125 Most Popular Foot Tattoos For Women

Tattoos are a form of body art. Instead of seeing tattoos in a negative way, people are starting to view it as a form of self-expression. Most people get tattoos not only for fashion purposes, but because they have a bigger reason behind the decision. A person may have gotten a tattoo to conform to the norms of their culture, or a person may have gotten a tattoo because of his organization. It’s never good to judge people with tattoos without knowing the whole story behind their tattoos.

Since the society has loosened its standards a bit, many men and women are starting to get tattoos confidently. Among the popular ones are foot tattoos, thigh tattoos, and arm tattoos. There are thousands of designs available for those who want to get their first ever tattoos. If you want it, then you shouldn’t really hesitate getting tattoos, except if it’s against your culture.


Types of Foot Tattoos


Foot tattoos are usually small. However, these small tattoos can carry too many intricate details, which make it more appealing. There are several types of tattoos based on the designs used. Some tattoos are symbolic in nature, while other tattoos are personal representations of the wearer. Actually, the type of tattoo will depend on your personality and preference. If you are naturally the outgoing type of person, then you’d probably get tattoos for travelers and explorers.

Here are some of the most common designs for foot tattoos today:

Flower Tattoos

  • Flower tattoos never get old. Ever since tattoos became popular, flowers have already been among the most chosen designs. Each one of you probably has a favorite flower, right? You can now get foot tattoos using your favorite flower as the base design. Doing this, can serve as a reminder why you love flower so much. You can even combine your favorite flower with other designs to make it more eye-catching. Just ask your tattoo artist to incorporate everything you want in that tattoo.foot tattoo designs

Animal foot tattoos

  • This is another popular trend these days. There are people who are naturally born as pet lovers. To show your love for your pet, why don’t you get an animal designed tattoo? This would be an awesome way to show your affection towards your pets. By getting this kind of foot tattoo, you will never forget your pet no matter where you go. The most common animal tattoo designs are dogs, cats, fishes and rabbits. If you don’t want your tattoo to look too childish, then you can ask the artist to modify the natural appearance of your pet and incorporate cool designs to it.

Tribal Foot Tattoos

  • Tribal tattoos, just like flower tattoos, are timeless and classic. This is a popular design for both males and females. No matter how much time passes, this kind of design remains popular. It’s probably because tribal tattoos are the only legacy left by ancient tattoo artists to the present generation. Getting tribal tattoos could imply several things. Most people get it because of its wonderful patterns and designs, while other people get it because they feel a certain connection to the ancient people by doing so.

Butterfly Foot Tattoos

  • Butterflies are also common tattoo designs. This type of tattoo is ideal for women, young and old alike. Butterflies are beautiful creatures that are effortlessly attractive. Their wings contain little details that make it look livelier.

foot tattoos

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Meaning of Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos have different meanings based on the design of the tattoo. Normally, the meaning behind the tattoo lies with the wearer. However, there are times when the tattoo artist gives the meaning to your tattoos. Since tattoo artists have a lot of experience with various tattoo designs, they are already familiar with symbolisms and representations. Even if you simply got your design on the Internet, you will later know it’s meaning when you ask your tattoo artist.

For instance, flower tattoos symbolize beauty and elegance. Flowers, no matter what kind, are naturally beautiful. They are full of color and life. Having flower tattoos will help accentuate the body part on which you place the tattoo. If you don’t feel confident about the appearance of your feet, then maybe this is the perfect opportunity for you to cover up the blemishes and make your feet look nicer.

Compass foot tattoos are also very popular today. A compass signifies voyages and travels. A compass plays a very important role in the life of voyagers and travelers. The compass will lead you to the right direction by showing you where North, South, East and West are. People who have this kind of tattoos have traveled a lot and reached quite a lot of destinations. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to actually go out and explore different places just to be worthy of this kind of tattoo. Your desire to travel and explore is more than enough reason to get compass tattoos.

Anchors are also great designs for foot tattoos. Anchors are symbols of stability and strength. Have you ever noticed how sailors value anchors? A ship needs an anchor in order to stabilize it despite the crashing waves. If an anchor in not firmly planted at the bottom of the sea, the ship can be washed away from the shore, no matter how heavy that ship is. The same thing applies to human lives as well. In life, you need to have an anchor. You need someone to lean on in times of difficulty. You have to remain firm and in place despite everything that’s going on around you. This tattoo will remind you to stay grounded at all times and to never forget your morals.


Ideal Placement of Foot Tattoos

You can choose which foot you want to put your tattoo on, or you can let the artist draw on both feet. Tattoos at the top of the foot are common since this is the only part of the foot that’s frequently exposed. Placing your tattoo here will be ideal if you want to flaunt it every time. Many people will notice your tattoo because it’s openly visible.

If you don’t feel like putting foot tattoos on top of your foot, you can also have it on the side. Usually, tribal designs are ideal for this spot. Since tribal designs use swirls and line, it can perfectly fit the side of your foot. Aside from looking cool, putting tattoos on that spot will cover up unwanted parts of the foot.

Foot Tattoos Preparation Tips

Just like getting any other kind of tattoo, you should first think about the design you want to have. Never choose a design based on impulse because you might end up regretting it later. As much as possible, you should choose a design that can withstand the test of time. You should look for designs that will not easily run out of style.

You should also remember to prepare yourself physically. Many people are not comfortable with any form of physical contact with strangers. If you are one of those people, then you had better get yourself ready. You might feel uncomfortable during the entire procedure if you don’t work on that matter beforehand. To lessen your worries, make sure to clean your feet before going to the tattoo shop. Although the tattooist may be willing to clean the location for your tattoo, it would be best to present clean feet on the tattoo table.

The last thing you need to prepare is your money, of course. Tattoos can cost a lot of bucks, depending on the design you have chosen. Before signing up for a tattoo procedure, make sure you have already checked and compared prices of different tattoo shops in the area. That way, you can have many options to choose from.


Average Cost of Service and Standard Cost of Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos are limited to small designs, because of the lack of space to draw on. As a result, foot tattoos are much cheaper than getting back tattoos. Usually, a local tattoo artist will charge you $50 for the whole design. If you want to avail of additional services, they may, or may not, ask for additional payment. If you are getting a small yet complex foot tattoo, then some artists can charge a minimum of $100. They may also opt to charge an hourly rate instead of charging per size of the tattoo.

It’s okay to splurge a little bit on your tattoos as long as you can afford it. Just make sure that the outcome of your tattoo is worthy of the price you have paid. That way, you can easily forget how much you spent and just focus on appreciating your newly finished tattoo.

oot tattoos

Maintenance Tips after Getting Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos are harder to maintain than any other tattoos. This is because the feet are constantly used. While you walk or run, the skin where your tattoo is will move with it. Because of this, the healing process will become slower. As much as possible, you should refrain from doing strenuous activities that will cause your wounds to bleed or activities that will encourage scabbing.

For the first few weeks, make sure to put ointment or cream on the tattoo to keep it hydrated. Do this moderately because it’s also not good to drown your tattoo with these chemicals. A small amount is enough.