95 Hindu Tattoos to Go Oriental and Exotic

Once considered as taboo, many people in America today are adorning their skin with meaningful tattoos. Undoubtedly, this incredible body art has gone through a significant transformation in the past couple of decades. Now that people have access to other cultures, religions, and traditions through the internet, a vast majority of tattoo enthusiasts love to embrace the ideas depicting exotic tattoo designs.

With that said, you might be pondering over which design you should opt for your next tattoo. Well, if that’s the case, this article would really help! While the tattoo art is growing into popularity, we decided to come across a stunning tattoo concept and share that with you. We are talking about Hindu tattoos.

Why Opt for Hindu Tattoos?

There is no doubt that Hinduism is one of the powerful religions. With its origins in India and Nepal, the imagery depictions of the religion present amazing concepts. Engulfed with many gods and various symbols, Hindu tattoos demonstrate beautiful intricate designs with strong meanings. With a lot of interesting emblems and colorful illustrations, Hindu tattoos are perfect for the people seeking for exceptional tags.

Kali for Strong Beings 

Kali, also known as Devi, is a Hindu goddess and one of the most recognized deities in Hinduism. She is the goddess of time, doomsday, and death. When it comes to tattoo illustrations, Kali is associated with violence and sexuality. At the same time, it represents a strong woman, specifically as a mother. In addition, it also signifies creation and destruction. You can easily discern the Devi by her blue skin, skull necklace, and long stuck out tongue.

With such powerful meanings, you can wear a kali tattoo on any spot of your skin. Be it your arm, shoulder, neck, or abdomen, this tattoo will look amazing at every place. Just make sure to add amazing yet eye-catching colors with some intricate details to make it more mesmerizing.

Show your Wisdom with Ganesh


Are you looking for a tattoo that unveils your intelligence? Here comes a tattoo of Ganesh, the elephant-headed god! In Hinduism, Ganesh is the god of wisdom, good luck, and success. For that reason, many people turn to him to help them overcome hindrances in their lives. When it comes to adorning Hindu tags, the illustration of Ganesh is one of the most popular designs.

Mostly inked in black and sometimes painted with pink hues, this pot-bellied Ganesh tattoo often shows high intricate details that amazed every viewer. Whether you just outline it with fine black ink or add color shadings, this amazing Ganesh tattoo will look very appealing.

Wear Om for a Good Luck

Do you want a simple yet elegant body art? Then, om is a perfect illustration for you. Derived from Sanskrit, which is one of the oldest languages, om is an unmatched word to any other Sanskrit words. Or you can simply say that om is the greatest of all Hindu sacred utterance or mantras. Simply, om is associated with peace, unifies everything in the world, and encompasses the essence of ultimate reality.

Paired with ornate details, the om tattoo with its unique symbol will take your tattoo to the next level. Whether you ink it with color hues or not, the symbol itself will demonstrate a captivating style that will make you stand out from other tattoo wearers. Along with that, it will depict that you’re a peace-seeker.

Cow for a Good Fortune

In many cultures and societies, cows were associated as a symbol of wealth. Surprisingly, cows didn’t have any connection with the veneration in historical times. They were kept in the house for the reason that Hindus relied on them for dairy products. However, In Hinduism, cows are sacred and deeply respected by Hindus today. They believe that cows bring good luck and help them in achieving their life goals with overcoming the hindrances and troubles.

Now that you have encountered the symbolism, a cow tattoo might seem interesting to you. Due to its versatility, you can pair it with any other objects or words from the Sanskrit. Well, if you’re opting for such a tattoo, make sure to choose the right place. That means, you must wear it at a visible spot so that everyone around you compliments this incredibly beautiful tattoo. Furthermore, make sure to choose the design that perfectly depicts association with Hinduism at a first glance.

Be Mischievous with Wearing Krishna Tag

When it comes to wearing oriental and exotic tat, what can be a better option than adorning your skin with Krishna? A supreme deity and the 8th reincarnation of God Vishnu, Krishna is one of the most popular figures in Hinduism. Krishna can be easily discerned with his peacock feather crown, flute, and yellow dhoti. While he represents wisdom and truth, you can turn the illustration of Krishna in a beautiful tattoo to demonstrate these values.

The most interesting thing about Krishna is that he is often depicted as a naughty child who used to perform incredible miracles. Yet, he is mostly known for his shenanigans; therefore, this tattoo perfectly suits you if you’re a teenager or just cross the age of twenty. Moreover, you can use deep purple and blue hues for shading.

Stand out with Shiva

The third god in the triumvirate of Hinduism, Shiva is was responsible for preserving the creations created and destructed by the other two gods. Inked in a traditional style, a tattoo of Shiva can make you stand out with its beautiful meanings and illustration. Furthermore, you can couple it with a trident, which will enhance the meanings and detailing of the tattoo.

You can also opt for ‘Nandi’; the bull that the third lord used as his mount. In Sanskrit, the word Nandi is associated with the belief of bringing good fortune and contentment. The fantastic thing about this tattoo is that you can amazingly play with the colors. Moreover, you can pair it with any other object specifically that has linkage with Hinduism.

Show off your Life Values with Lakshmi

As the God of fortune, prosperity, and wealth, Lakshmi is one of the most popular goddesses in Hinduism. She is the wife of Vishnu, the second god of the triumvirate. The illustration of Lakshmi signifies the core values of life.  Moreover, the four hands of Lakshmi symbolize the 4 goals of life; dharma (moral values and righteousness), Artha (economic values), Moksha (spiritual values and liberation), and Kama (love, pleasure, and other psychological values).

So, if you’re looking to wear something that personifies any of the above values, opt for the Lakshmi tattoo. Whether you want to ink it on your neck or arm, this amazing tattoo will enhance your beauty.

Add an Attractive Flair with Lotus

Whether it comes to Hinduism or any other religion, you will agree that the lotus symbolizes a wide range of meanings. Well, if you’re thinking to adorn your skin with an engaging and attractive design, lotus tattoo will show eternity, divinity, and purity. In addition, it also signifies the symbol of fertility, life, and youth. Moreover, Hindus believe that human spirit holds the spirit of the sacred lotus.

Show off your Power with Sacred Geometry

You will be surprised to know that there is something that can perfectly show your power! We are talking about ‘Yantra!’ It’s a visual symbol that represents any particular deity in a geometric illustration. Deeply rich in meanings, yantra tattoo will represent you as a strong with a power to overcome every hurdle in your life. 

Go for Swastika (All is Well)

You might know that swastika is a particular symbol used in Hinduism that encourages and motivate people. The mantra stands for ‘all is well.’ Combined with any other emblem, swastika will symbolize luck, good fortune, and well being. Therefore, if you’re looking such a meaningful tat, ink your skin with swastika right away!

Demonstrate your Bravery with Rama

Rama is the God in Hinduism who is known for his amazing bravery, compassion for others, and his endless devotion towards the religious duties. Sometime illustrated with holding an arrow and longbow, this tattoo will look great if inked with vibrant colors. Whether you want to adorn your next tattoo on your neck or arm, this illustration is a perfect option to wear at any spot of your skin.



The Bottom Line

While there are is a great variety of tattoos, be sure to opt for the one that ensures to make you stand out. Not to forget, tattoos are permanent and thus they personify your nature. Therefore, you should opt for the one that suits you the best.

While keeping this in mind, we have shared  amazing Hindu tattoos in this article. These tattoos are not only the most popular designs, but also encompass astonishing associations.