125 Deadly Baphomet Tattoo Ideas to Portray the Mystery in You

Mythical tattoos were among the first few tattoos that existed in the world of tattoos. Mythical tattoos developed from different cultures that represent a person’s status and power in a specific culture. There are a few ancient mythical tattoos that, even today, many people get and follow it and relate to the meaning behind that tattoo. One of the darkest mythical tattoos is the Baphomet tattoo associated with the underworld for over 1000 years.

Even today, both men and women wear the Baphomet tattoo. This tattoo associated with the Knight Templar includes the head of a goat. By looking at the tattoo, you can tell it has a lot to do with the occult nature, and originally, Eliphas Levi of France drew this tattoo. It is quite meaningful and has many meanings associated with it, which you will learn below.

This tattoo may be too old, but it still has some value. If you’re looking for something devilish and dark, you must consider getting this tattoo. To help you choose the right Baphomet tattoo for you, below, we have mentioned some of the popular Baphomet tattoo ideas with their mythical meanings. So don’t miss it out!

Baphomet Tattoo

The Meaning behind Baphomet Tattoos


There aren’t many folklores that prove the mythical story behind Baphomet, but Baphomet was one of the most dangerous and powerful creatures, according to Greek mythology. Many people get a tattoo of the Goat head as it makes them feel and may match their mysterious and unique personality that’s out of this world. Baphomet means giving rise to a perfect social order, which has a lot to do with the sacrilegious traditions.

The first time the Baphomet ever appeared was in a letter by Anslem of Ribermont, a crusader in 1908. He mentioned how Baphomet helped to defeat enemies by calling out loudly to him. As mentioned earlier, Baphomet has a strong connection with the Knight Templar. During the different trials of the Knight Templar, Baphomet was present. However, Baphomet didn’t receive any recognition from Templers who didn’t believe in this viscous creature.

If you’re into Greek mythology, you might want to get this tattoo as Satyr, a companion of the God Dionysus, who was also very similar to Baphomet. He had horns and legs of a goat.

While both men and women get the tattoo of Baphomet, the appearance may differ a little. Men like to have a realistic image of Baphomet with extraordinary detailing. This portrays that men have a wild interest in the history of occult practices and are always willing to stand out in the crowd. Women get the more modified version of the Baphomet tattoo that features different tattooing techniques and elements.

If a woman gets a tattoo of Baphomet, it showcases her as a person obsessed with history and occultism and doesn’t want to be the center of attention. Mainly getting a tattoo of Baphomet gives the person the confidence to walk with pride and feel good about themselves, especially during days when they feel nothing but worthless. This tattoo has a rich mythical history and is hard to miss out on if you’re all about learning about different historical events and mythical creatures that existed in various cultures.

Baphomet Tattoo

Placement for Baphomet Tattoos

You can get a tattoo of Baphomet anywhere you like, but there are a few places that look really good and suit the Baphomet tattoo perfectly. Placements such as the chest and back are ideal for a Baphomet tattoo. These areas perfectly allow the Goat like head to appear along with the other features. Most of the Baphomet tattoos appear big in size; however, you can opt for smaller ones.

Medium-sized Baphomet tattoos look good on the arm, hand, neck, and leg. These are the few placements where you can show off your Baphomet tattoos as the size is pretty standard. To choose the correct placement, you must first choose the design you’re going for. This makes the placement selection easier for you and prevents you from choosing the wrong spots that you would regret after getting the tattoo.




Baphomet Tattoo Ideas

Double Cross Baphomet Tattoo

Double Cross Baphomet Tattoo

If you want to step out of the traditional zone and go for something creative and modernized, you must go for this double crossed Baphomet Tattoo. This tattoo includes the face of Baphomet inked in black and grey using the dot work tattooing technique. The Baphomet features some shaded fur to give it some extra depth, unlike the standard Baphomet tattoo.

There is also an infinity sign that appears on the forehead with a star-like feature right on top of the horns. This tattoo has many elements present, and it is perfect if you’re looking for something extraordinary and creative.

Animated Baphomet Tattoo

Animated Baphomet Tattoo

Tattoos are all about activating your creative side. Your tattoo doesn’t have to be serious all the time. You can add a hint of fun in your Baphomet tattoo by trying out this animated Baphomet tattoo. This tattoo features a very non-traditional Baphomet design that includes a lot of rainbow colors like pink, orange, purple, blue, etc.

In this tattoo, the Baphomet has a set of colorful wings, wearing pink inked baggy pants. The facial features suggest that the Baphomet has a humorous touch to it, which he usually doesn’t. But that’s the beauty of tattoos; you can portray a specific creature the way you want to.

Realistic Baphomet Tattoo

You can also go for this realistic Baphomet tattoo if you want to achieve a touch of realism and drama in your tattoo. This tattoo includes a grey and white inked Baphomet face with a star in between its eyes that ends in a human-like body. The body features some extraordinary shading so you can perfectly see the ribs. The hands point upwards, which adds to the realism of this tattoo.

 The tattoo artist has illustrated a black moon-like background to add to the dramatic touch. If you want to get this tattoo, you have to make sure you go to a professional tattoo artist who has experience in realistic tattoos. This is the ideal Baphomet tattoo for men.

Feminine Baphomet Tattoo

This feminine Baphomet tattoo is an ideal tattoo for women who want to get a mythical tattoo. This tattoo includes a black outlined figure of Baphomet sitting in a yoga position with a bag-like object in its lap. The bodily features, especially the breasts, indicate that this tattoo has more of a feminine touch to it. The Baphomet also wears angel wings and has a star symbol on its forehead. This tattoo is a simple outline and is perfect if you want something low-key but unique at the same time.

Cloaked Baphomet Tattoo

You could go for this cloaked Baphomet tattoo and achieve some amazing dramatic body art on your back or arm. This tattoo includes the face of the Baphomet inked in black grey wearing a long black and grey cloak. The cloak adds a very royal and dramatic vibe to this tattoo. The features of the Baphomet indicate that the creature is planning to make its next move. The cloak in this tattoo also represents authority and power. It is a classic tattoo for you if you want people to see these attributes in your personality.



Does getting a Baphomet tattoo make you a Satanist?

A person doesn’t need to be a Satanist if he or she gets a tattoo of Baphomet. Baphomet has a rich history, and many people like to remember its significance by getting a tattoo. Some people are still Satanists when they get a tattoo such as Baphomet, but again it doesn’t make you one if you’re not. Everyone has different views and opinions; as long as it doesn’t affect you, you should respect it.


There is still a stigma attached to the Baphomet tattoo due to the pagan like beliefs attached to it. However, as time keeps changing, many people who get this tattoo don’t give that much significance to the concept behind this creature. Keeping the cult beliefs aside, many people like to focus on the mysterious history behind the Baphomet tattoo.

You may receive a lot of judgment after getting this tattoo, but you can always explain the historical point of view of the Baphomet as it may shadow its cult-like meaning.

 If you’ve finalized your decision on getting a Baphomet tattoo, you can now finally use these ideas and take one to your next tattoo appointment. These tattoo ideas are up to date and will help you achieve some stunning body art. So don’t waste any more time thinking and go book that tattoo appointment.