positive and happy about their lives. As happy, loving, and strong as a Libra can be, their tattoos can have a strong impact on their peace-loving and caring nature. Libra inspired tattoos will help you express and carry the traits better, your zodiac sign is gifted with.


Zodiac Symbol

Libra’s symbol, unlike most of the intricate zodiac symbols, does not contain an animal or a person. The scale symbol is simple subtle and would look great as a tattoo design. Although you can have your Libra tattoo anywhere, you wish, but a small tattoo on your wrist, arm or ankle would maintain the subtleness of your zodiac symbol.

If you do not shy away from being loud and bold, then you can have a big scale symbol on your chest, arm, or lower back.

Libra Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are very popular among the tattoo lovers. Tribal designs for tattoos have made its way to every zodiac symbol. Libra symbol using tribal style would create an imaginative and ornamental look for a tattoo. Libra tribal tattoo would look marvelous on your wrist, ankle, arms, or back. You can use multiple color combinations for Libra tribal tattoos.

Balance Scale

If you want your tattoo to be more expressive and detailed, then a symbol might seem too simple.  A balance scale is perfect for showing how much you value equality, balance in harmony in life. You can ink a simple balance scale if that is enough for you. Or you can get as creative with balance scale tattoo as you want. The options are endless.

Balance scale tattoos with ancient and tribal designs at the background are quite popular. This signifies how justice and equality have been an important part of our society since ancient times. Combine your balance scale tattoo with a sun in the background. Sun symbolizes power and confidence, which is perfect to pair with the balance scale.  Make your tattoo more powerful with a dragon around the balance scale. You can even pair your balance scale tattoo with your zodiac name ‘Libra‘ written along with it.

Symmetrical Tattoos

Most Libras are obsessed with symmetry. They strive to create equilibrium in all areas of life. If this sounds like you, you need to get a perfect symmetrical tattoo. Although the zodiac symbol and balance scale represent symmetry, you can use other imagery to get creative and show symmetry in a way that relates to you.

Geometric patterns can create perfect symmetry and aesthetic design for a tattoo. You can use imagery with triangles and cubes. You can even have a mirror image tattoo. Ink your favorite pattern or object in a mirror image design. You can use flowers, music notes, symbols, or whatever you wish to create mirror images.


Libras are generally peace-loving souls. They try to avoid anything that can lead to conflicts. A dove tattoo is a great idea to symbolize the peace and serenity within you. A dove tattoo may seem quite common and generic, but it is quite meaningful.

You can have a dove shape inked in an eerie way. This idea is simple and minimalistic, removing the eyes, beak, and detailing of the dove bird.

If you believe in eternity, then you can finish off the lower body of the dove into a loop of an infinity sign. The design would look unique and add more meaning to your dove tattoo. You can add more detail to your dove tattoo. Add a simple flower on your dove’s break.

If you have always been a true fighter, then ink pair of boxing gloves that are clutched by the claws of your dove. You can also use this tattoo idea to signify how you can fight off conflicts with the power of peace.  


Love Tattoos

The ruling planet of Libra is Venus, so they are very romantic. As a lover, they can be very creative and expressive. What better way there could be to express your loving side with a romantic tattoo? You can go simple with a cupid bow, arrow, and a heart.

To show eternal love to your partner, you should get an endless heart tattoo. The tattoo design contains heart-shaped infinity loops beautifully joined together.


How can we not talk about rose tattoos when considering love tattoos for Libra. Roses never get old when expressing love. There are so many designs from which you can get a lovely rose tattoo. Create a style statement with black shaded rose ink. Or you can keep it classic and romantic with a dark red color tattoo.

Not all rose tattoos have to be red. You can get a yellow, orange, or gold rose tattoo to show happiness, joy, and liveliness within you. You can have a rose tattoo that shows elegant and royalty. Have a purple-colored rose for a royal-inspired look with jewels and laces dropping below it.

Origami-Inspired Tattoos

As a Libra, you will love an Origami-inspired tattoo because of its geometrical lines and aesthetic look. Origami-inspired tattoos are not very common, so people would find it as a fresh and unique design. You can have a duck, swan, flower, or any object for a beautiful origami-inspired tattoo. Adding bright colors to your origami tattoo can also make a big difference and can make your tattoo stand out among the rest.

Crown Tattoos

As a Libra, you are the king or queen of peace, tranquility, and stability. What better way there could be to express your zodiac other than a crown tattoo? Get a crown tattoo inked that has your zodiac symbol in the middle instead of a jewel. Carry your Libra symbol like a jewel with this tattoo. Or you can simply place a crown above the zodiac scale symbol. You can go extra with a cape on the sides of your scale symbol.

Pastel Color Tattoo

Millennials are rocking the pastel colors in everything from food to clothes to hair. Patel colors also symbolize neutrality, which is what a Libra believes in. If you are a young Libra getting a new tattoo, then try one in pastel colors. You can use any of the above tattoo ideas and ink it in pastel colors. Your tattoo will look, cool artsy and chic, Plus pastel colors would add more meaning to your Libra tattoo.

Goddess Carrying Scale Tattoo

Ladies here is very interesting and unique imagery for your Libra-inspired tattoo. In Greek mythology, Libra is related to the Greek Goddess of Justice. Channel your inner goddess with this tattoo idea. A goddess carrying scale tattoo would look great on your back. All you need is a nice little backless dress, and you are all set to rock your new feminine tattoo.


FAQ’s Before Getting a Tattoo?

  • How should I prepare before getting a Tattoo?

Before you come to your appointment, make sure you are well-rested and hydrated. Take a shower; it is important to have clean, dry skin for getting a tattoo. Eat well before you come.

  • How painful is getting a tattoo?

We are not going to hoax you. Tattoos do hurt when you get them. But it is not a very painful process. You will experience a hot scratching sensation on your skin. Keep in mind that people have different tolerance for pain, so for some of you, getting a tattoo may not be that painful.

  • Do tattoos itch?

Yes, your tattoo will cause itch, while your skin heals. You must not scratch. Using a good moisturizer can help. If the itch is still severe, run it under cold water for a few minutes.

  • When is the best time of the year to get a tattoo?

Although you can get a tattoo anytime, during summer, your skin is more exposed to swimming, sun, and tanning. So it is better to get a tattoo in winters or when the weather is slightly towards the cooler side. If you still want to get a tattoo in hot days, you have to take extra care of your skin.

  • Can I get a tattoo if I am sick?

It is better to avoid getting a tattoo when you are sick. Your immunity is not at its best when you are sick. You need all your strength and white blood cells to help you go through a quick healing process. Plus it is inconsiderate to bring your sickness to the tattoo parlor, spreading your germs everywhere.

  • Can I have a drink to calm my nerves before getting a tattoo?

No, you should not drink before getting a tattoo. The first reason is obvious; the tattooing process would become difficult if you become drunk. The second is that alcohol thins your blood consistency. You will excessively bleed while having a tattoo. This would cause you pain and the ink to wash out.

In the end, you must know how unique you are to have the only horoscope symbol that an animal or living figure does not signify. Scales mean a lot of things, and can probably have the deepest meaning of all the other horoscope symbols. Wear yours with pride, but make sure to get it right the first time.