115 Fierce Tiger Tattoos Ideas & Meanings

Tiger tattoos have become quite popular due to different astonishing tiger tattoo designs, each featuring fearless tigers such as the Bengal tiger or the White tiger. Tiger tattoos help you achieve that fierce and dramatic tattoo look. Not only are the designs incredible, but tiger tattoos also hold a strong meaning that may compel you to get more than one tiger tattoo.

With so many different types of tiger tattoo ideas, choosing the right one is not easy. To help you out, mentioned below are some of the craziest tiger tattoo idea designs that will help in making your selection process much easier. These ideas will guide you to choose a design that suits you and your personality the best.

Tiger Tattoo

The Meaning behind Tiger Tattoos

If you have come across different animal tattoos such as bears, lions, fish, etc., you may have noticed all of these animal tattoos hold strong, powerful meanings. Tiger tattoos are another type of animal tattoo that contains one of the most interesting meanings that many people can relate to.

Tigers are among the most beautiful and fiercest animals on planet Earth. These creatures play important roles in many Asian communities, such as Bengalese, Japanese, and Chinese. The Bengal Tiger is native to the Indian subcontinent and is one of the most popular specie with orange and black stripes. Many Bengalis get this tiger tatted on their bodies to represent their nation.

Unfortunately, tigers have become an endangered species; this is among the top reasons why many people get tiger tattoos. People adorn their bodies with tiger tattoos to mark their existence and strength. Some people get tiger tattoos to represent their independence and free-spirited personality as tigers usually always roam around the Jungle alone. Tiger tattoos also symbolize power and strength. Many people get these tattoos to remind themselves about the strong characteristics of their personality.

Tiger tattoos also have a deep meaning attached to them as they can symbolize danger and punishment. This showcases the dark personality you may have, and that it is not the best thing for someone to mess with you. There are many other meanings associated with tiger tattoos such as courage, ferocity, pride, beauty, and vengeance. No matter what type of tiger tattoo you choose, it will look meaningful as ever and help show this strong and fierce image of your personality to others.

Tiger Tattoos

Ideal Placement for Tiger Tattoos

With so much variety in tiger tattoos, you can choose to place your trigger tattoo anywhere you like. Your tattoo looks much better when you get it tatted on the right place, especially when the shape fits that particular body area. If you’re going for a small or medium-sized tiger tattoo that just includes the face of a tiger or a small body, you can choose to get it tatted on your arm, elbow, hand, and back. Some people also get mini tiger faces tatted on their fingers.

If you are opting for a bigger tiger tattoo that includes much detail and 3D objects, the perfect place for that will be your thigh, chest, and back. Other areas where you can get your tiger tattoo include your leg, feet, neck, upper chest, and rib cage. These are a few common places for tiger tattoos. If you feel like you want to get your tattoo on another spot, you should go for it as long you feel comfortable.

No matter where you get you to get your tiger tattoo inked, it will look royal and beautiful as ever. Once you have chosen the right tiger tattoo ideas from below, you can easily choose the proper placement keeping the design in mind.

Types of Tiger Tattoos

Mentioned below are the main types of tiger tattoos that will help give you an idea on what exactly to expect when searching for a tiger tattoo:

  • Tiger Watercolor Tattoo
  • Black and White Tiger Tattoo
  • Tiger Face tattoo
  • Asian Tiger Tattoo
  • Geometrical Tiger Tattoo
  • 3D Tiger Tattoo
  • Tiger Paw Tattoos

Tiger Tattoo Ideas

Tiger Watercolor Tattoo

Tiger Watercolor Tattoo

This tiger watercolor tattoo is the perfect choice for you if you want to add a bright and colorful touch to your tattoo. The watercolor technique helps to enhance the appearance of a tattoo and makes it more appealing.

This tattoo includes the face of a tiger outlined in black ink and filled with different watercolors like yellow and sea green. You can change the colors or make it more attractive by adding more watercolors or a different combination.

The background includes splashes of black ink that add a dramatic touch to the tattoo. Along with the free-spirited and independent meaning attached to this tattoo, it will look incredibly beautiful if you get it on your elbow, arm, or hand.

The Crowned Tiger Tattoo

Crowned Tiger Tattoo

This crowned tiger tattoo is another perfect choice if you want to go for something more royal and powerful. This tattoo includes a colored inked tiger’s face wearing royal jeweled crown inked in red and other colors. This tattoo speaks out royalty and symbolizes power and authority.

The tattoo also represents how tigers rule the animal kingdom with their fierceness and remind you to stay strong in a world filled with so much hate and fear. The ideal place to get this tattoo on would be your chest or back as the size of the tattoo fits perfectly there.

Black and White Tiger Tattoo

Black and White Tiger Tattoo

If you are opting for a big tiger tattoo that radiates fierceness, you should go for this black and white tiger tattoo without a doubt. This tattoo includes a black, white, and grey inked tiger sitting and roaring while looking to the side.

The shading in this tattoo is marvelous and helps bring out the realism in it. This tattoo symbolizes the darker meaning associated with tiger tattoos, which is revenge and fierceness. You could slay this tattoo by getting the whole tiger tatted on your back, stomach, or thigh.

Tiger with Flowers Tattoo

Tiger with Flowers Tattoo

You can try out this unique tiger with flowers tattoo and achieve a beautiful representation of a tiger in your tattoo. The tattoo includes a black, grey, and brown inked tiger’s body with different flowers all over the tiger. In this tattoo, the tiger looks as if it’s chasing something with a furious and fierce look. The shading in this tattoo pops out the realistic feature.

The tiger represents strength, passion, and fierceness, while the flowers in this tattoo symbolize love and natural beauty. It shows how you are and should strive to achieve your goals with all your fierceness. Both these meanings combined remind and show you that it is important to be fierce in a world with so much competition and bad vibes. You can show off this amazing tattoo on your thigh, back, ribcage, or arm.

The Tiger Paw Tattoo

Tiger Paw Tattoo

You should try out this tiger paw tattoo if you are aiming to achieve something unique and fun in your tiger tattoo. It includes a black outlined tiger’s paw, and within the paw is the face of the tiger inked with different colors like orange, black, and white.

This tattoo symbolizes passion and strength. It is also an indication of moving on in life with a straight and fierce approach. This tattoo is a mark for many people that symbolizes defeating your enemies and obstacles. The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your arm, elbow, or foot.

Tiger Face Finger Tattoo

Tiger Face Finger Tattoo

This tiger face finger tattoo is the ideal choice for you if you are searching for a minimal tiger tattoo. This tattoo may look very simple and subtle, but it’s unique because of its placement. This tattoo includes a small black and grey inked tiger’s face tatted on the middle finger. There are also small hints of orangish ink to bring out a bit of realistic touch in this tattoo.

The tattoo is more like a ring tattoo and leaves you with unique body art that will remind you of the strong meaning it holds every day. You can get it tatted on any finger you like; however, the middle finger is a much better choice.

Hear me Roar

Roar tiger tattoo

Get a fierce and scary touch in your tattoo by trying out this Roar tiger tattoo. This tattoo includes a realistic tattoo tiger mouth inked in brown, black, grey, and white ink, with its mouth opened, showing the sharp jaws.

The extraordinary shading and contouring in this tattoo bring out the realism in it. Realism needs to show in this tattoo as it adds to the beautiful and strong meaning the tiger tattoo holds. Hence, if you plan on getting this tattoo, make sure you get it done from an experienced tattoo artist.

Get this tattoo to remind yourself how to stand up, and fight your way when left in darkness and chaos. The ideal placement for this tattoo would be on your elbow, arm, or stomach.

Chinese Tiger Tattoo

Chinese tiger tattoo

Chinese tiger tattoo is quite popular and has this cartoonish touch to it that makes everyone want to get it; the colors used in this tattoo also attract people. This tattoo includes orange and back inked tiger with a fierce look that looks like the tiger is trying to attack someone. The tattoo also consists of a background with a bit of shading and some red leaves flying around to give it a dramatic touch.

This tattoo has a deep connection with Chinese mythology as it associates with the Taoist religion, which considers this tiger the God of wealth. Many Chinese get this tattoo to symbolize their highest military position. Some people also associate this tattoo with independence, bravery, and confidence. You could perfectly slay this tattoo on your thigh or back.

tiger tattoos

tiger tattoos


How much will my tiger tattoo cost?

A tiger tattoo will cost you an average of $100-$150 if you’re going for a small tiger tattoo with a simpler design such as a black and white tiger tattoo or the finger tiger tattoo. A bigger tiger tattoo that includes colors will cost you around $200-$500, such as the ones that include 3D designs or the watercolor tiger tattoo.

How do I maintain my tiger tattoo?

It is extremely important to maintain your tattoo after you have got it, especially if it includes colors. Make sure to leave the bandage on for at least 4 hours, and after you remove it, do not forget to wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap gently. Never rub or scratch your tattoo while doing this as it would ruin the whole design and make things worse for you. Make sure to keep your tattoo dry at all times and avoid exposing it to the sun till it has healed completely.

How painful is it getting a finger tattoo?

Finger tattoos are quite painful as that area includes more bones than fat. During the tattooing process, the needle stings inside your bones; hence you feel much more pain than you would feel in other areas. If you can’t bear the pain, make sure to choose an area that has more cushioning like your thighs or arms, and avoid bony areas. The discomfort you experience is worth it once you have a spectacular tiger tattoo on your finger. The pain during the process is what makes the tattoo more worthy and better in appearance.


With the help of these amazing tiger tattoos, you can now achieve a spectacular one for yourself by carefully choosing the design that suits you. A plus point in getting a tiger tattoo is that you can surely relate to the meaning it holds, and it gives you much more confidence when you get it on your body. So do not waste any more time debating whether you should get it or not, and book your appointment ASAP!