125+ Grim Reaper Tattoos You Should Consider

Grim reaper represents death, and many societies depict it as a robed figure with a long scythe. Because of its connection with the death, the tattoo is largely a symbol of negativity and bad influence, which is a misconception.

According to popular belief, the grim tattoo appears to a person when he is about to die. The scythe in his hand is for to cut off the ties between his soul and body. The tattoo’s relation with death and soul is one of the reasons for its appearance on several graphic works when a person is about to leave this world.

In some traditions, the grim reaper is also responsible for guiding the souls to hell or heaven, depending upon the way of life of a deceased person. The tattoo is excellent for gothic lovers and people who have embraced death. At first glance, you might see the Grim Reaper tattoo only for men, but surprisingly, it is quite popular among women despite its dark meaning. 

The tattoo consists of black and gray colors because a vibrant or sharp hue would likely make it look unappealing to the audience. Besides, you can have grim reaper tattoo almost anywhere on your body and even decorate many of the artworks depending on your style. If you are looking for some of the best grim reaper tattoos than the below ideas might help you to make an optimal decision.

grim reaper tattoos

The Shoulder Shaded Reaper

The shoulder shaded reaper tattoo is an excellent placement on your shoulder. It doesn’t take much space and fits the shoulder perfectly without any odd colors. The tattoo is not large and perfectly fits the wearer’s shoulder. Besides, the shoulder shaded reaper tattoo isn’t heavily adorned with black and gray ink instead uses light shades and outlines to provide a more decent outlook.

The tattoo blends well with brown and white skin, and any man or woman can get it done at their nearest tattoo artist shop. However, don’t customize the color or appearance of the tattoo, or you might end up with something unexpected.

Creepy Reaper Side Tattoo

Side tattoos are quickly becoming popular among the new generation. The Creepy Reaper Side Tattoo is meant for males and takes a lot of space on your side chest. The tattoo is large and features the skull of grim reaper holding his scythe in the right hand.

The tattoo is a bit horrific and consists of wide eyes that look sharp and ready to take the soul of a dying person. The teeth and nose of grim reaper are broken, representing the dark side of the tattoo. If you are looking for a full fledge grim reaper tattoo with sharp outlines, then this might be one of your choices.

The Whole Back Grim

Whole back grim is not for everyone. If you are into small and decent grim tattoos, then this might be a turn-off. However, if you love decorating your whole back with some grim tattoos, then this would be your pick.

The tattoo consists of a grim reaper with his face covered by clothes. The tattoo’s background has a clock representing a time for every human. The focus meaning of the tattoo is the truth about our lives, which is finite.

The tattoo depicts the fact that time is running out for every human, whether kid, teen, or adult. Further, the tattoo is stylized with skulls and screams of human located just below the clock as if they were inside the time and have cast out. The tattoo fits perfectly on every skin color, and if ever you are going to get it done on your back then don’t try to customize it as per your preferences.


The Baby Reaper

As its name suggests, the baby reaper tattoo is small with highlights of cuteness and shyness. The tattoo is for the one who is looking for variations in the traditional grim reaper tattoos. If you are sick of creepy looking grim reapers than the baby reaper might be your choice.

The tattoo is small and colorful and doesn’t contain sharp shades of dark black ink. The tattoo is fairly small in size, and you can wear it anywhere around your body. Additionally, the tattoo blends well with every skin color, and you can also customize this tattoo by adding the color of your choice.

The Bright Grim

The bright grim is one of its kind. The tattoo is the best fit on arms and consists of several different colors taking space on your body. The bright grim tattoo is less creepy than those above and wears brighter and sharp clothing.

The tattoo doesn’t depict pain or horror, which was the case with whole back grim tattoo and is quite natural in tone. The tattoo consists of orange, blue, and red shades and is for people who want to get grim reaper tattoo for fun and entertainment.

The Coffee Reaper

Who doesn’t like the morning coffee? The coffee reaper tattoo is quite amusing to the audience. Instead of holding the scythe and taking out souls, the tattoo holds a cup of coffee with steam coming out from its mouth.

The tattoo is simple and is neither large nor small to wear. Besides, it doesn’t have the looks of horror and screams, which is the usual case with grim reaper tattoos. If you are planning to have the coffee reaper tattoo then getting it done on the shoulder or the calf would be the best place.

The Reaper Woman

Women are also beginning to like the different types of design and patterns of grim reaper tattoo. The reaper woman tattoo is ideal for women willing to decorate part of their body with fancy looking grim reaper.

The tattoo represents the woman holding a clock in her right hand with a creepy smile. The reaper woman tattoo is made from black and gray ink and is one of the simple tattoos you can wear.

The Sporty Reaper

If you ever thought of grim reaper as a representation of death and pain, then this tattoo might change your perception. The sporty reaper tattoo pictures a grim reaper with an elegant smile while skateboarding. The reaper holds scythe in one of his hands with light red spots, and his skateboard contains the word “RIP” to highlight his connection with the souls.

The sporty reaper tattoo is for the people looking to decorate their body with amusing artwork. Besides, the tattoo is free of restrictions on gender, and every human can wear it on the calf, shoulder, or lower back.

The Horrific Reaper Tattoo

If you are looking to decorate your body with horror, then this might be the tattoo to fit your choice. The horrific reaper tattoo contains a screaming skull of the grim reaper with his scythe painted over his head. The tattoo portrays the grim Reaper, enduring pain and suffering, with his eyes wide open.

The horrific reaper tattoo is usually for the males who have accepted death as a reality and are always ready to face challenges in their life. The tattoo consists of dark black ink with gray shades, which is the usual case with many other grim reaper tattoos. It perfectly blends with any skin color and is ideal to have on your shoulder or middle back.


The Nightmare Reaper

The nightmare reaper tattoo is among the most horrific tattoos you can wear on the shoulder or calf. The tattoo consists of two grim reapers along with skulls at the bottom of the tattoo. The first grim reaper in the tattoo is big, and the second one under its shade.

The tattoo heavily consists of black ink and is extremely painful to wear. The skull of both grim reapers in the tattoo is broken and might look creepy to the audience. Further, the second Reaper in the tattoo is holding a scythe and is swinging it in the air as if it was about to take a person’s life.

With a full moon shining behind his scythe and pile of skulls at the bottom of his feet, the tattoo is more than just fashionable wear. Although the tattoo is large and takes much space on your skin, it is still heavily customizable, and you can add more textures and decorations on its borders to enhance its outlook.


Wrapping Up

Grim Reaper tattoos are becoming much interesting over time. Gone are the days when these tattoos were only associated with death, horrific expression, and souls. In recent times, the tattoo means more to the wearer.

Besides, the tattoo is also getting popular in women to fascinate their body art. Tattoo artists are also getting their heads together to make the tattoo looks friendlier and fit the style of their client. Grim reaper tattoo is also changing its color, and many new variations include combinations of several hues to provide a more eye-catching look to the body.

Whether you are going for a small grim reaper tattoo on your neck or a whole body one, make sure to pick the design you won’t regret later.