115 Blessed Tattoos to Show Your Appreciation for Life

Blessed tattoos have been gaining popularity in the world of today. Plenty of reasons come about when you think about why they have been rising in popularity. The blessed tattoo is one of those tattoos that can be a permanent reflection of your life. On the other hand, you may also get a blessed tattoo as a momentary reflection of a specific time in your life. This specific time can be something that you use to look back at a time in your life when you were happy.

The blessed tattoo is also incredibly relevant for the current times. 2020 has been a tragedy for most of the people of the world. Many have lost their lives, while others have lost their livelihood. Just being able to make it out alive this year makes for a perfect reason for getting a blessed tattoo. A blessed tattoo is, therefore, something that signifies your love for life and all that it has to offer. It truly represents how precious life and the people around it are to you. 

You can get a blessed tattoo in countless ways, most people get it in a neat looking font so that it looks aesthetic. However, tattoo artists can implement various tattooing techniques to the tattoo so that it looks unique and represents your style. Moreover, the tattoo artist can even put some art and color into this tattoo. Tattoo artists can use different art techniques and patterning to give your tattoo some directions and personalize their symbolic meaning.

Blessed Tattoo

The Meaning behind Blessed Tattoos


A blessed tattoo means that you are grateful and blessed for something, someone, or just in general for life. There is plenty to feel blessed for, and the blessed tattoo can be a symbolic representation of that. Whether it is a recent achievement or a good time of the past, just having the opportunity in life to experience them validates your reason to get a blessed tattoo.

 Furthermore, you do not have to be grateful for anything in particular. We often undermine the simple things in life and can easily become ungrateful in our lives. We often seem to forget about the scarcity of some of the everyday resources.

These include things such as having a roof over our heads, and access to running water, many people of the world that live in poverty are limited to these resources. Therefore, a blessed tattoo can help you remind yourself that you are one of the blessed people that have food to eat and water to drink.

Many people in the world live below the line of poverty and starve to death, considering this fact; a blessed tattoo can act as a mediator whenever you feel like life is unfair. Sometimes, we feel like life is dealing us with the wrong hands and things are not going our way. In times like these, the blessed tattoo can remind you about the little things that you take for granted.

This reminder has an incredible power to make you feel better in times like these. It reminds you about how things could have been worse. It encourages you to be grateful for all you have, by doing so, it makes you endorse a more calming and grounded personality. Therefore, a blessed tattoo can ultimately bring more humility and happiness to your life.


Religious Meanings of the Blessed Tattoo

Blessings are a huge part of being religious; therefore, a blessed tattoo can also have meanings that relate to religion. For someone religious, a blessed tattoo means that you wish upon yourself the love from God. It evokes religiosity within you and enriches your belief in the word of God. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, or belong to any other religion, a blessed tattoo can have a great impact on your life.

 It allows you to realize the fact that there is a higher being present with you at every moment of your life. The reminder that a supreme being is out there to protect you will help you envision each decision of yours in a different light. Consequently, the blessed tattoo can do the job of a religious ornament, and remind you that God is watching over you.

The power of the word ‘Blessed’ stretches beyond comprehension for someone religious. It can help them in times of crisis and ground them in times of joy. Furthermore, just having the word “blessed” inked on your skin can help you take on the hard challenges that life throws at you. Therefore, the blessed tattoo gives you the strength and courage to take on the tough endeavors of life. If you believe, that God is by your side and only God is responsible for the outcome, no power in this world can stop you from doing anything.

A tattoo artist can design your blessed tattoo so that it represents a religious sentiment. This would involve incorporating some sort of religious artwork into the blessed tattoo. One of the most common artworks that engulf the blessed tattoo with Christian values is the cross. A cross alongside a blessed tattoo speaks volumes to a devout Christian and a popular tattoo idea of the west. Furthermore, another tattoo idea is Angels along with the blessed tattoo. Other blessed tattoo ideas revolve around designs that have the depiction of “praying hands” and the Bible.

Someone who has Passed Away

Note that the word blessed may also refer to the deceased. Many people who pass away are the blessed people of God, therefore, one can tattoo the word blessed in memory of someone who has passed away. The blessed tattoo serves as a solid reminder to the people, who have lost their loved ones, which is why it can have great sentimental value for someone.

Just simply knowing that the person who has passed away is in a better place, helps with dealing with the pain. Therefore, a blessed tattoo can help you if you are having trouble dealing with the loss of a loved one. You will find with a tombstone tattoo along with the words blessed, this is a tattoo idea that relates to all the people that you have lost in life.

Love for Your Country

Many people get the word “Blessed” on their body with the American flag. This entails a tattoo that shows love for their country and how grateful they are as a citizen of the United States. Therefore, a blessed tattoo also has the power to show the world how entitled you are in your country. Moreover, wearing the blessed tattoo with pride can invoke the patriot in you. It can be a firm reminder of where you come from and which nationality you represent. A blessed tattoo with the flag of a country is the perfect way to represent your nation in another country. It will help start the conversion of your country with others when they look at your tattoo. The tattoo design of a blessed tattoo with the waving drapes of your country is likely to suit someone who serves or has served in the army of that country.

The Birth of a Child

Conceiving a child is one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Many people consider a newborn to be a blessing in their life. Therefore, a Blessed tattoo can also be a true symbol of childbirth, and emphatically express how you feel about that childbirth. This tattoo can be a clear reminder of the happiness and joys of having a baby. It can be a wonderful memory of all the hardships and troubles of pregnancy and the beautiful reward of it in the form of another human being.

 A blessed tattoo can also be a celebratory tattoo for the same reason. Some people may even get it in celebration of conceiving a child. Therefore, a blessed tattoo can help you portray the love for your child. Not only that, but it can also show others the deep affection care you have for your whole family. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a healthy family.

A family provides you the love of people that genuinely care about your wellbeing. They are the support structure that will help you in times of turmoil and assist you in getting back on your feet. Hence, getting a tattoo in their love is an idea that you will never regret for the rest of your life.


In some instances, people may encounter life-threatening circumstances and get out alive. This can account for the time’s people get into brutal accidents but only suffer from a few injuries. Alternatively, the times when people get shot by a gun but manage to survive it. These are times that make you realize how fortunate you are to be alive. Accounts such as these produce a sense of realization of the value of life.

Since a blessed tattoo reminds you of a life-threatening incident, this realization will allow you to get through the tough times in your life. This tattoo will give you the conceptual framework to put that incident in contrast with the bad time currently ahead of you. Consequently, it allows you to look at the bright side of things and remind yourself about how it could have been worse.




Ideal Placement and Ideas for Blessed Tattoos

Since a blessed tattoo is merely a word inked on your skin, you can place it almost anywhere on your body. You must pick the placement yourself because the placement of the tattoo can tell plenty about your personality. Therefore, you must not let other people’s opinions decide the placement for your tattoo, and get it wherever you feel the most comfortable. The blessed tattoo can come in many shapes, sizes, and fonts.

Another thing that can decide the placement option for you is the size of the tattoo. If you are a minimalist with tattoos, a small-blessed tattoo with a cute font will look amazing on areas such as the neck or collarbone. Furthermore, it can also look great if you wear it across your knuckles and wrist. However, if you are somewhat of a tattoo enthusiast and want a bigger tattoo, then you should consider one across your forearm. The word “Blessed” can either, run from the bottom of your wrist straight to your elbow or it can also wrap around your forearm like a band, the choice is entirely yours, so choose wisely.

Furthermore, along with the forearm, options such as the thigh, shoulder, and legs are placements that are least painful and ideal for a first time tattoo. Therefore, if this the first time you are getting a tattoo, then these options are the best and safest. However, if you are a veteran in the world of tattoos, nothing is stopping you from tattooing the word “Blessed” right across your chest or belly. However, you need to have a certain personality to wear a Blessed tattoo on your chest. A placement and idea that suits people that do not have a problem endorsing an outrageous personality.

Other insane placements are the face or forehead. If you wish to get a blessed tattoo on your back, then getting one alongside wings would be a great tattoo idea. Not only does it hint towards the religious and spiritual representation, but also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Before you get a tattoo, make sure that your tattoo artist is familiar with the ideas encompassing the blessed tattoo. Furthermore, you can also benefit from adding color to your tattoo. Adding color will make your tattoo pop in the eyes of the public. Furthermore, it will also illuminate in the sun.

To Conclude

Blessed tattoo’s ever-increasing popularity is catching the attention of many tattoo enthusiasts. A wonderful tattoo manages to capture your spiritual side of things. Furthermore, it also encapsulates your love for the higher being. It displays your humbleness to the world and your gratefulness to all that you have. Needless to say, a blessed tattoo is an amazing tattoo option and would be an ideal first-time tattoo because of its versatile symbolic interpretations.