125 Cute Animals Tattoo Ideas for Animal Lovers

When it comes to choosing the perfect tattoo for you, it does get a bit overwhelming when you have to pick one out of so many. If you want a tattoo that’s strengthening and one that may express your love for animals, then you must get an animal tattoo inked on your body. Animal tattoos are one of the most common types of tattoos that people get quite frequently. Animal tattoos are also one of the most diverse tattoos as you can choose any animal you want, from wild animals to farm animals to birds and sea animals.

Each of these tattoos has different meanings and symbolism; hence there is no single meaning for animal tattoos. If you’re still confused about what type of animal tattoo you should go for, don’t worry as this article has got you covered. If you read further below, you will come across some of the most common animal tattoo ideas and their meanings.

So don’t miss out on this chance of finding the perfect animal tattoo for yourself that will help you achieve a cool and sassy look. Make sure you take your time selecting the best one as you wouldn’t want to go for something that you might regret later. So research thoroughly and achieve the best type of animal tattoo.

animal tattoos

The Meaning behind Animal Tattoos

The tradition of getting animal tattoos first gained popularity in the early tribal cultures, especially among the Native Americans. Many Native Americans would get tattoos of different animals, as they believed they attain spiritual guidelines through living beings and objects. They considered animals as one of the most spiritual beings. The thing about animal tattoos is that there is not just one meaning that covers up or portrays the meaning of all animal tattoos.

You’ll find many different types of animals, and each animal has a specific unique meaning. If you’re going for birds like a dove tattoo, it signifies promise, freedom, and love. Peacocks and eagles symbolize power, vision, and leadership. If you decide to choose an animal from the cat family, those tattoos are quite strong in meaning, as cats, especially lions and tigers, symbolize power, royalty, wisdom, and authority.

Sea animals are another type of animal tattoos that are rich in meaning. Fish tattoos of crabs symbolize emotion and protection, while a tattoo of a shark represents superiority and curiosity. Wild animals like bears symbolize bravery and motherhood, and horses often symbolize grace and beauty as they are well known for their companionship.

Even insects are very common types of animal tattoos and help you achieve beautiful body imagery, especially with the beautiful and diverse meanings attached to them. Insect tattoos like butterflies symbolize transformation and feminism, while dragonflies would portray harmony and purity.

There are a million animal tattoos out there that all have different meanings. All you have to do is find the right one that you can relate to; the meaning behind the tattoo must click with you. It’s not necessary to choose an animal tattoo just because of its meaning. Some people don’t give much preference to the meaning and just choose it because of its beautiful appearance. However, a tattoo with a strong meaning makes the tattoo even more beautiful and impactful.

Ideal Placement for Animal Tattoos

Due to the diversity of animal tattoo design, you can choose to get one tatted anywhere on your body you like. But, you must make sure to choose the right place as sometimes the wrong placement could ruin the design of the tattoo and not complement each other. Your comfort also matters when it comes to choosing the correct placement. The first thing you have to decide when looking for the ideal placement for your tattoo is the animal tattoo design you want.

If you’re going for a small or minimal tattoo, the most common place you could get it tatted on is your fingers, palm, wrist, arm, neck, ankle, or collar bone. It is best to get bigger animal tattoos with descriptive detailing done on your back, chest, ribcage, thigh, stomach, legs, or full arms.

No matter wherever you get your animal tattoo tatted on, it will look enchanting and exotic as ever. Animal tattoos include one of the coolest designs; hence you will want to serve justice to the design by choosing the appropriate placement. The most important thing is feeling comfortable once you get your tattoo, and make up your mind whether you want to hide your tattoo or make it visible to others.

animal tattoos

Animal Tattoo Ideas

Wild Bear Tattoo

Bear tattoos are one of the most common animal tattoos that are everyone’s favorite. This wild bear tattoo is the perfect tattoo for you if you’re trying to adorn your body with a fierce and powerful tattoo. This tattoo includes a realistic-looking bear tatted in grey and brown. It’s only the bear’s face that appears with its mouth open, and sharp teeth are glaring out. This tattoo includes a very scary and vicious look of a bear, which has a lot to do with the meaning behind this tattoo.

The tattoo artist has done some excellent shading and contouring to bring out the realistic feature in this tattoo. This specific bear tattoo represents a bold personality that has a lot of strength and courage. Getting this tattoo will give people the idea that you have strong and powerful instincts that help you move on from all the negativity and day-to-day emotional situations you may have to deal with. It is also a good reminder for people not to mess with you.

3D Poisonous Snake

3D Poisonous Snake tattoo

If you’re seeking something scary and venomous in your tattoo, you’ve got to try this 3D poisonous snake tattoo. This tattoo includes a brown and peach snake shown slithering inside the wearer’s skin. To give the skin effect, the tattoo artist has used a 3D tattooing technique to create a pocket type look in which the snake slithers inside. There are also a few drops of red ink at the opening of the pocket to showcase how the snake has bitten the wearer.

As you can see, there’s a lot of effort and skills put into making this tattoo. So if you plan to get this exact one, make sure you go to a professional and experienced tattoo artist. This tattoo is quite meaningful as snakes symbolize fierceness and danger. But at the same time, they also represent transformation, patience, and rebirth.

Shark Attack Tattoo

shark tattoo

Are you obsessed with sea animals and want to showcase a strong and fierce vibe in your animal tattoo? This shark attack tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo consists of a grey inked shark ready to attack its prey. The background includes some cool grey shading to represent water and add some depth to the shark. The shark’s size is quite big in this tattoo, so you would want to consider getting it tatted on a place that would complement the design of this tattoo.

Sharks symbolize efficiency, power, superiority, and focus. These are some of the main characteristics that people want in their personality, as it portrays them as a strong person. If that’s what you’re aiming to achieve, you should go for this tattoo.

Puppy Lovers Tattoo

This puppy lover’s tattoo is one of the best tattoos for those who love dogs and are already pet owners. This tattoo consists of portraits of several dogs inked in grey, brown, black, and white. Each dog expresses different emotions, and all are tatted together on top of another. You could include as many dogs as you want, and what would make it more special is if f you get your exact pet dog tatted. You could also get this tattoo as a memorial tattoo to your pet you may have lost.

This tattoo is quite meaningful as it reminds people how important it is to take care of dogs and give them the love and care they always provide to their owners. This tattoo also symbolizes loyalty, as dogs are among the most loyal pet animals you’ll ever have. Hence, this tattoo is a good reminder for you always to stay loyal to yourself and others.

Owl Skull Tattoo

If you want to showcase something dramatic and unique in your tattoo, you must go for this owl skull tattoo. This tattoo is simple, yet it has a dark meaning attached to it. The tattoo includes a black and grey inked owl with its wings spread, sitting on top of a grey and black inked skull head. The shadowing and shading in this tattoo are brilliant and help bring out more of a dramatic vibe, especially with the black and grey ink.

Owl skull tattoos are quite symbolic as the owl symbolizes wisdom and intelligence, and the skull represents death. This tattoo reminds us that no matter how hard we try to run away from death, it’ll always come. So instead of wasting your time doing things that aren’t worth it, make it worth the while using powerful instincts like wisdom and intelligence. It’s hard to miss out on a tattoo with such deep meaning. This tattoo may have many masculine traits to it, but it would also look great on women.

Watercolor Panda Tattoo

You can try out this watercolor panda tattoo if you’re searching for something minimal and not too over the top. This tattoo will help you achieve a subtle tattoo look, and it is best if you don’t want a very big tattoo. This tattoo includes a small black and white inked panda lying down and holds a geometrical round shape that looks like a hexagon. The tattoo artist has thrown a hint of watercolors like purple, pink, and orange on the geometrical shape to add some more features to this tattoo.

The watercolor technique helps make a tattoo with fewer details look vibrant. This is the perfect tattoo for women who want to achieve a simple and cute look, and at the same time, it also has a strong meaning. Pandas are cute and chubby creatures, but they also have a fierce side to them. This tattoo symbolizes strength and power and reminds you to use your power at the right time, the right way. This tattoo also represents the peace and harmony you share with your friends and family.

Watercolor Horse Tattoo

Watercolor Horse Tattoo

 If you want to go for a tattoo that’s colorful and filled with meaning, you must go for this watercolor horse tattoo. This tattoo consists of a rainbow-like horse inked in different colors, including shades of purple, orange, pink, and blue. The watercolor technique looks amazing on this tattoo and compliments the design. The face and neck of the horse are quite visible in this tattoo, but the tattoo artist has created a silhouette of the horse’s body using the watercolor technique.

This tattoo has one of the most beautiful meanings representing beauty, strength, grace, nobility, power, and freedom. It is important to know about these traits, and the best way to remind you of them is by getting this awesome tattoo.

Floral Fox Tattoo

Floral Fox Tattoo

This floral fox tattoo is something you shouldn’t miss out on if you want to achieve a cute and subtle animal tattoo look. This tattoo includes a circle with pink flowers inked on both sides of the circle. Inside the circle are orange and white inked fox looking sideways and outlined in black ink. This tattoo has a sketch-like feature, which makes it look unique and cool. This tattoo is not only amazing to look at, but it also holds a strong meaning.

Fox tattoos are a big deal to the Native Americans as they recognize this creature as a truthful and wise messenger. This tattoo represents some beautiful traits like fast-thinking, playful, and a balanced personality. If these are the features you want people to see in your personality, the best way to do that is by getting this beautiful tattoo.

Floral Scorpion Tattoo

For a unique and feminine animal tattoo look, you can go for this floral scorpion tattoo. This is one of the most beautiful tattoos you will come across, and you may feel like it’s a weird combination to include flowers and scorpions together in one tattoo. But trust us, this is one of the most modernized tattoo ideas that everyone’s falling in love with. This tattoo includes a black inked scorpion featured against different flowers inked in black and grey with a few bees roaming around.

The design of this tattoo is quite versatile, and you can get it tatted anywhere you like; it will still look beautiful. This tattoo is also symbolic as it symbolizes the spiritual growth that you’ve gone through over the past years. This tattoo also represents passion, defensiveness, control, sex, and protection. It includes all the meanings and traits that people try to find all their lives. Maybe the best way you can find it is by trying out this gorgeous tattoo.


Which is the most popular animal tattoo among girls?

One of the most popular animal tattoos for girls is the butterfly tattoo and also the floral scorpion tattoo. Tattoos don’t necessarily have a gender preference attached to them, but you will find floral animal tattoo designs common among girls as they give out major feminine vibes. One reason why butterfly tattoo is common among women is that it represents feminism.

Can I tattoo my pet animal?

Yes, many people decide to get a tattoo for their pet dogs or animal as this gives them a mark of who’s their owner, or maybe the owner just wants his/her pet to look cool. The tattooing process for animals is simple and isn’t that painful. But they will have to go under anesthesia while getting it done as animals may tend to get super aggressive during the procedure. Getting a tattoo on your animal is quite hectic and time-consuming. If you feel like your animal may not be able to endure the pain, it is best not to push them to get one.



With the help of these amazing animal tattoo ideas, you can now showcase your love for the animals through these amazing tattoos. Each animal has a different type of tattoo design and meaning. Animal tattoos hold one of the most diverse meanings that are so realistic, so it is difficult for many people to resist getting an animal tattoo. You may feel a bit overwhelmed right now as you’ve come across so many animal tattoo ideas.

Please make sure you select more than one and keep going through them to choose the best that suits you. So don’t waste much time, and get going with your animal tattoo selection process, and achieve one of the wildest tattoos on your body.