75 Baby Footprint Tattoo Ideas You Will Love

Every symbol or drawing in this universe has some hidden meanings. Likewise, footprint tattoos tell a story about a person’s emotional and mental journey to the place where one is standing right now. Usually, these tattoos are a way to express gratitude and pay tribute to people or pets that are very close to you.

It can be the birth of your first born after a long wait, a memory of a deceased relative or a remembrance of your favorite pet. The designs are customizable, and you can personalize any of the endless compositions to make sure they reveal the meaning and significance of your engraved body part.

In many pre-historic traditions, when a child was born, his footprints were stamped on the wall to celebrate its homecoming for the first time. This trend of making footprints on a wall has now changed to footprint tattoo designs on the bodies.

To be really honest, it is one of the cutest things ever. The mark of a baby’s footprints can be a lasting memory of when the parents held their baby for the first time in their arms. It can also be done to immortalize the remembrance of a departed child. Footprint tattoos are great, and both parents can enjoy them.baby-footprint-tattoos


What Makes A Baby’s Footprints On The Skin So Personal?


Getting those tiny footprints on various parts of your bodies gives a heartfelt message and shows that from now on your attention will revolve around this tiny little angel. It reminds you about your promise to care for, to look after and to provide everything that is in your reach to this new member of your family.

These footprints on your body are a way to rejoice the connection and bond between you and your child. There are numerous designs of baby footprint tattoos in a tattooist’s catalog. However, make sure to choose one that is close to your heart or you can also come up with your own composition that suits your style.

As soon as a baby is born, hospitals take their fingerprints. This is also given to the parents for the identification and as a memento of the biggest day of their lives. These fingerprints are usually in black ink which also makes it an ideal template for a tattoo.

A skilled tattooist can use this original print of a baby’s footprint as a foundation for remarkable foot track ink art by copying it on a transfer paper. Your tattooist can also use his imagination and creativity to add on some other elements to make your tattoo more personalized and interesting.

Getting inked with your baby’s footsteps is a symbolical way to express your love and affection for your newborn. It also means how happy you are and how much you honor the coming of this angel in your life. You cannot generalize footprints designs because every person has their own reasons and significance for getting them.

You can interpret the meanings of these footprint tattoos as the path your ancestors walked before you. There are many parts of the body where you can get your child’s footprints engraved. Here we’ll tell you about the significance of footprints and their placement. The placement of the tattoo is equally important with the design. So never ignore the perfect placement of your inky expression.


Get Your Baby’s Feet Footprints On Your Own Feet And Ankles

Footprint tattoos have gained much popularity in recent years, especially tiny footprints on the feet or ankles. For a person who wants to have a tattoo and also wants to keep it discreet and hidden from the eyes of the world, getting inked with little footprints of your baby on your ankle or feet is worthwhile.

The best and most recommended designs would be simple black-inked tattoos of the original footprints. However, if you want to go with more colors and want to mix up another design with it, either way, it is a really good option.

Another design that your child will cherish for years is footprints of the newborn on your foot to show the difference in the size.  As we’ve already stated above every person has their own taste and symbolical stories to tell; hence, these types of tattoos cannot be generalized.


Make Your Arm Your Canvas For A Remarkable Footprint Tattoo

If you are a type of person who has waited for a memorable event, so that you can immortalize that memory into a tattoo, then here are some ideas for you. This idea will allow you to imprint your love for someone special or have something very spiritual too.

It will help you identify your own style. The birth of your first born is a very special event for both parents. You can take advantage of it and get your firstborn’s life-size footprint design on your body. However, this life-sized image will need some space.

You don’t have to hesitate or settle for something less. You can get an image of walking feet on your upper arm. This is a good option for both types of parents; one who wants their tattoo to be discreet and for the ones who want to publicize their affection and love for their child.

Celebrate The Birth Of Your Child By Keeping It Close To Your Heart

Your chest is close to your heart. Let’s be honest, your child is your heartthrob. You can get some amazing prints on your chest. The most celebrated one is a pair of life-sized baby feet walking printed in black ink on any one side of the chest.

It is symbolic evidence of how close you are and how much you love and cherish the existence of your child. Another design that may grab your attention is to get a butterfly inked in the middle of your chest. The wings of a butterfly should be the footprints. This will have a symbolic meaning of transformation. You can add colors if you want.

However, our personal opinion would be to keep it black because it gives a more masculine look. You may opt for geometric or dot work designs instead of lines as well.


Give A Tribute To The New Life On Your Neck

The birth of a child is a joyous moment for the parents. They observe and celebrate this event by doing something special, something that would be a mark until eternity. However, these joyful moments may sometimes become the most depressing ones as well.

 Sometimes, an unfortunate pre-mature death or stillborn baby can put the parents in deep mourning. To pay tribute to this little fellow who came to this world as a memory, the parents may get the baby footprints carved on their necks. As the neck is a smaller area, only small tattoos will do justice.

A tiny walking step toward the north would symbolize the coming and going of the child in moments. Another way to honor the little angel is to get the date of his/her birth and death and the time printed along with a single footprint behind the neck.

This is to symbolize that the lost child still lives with you in your body and will live there till the day you are buried. There are many endless compositions that you can have as a commemoration of an event that touched your life and then left you with unbearable sorrows.

Here were a few examples and ideas that you could go for if you are planning to get baby footprints engraved on your body. However bigger tattoos that include other elements with foot tracks can be ideal on the back or upper shoulder.


There are hundreds of baby footprint tattoo designs out there that will show your love for your child. Your choices can vary from something comical to something touchy, but make sure it reveals your personal taste and style. The sky is the limit when it comes to selecting your favorite design. Have something that you will love forever, make a wise decision.

We hope that this article may have helped you and may have inspired your choices. Getting a tattoo on your body is something that needs encouragement and endurance. Doing it for the love of your child must be flattering and enjoyable.

After choosing a design, contact an experienced and skilled tattooist. When we say this, trust us you don’t want an ugly mark on your body for eternity. A good and proficient tattoo artist can make your memories remarkable for the rest of your life, and a bad ink artist can ruin that moment for you, till the day you are alive.

In the end, we want to say that, we hope that you enjoyed reading this article and also wish that whichever tattoo you choose, it may bring tears of joy and a big smile whenever you see it.