125 Best Anchor Tattoos of the Year 2017

Getting tattoos is a sign of self expression. Actually, it’s really considered as an art. Although there are people who cannot appreciate tattoos, many artists believe that it’s wonderful to ink your body as a way of telling your own life story in a more unique way.

Anchor tattoos have gained popularity not only in men, but also in women. It has become one of the most common tattoo designs used today. Well, it’s really no surprise why this is happening. One reason for its increased popularity is that the design is relatively simple yet stylish to look at. In fact, many women ink their bodies with anchor designed tattoos simply because it’s chic and classy.


Types of Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos have been around for a long time, particularly during 2000 – 2500 B.C. During that time, sailors were the only ones who used this design because it’s closely related to what they are doing. However, even people that have nothing to do with sailors are getting this design.

Here are some of the most popular types of anchor tattoos today:


  1. Navy Anchor Tattoos

  • This is the most common tattoo design for people who are serving the US Navy, and also their loved ones. This design symbolizes their love and loyalty to the US Navy. This type of tattoo usually has the initials U.S.N (US Navy), or the word NAVY itself. Some people also ask the tattoo artist to incorporate the colors of the American flag on the tattoo, to show their patriotism to the country.
  1. Tribal Anchor Tattoo

  • This is another variation of the popular anchor-inspired tattoos. It can be a simple tribal tattoo or a tattoo that has an intricate design, depending on the indigenous inspiration of the artist or the person asking to get inked. This tattoo design is usually influenced by the places and cultures that are known to the person getting the tattoo.
  1. Anchor Heart Tattoo

  • This tattoo design shows more of the romantic and sacrificial side of the person getting a tattoo. This type of tattoo symbolizes compassion towards anything or anyone. Usually, the heart is pierced by the anchor in the middle, showing how sacrificial one can be when in love.
  1. Anchor and Rope Tattoos

  • This is yet another extremely popular anchor tattoo. It’s an emblem used by Lord Howard of Effingham. It was first used as a family seal and then was later on adopted by the US Navy. That’s the reason why many naval servicemen have it as tattoos.
  1. Eagle + Globe + Anchor Tattoo

  • This is also an official emblem of the US Marine Corps. There are three independent symbols in this type of tattoo. The first one is the globe. Actually, it represents North and South America, but it could also be interpreted as having the heart to be of service to the whole world. The next thing you will notice in this type of tattoo is the Eagle, which is the national bird of the United States. Lastly, the anchor symbolizes the honor borne by the US Marine Corps.


Meaning of Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos have lots of variations, depending on how the artists and people interpret it. There are people who use the anchor as a symbol of their duty and there are others who view it in a more religious perspective. However, stability is the closest thing that can be symbolized by anchor-designed tattoos.

Think about the main purpose of an anchor in a ship. It’s placed there to keep the boat still despite the presence of waves and currents in the sea. In life, this can be compared to stability. Life can be tough sometimes, if not all the time. You get shaken by unfortunate events and happenings around you which often make you waver. If you have an anchor in life (not literally an anchor, though), you will find the courage to stand still and face those trials head-on. You will not be easily shaken because you know that you have both feet anchored on the ground.


While it’s good to interpret an anchor as a symbol of stability, it also has its own negative implication. Being anchored on the ground could also mean inability to progress and move forward. It suggests being stuck in a place where there’s no room for development or being stuck in a particular moment that does not allow you to grow as a person. The anchor’s negative implications can also be related to excessive dwelling in the past, which is really not a good habit to have. Unless you let go of the past, you cannot expect for a brighter future.

An anchor is also seen as a symbol of hope. During the olden times, and even up to this day, lifting an anchor up means being able to finally let go of the calm setting and getting ready for a new voyage. It’s very relevant up to this very day because only when you let go of your anxieties and fears (which are sometimes anchoring you to the ground), can you truly move forward and start living a brand new life.


Where You Should Put Your Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos are already eye catching in itself. However, putting it on the right area will emphasize its design and will make it stand out more. Men and women have different preferences on where to put their tattoos on. Actually, aside from choosing a tattoo design, this is another struggle that a person wanting a tattoo should deal with. If you want to be bold enough, then you have to choose a spot where your tattoo can be highlighted, every single time.

Women prefer having anchor tattoos on one side of the neck, just a little below the ears. This is perfect for young people who are just getting their first tattoos. Although it’s not really necessary to hide your tattoos, it would be great to put it on a spot where it can easily be covered, in case there’s any need to cover it.

Another good spot where you can put your sailor-inspired tattoos is at the back, just a little below the shoulders. This spot is perfect for those who are fond of wearing sleeveless tops, men and women alike. It will look totally hot and chic having a tattoo there. If you have great shoulders, it can emphasize your tattoos design more.

Actually, the spot where you put your tattoos on really depends solely on you. You can place it anywhere on your body as long as you are confident about it.

Preparation Tips for Anchor Tattoos

Before you go to a tattoo artist for the inking process, you have to make sure that you already have a tattoo design in mind. By doing this, you can minimize the discussion to be done and quickly proceed to getting your first ever tattoo.

Pick a tattoo design that will fit your personality, your skin color (if you want to have colored tattoos), and the spot where you want your tattoo on. Since it’s your first time doing this, it’s better to ask for professional advice from the tattoo artist. Make sure to incorporate your pre-planned design in the discussion and ask the artist what you can do to make it look like the best anchor tattoo in the world.

Prep yourself up before going to the tattoo artist by eating and hydrating yourself. Usually, inking will take hours, depending on how big you want your tattoo or how complex the design of the tattoo is. You also have to respect the time of the tattoo artist by showing up on time, or even a few minutes before the scheduled appointment. Lastly, prepare yourself physically and mentally because getting a permanent tattoo for the first time can hurt badly.


Average Service Cost & Standard Prices for Getting Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos do not have too many complex designs. However, it still needs a lot of time to finish one intricate anchor tattoo. If you want to have multi-colored tattoo, then you would probably be charged more than the basic service fee. Usually, an anchor-designed tattoo of about 3.5 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width, costs around $50 – $100. However, this will still depend on your current location.

The service charge of tattoo artists varies from place to place. If you are living in a small town and there are only a few tattoo artists, the prices can go as high as $200. This is because there are no competitors to challenge the high prices. If you live in the big city where there are a lot of tattoo artists, you can get your tattoos at a lower price. It could also be the other way around – big cities, expensive tattoos and small towns, lower-priced tattoos.

Before you get your first ever anchor tattoo, you should try to check how much it would actually cost you to have it. You can visit tattoo shops in your area and ask for their price. Afterwards, make sure to compare their prices and see which offers service that’s great value for your money.

Maintenance Tips after Getting Anchor Tattoos

You have to remember that maintaining your anchor tattoos is very important. You don’t want to waste a wonderful tattoo design, do you? After the tattoo procedure, the area where the tattoo is placed would naturally hurt a bit. You will have scratches on the skin and expect for the area to be reddish for the next couple of days. All you need to do is to ensure that the area remains clean until your skin recovers. After that, you will truly see the beauty of your tattoo.